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This series really is as good as i remembered it, and was unjustly underrated at the time. It definitely should have gone to a second series. So why only 3 stars?firstly, because you `had to be there’: many of the topical references and the lampoons of specific `celebs’ just won’t mean anything to a newer generation of viewers. Equally sadly for comedy writers, we no longer live in a time where political targets (on both the left and the right) so clearly define themselves and their dogged, cartoon beliefs that they practically write their own gags every time they open their mouths. That golden age of self-parody has passed, and doesn’t look like returning any time soon – doublespeak and fractured english notwithstanding. (on the other hand, some of richie’s game/reality show ideas are spookily prescient of modern times, and perhaps should have remained in the realms of fantasy. Imagine, a world free of bb. Bliss)secondly, despite what some other reviewers have said, i think the cuts on this dvd really do spoil the experience. Punch lines are left in where the set up has been edited out (huh), and butchering the richie-in-the-nolan’s-shower scene is nothing short of criminal. Nevertheless, if you can live with these shortcomings, buy the dvd.

This is one of ben elton’s comedies that has been overlooked over the years, maybe because of the way it mocked ‘celebrity’ which was unusual in the 80’s. However, it is hilarious and perhaps more relevant now as it shows the lengths z-list celebs (in this case, richie rich, played by rik mayall) will go to be in the public eye. It also has great performances by adrian edmondson, as richie’s minder and nigel planer as the incompetent, drunken agent. It is slightly bizarre but fans of the young ones and bottom will appreciate it. Avoid it if you prefer traditional sitcoms like my family and only fools and horses. I am only awarding it 4 stars as the dvd is most probably devoid of extras and special features.

Seller is fantastic could ask for much more.

Good follow up to the young ones.

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  • Filthy, Rich and Catflap.
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Filthy, Rich And Catflap: The Complete Series [DVD] [1987]

After the success of the young ones, ben elton created filthy, rich & catflap, a sitcom following richie rich (rik mayall) an unpopular actor who is determined to make it in show-business, without much success. Problems are also caused through his unhelpful minder eddie catflap and his alcoholic agent ralph filthy. While a decent show it lacks the strong slapstick from the young ones and bottom and the storylines are a little far fetched.

I prefer this to bottom and the young ones. Im not sure why but i just found it funnier and pleasanter. Why it didnt go on beyond one series is beyond me.

Just as mad as you’d expect it to be.

Used to have this on video years ago. Saw it on here and thought i would see if still as funny all these years later. Whilst its lost some of its comedy, its still a good laugh, and amazed at how much dialogue i still remember. Its a rather bizarre sitcom, but then it was i suppose an extension of the dangerous brothers.

This product in performance terms was certainly filthy, it was rich in comedy and not something you’d throw out the catflap. Very nice item, recommened for all your bottom lovers or for people to watch prior to bottom who have not seen bottom before.

Very good condition,very funny and also a rare thing to get hold of,all in all very happy with purchase indeed.

I mean, i don’t get why this series wasn’t renewed. Another reviewer suggested that the series’ jabs at “light entertainment” rubbed some higher-ups the wrong way; perhaps this was the case. Or, perhaps, it was a little ahead of its time (though that didn’t seem to be an issue with “the young ones”). In my opinion, it’s every bit as funny as “bottom. ” this dvd is well worth buying because you’ll want to watch this more than once.

If you liked the young ones then you’ll love this, as it’s the same kind of anarchist humour. Three of the characters in the young ones are now trying to cope in later life. Rich (rik mayall) is a would-be movie star/celebrity whose attempts to win fame and fortune always seem to end in disaster. That’s hardly surprising considering his drunken useless agent filthy (nigel planer) and his bodyguard catflap (adrian edmondson) whose responce to any situation is instant violence. Ben elton (assisted by mayall) is at his writing best here. Every episode has a well-written storyline and never a dull moment, not to mention a host of recognisable supporting stars and sends-ups of various tv shows.

This is the second best thing rik and the boys have ever done , the first being “mr jolly lives next door” why this never got a second series i will never know , and i would love them to do one now and pick on some of todays celebs. Rik is at his best here as a c list celeb richie rich moving from one disaster to another trying to get to the hights of bruce forsyth and tarby “the gov’ner”. Sometimes things are a disapointment when you view them again , but this wasn’t , infact i laughed more ,.

