Alun Armstrong (Actor), James Bolam (Actor), Juliet May (Director), Rob Evans (Director) & 1 more Rated: Suitable for 12 years and over Format: DVD New Tricks: Complete BBC Series 3 [2006] [DVD] [2007] : A good mix of comedy and drama

After watching the first two series, i was hooked by the old fuddy-duddies and their quasi old school ways and their idea’s on tackling the unsolved mysteries, with equal amounts of fun, laughter, shocks and intrigue along the way. But the way this series climax’s will keep you on the edge of your seat and guarantee that you will definitely buy the next series.

I am buying these in order for a very special friend of mine and we sit and watch them together. I love detective things (sherlock, poirot, marple) in all their genres and new tricks is great fun and a nice way to while away an hour. The stories are always interesting and the characters all distinctly different which collectively make a good whole. I think they ran out of steam in the later ones and i didn’t like the new character which replaced james bolan but the first ones are brilliant.

Was a lovely present for my parents.

Trying to collect the series a bit at a time. Keeping the cost down by shopping through amazon, and it works.

  • BBC Comedy drama at it’s best
  • purchase and quick delivery earlier than expected which was great for me as it was a gift for Xmas
  • The early series are the best

New Tricks: Complete BBC Series 3 [2006] [DVD] [2007]

Excellent condition i enjoyed these dvds well done amazon great prices as always.

I never entertained `new tricks’ until recently when i started watching it on tv, and before long i was hooked and went out to buy the entire current dvd series releases. It a witty entertaining family (sometimes) drama with the catchy theme tune. I like brian the best since i can somewhat relate to his daily struggles plus he loves his dog. I would like to think this series will run forever but i imagine eventually it will cease. What i question is why it took me so long to actually take note and start watching.

Didn’t see this first time round, now playing catch up.

I like it because i’ve always been interested in things that concern forensics, coupled with the fact that i like detective stories.

Fantastic series say no more loved it.

I got this for my boyfriend who i had recently introduced to the show for his birthday it is as good as series one and two so if you are a fan it is a must have especially at the price i looked for it at other shops and it was sometimes nearly double the price so grab a bargain.

Once again a brilliant series, wonderful acting from all the cast and superbly written storylines. I will probably buy more series up to the cast changes, i feel from then it does’nt quite live up to the original cast.

I was looking for something to cover the lack of “death in paradise” after seeing series 1 and 2 and there being no sign of 3, 4, etc. This series definitely makes up for the shortage of the other. If only they could be more reasonable on the price i would buy the whole series.

The one thing about this series is that not only has it brought together some very well established stars from the past in the major roles, but also engages other well-known actors and actresses from the ‘golden period’ of drama in the 80’s and 90’s in supporting characterisations and this all contributes to the success of