Amongst the “endless stream of nob and bot gags” (still funny) is a vicious satire on tv light entertainment. The series was never repeated after its original run, the rumour is that the content rubbed a lot of significant people up the wrong way. After f,r and c, tv light entertainment was never the same again. The humour was a staging post between “the young ones” and “bottom”. By the standards of today – e. “two pints of lager”, “coupling” etc. Then it has lost its shock value, but that doesn’t stop it being laugh out loud. Very much a product of its time, i was grateful for the eighties haircuts on the female characters (“stu-stu-stu studio line”) and the line “next time you’re being beaten up, try calling an alternative comedian”. For those who saw it first time around, the dvd is missing the “oliver”.

Have it on video and thought it was time to get it on dvd while you still can always funny and very stupid.

Wondrful, you’ve got to be of a certain age and english, but in a class of it’s own (with blackadder, red dwarf, krod, bottom, et al.

Hi to the uk – if it were not for you there’d be no first rate comedy at all here in the united states of america. I would just like to level out that there is no area one dvd of frc obtainable. If you happen to be in the usa, invest in a multiregion dvd player. I purchased mine (philips dvp3140) from amazon for usd forty three. I got this dvd from amazon united kingdom for ukl seven. The participant will participate in dvds from any region and has presently paid out for alone since the british isles disks are so a great deal more cost-effective. (back again when this dvd was readily available from amazon.

Fantastic,giving you are a fan of rik and ade’s twenty first centurty slapstick. As the the greater part of the poulation (of the u. K)i gave up on this clearly show practically instantly. Getting devoured the ramblings of kevin turvey and later the younger ones,it seemed slightly dissapointing (if only i experienced presented it a chance). twenty five many years and 3 series of bottom later on it now becomes apparent to me that this is the exact richie and eddie we know and adore destroying there lives and evolving into the bald a person and the 1 with a minimal willy who’s adventures we wittness in bottom. In actuality this could rather easily be entitled ‘bottom. A prequel’ as we witness the escapades of the tw*t*sh two when richie nevertheless had a modicum of revenue offered to him (we do know that for some rationale ‘auntie’put a prevent to his accessibility to ‘all his inheritance ‘in an energy to quit him paying a ‘squillion quid’weekly. As shown in guest property paradaiso,niether of the creators have any issue withinconsequential things such as ‘having distinctive names’in the movie to their ussual monikers. In summary if you have not been able to make perception of my ramblings. I consider ‘f-r and -c’ tto be plainly and simply ‘bottom the early years’.

Outstanding series, some of the most outlandish stuff at any time built in british comedy. If the bbc hadn’t nearly wrecked the previous episode of the series in distinct (which would have to be one of the funniest tv displays at any time manufactured) by chopping heaps of funny scenes then i would have supplied it a five of five in any other case. In this world munching cones – you’ve received to choose a pocket or two.

This has to be one of the funniest plans i have at any time found. If your a ritchie rich and eddie(catflap)hittler aka rik and ade lover this is a ought to completely hilarious. My close friends and i nonetheless quote this program chapter and verse to one particular an additional more than twenty decades on just reveals you how memorable it is. Only grievance is that the bbc have truly absent to town on the modifying. I continue to have a video clip tape yes. A video tape of this i recorded off the television again in the 80’s and they have minimize out a whole lot just one of the ideal moments long gone is the decide on pocket scene ended up ritchie sings lyrics from ‘oliver’, superb. Glimpse out for some of the facial expressions eddie pulls common comedy and not a term spoken. Buy now or regret it when it really is packed of to the shelves of background complete must if your into rik and ade.

Lately ordered the 25th aniverarary version of this and possibly not the ideal point by ben elton but its acquired the appropriate forged and it miles funnier than the upstart crow this is a single of the most effective sitcoms of the 80s and a great series since the younger kinds and a lot funnier than the laptop sitcoms these days.

Just as humorous as the young types, though not quite in the exact league as bottom, this a person off series produced some of the most childish, playground kind of humour i have seen on television. What, on the floor, appears as low cost bathroom gags there is a layer lurking under complete of happyness, pleasure, merriment. This series was skipped by many persons and lots of of these who did see it, erm, didn’t see it (if you see what i indicate). My fear is that, being a bbc launch there will be zero extras and (like the movie variation) significantly enhancing, notably any songs that had been composed into the primary television variation (morning has broken, consider yourself).

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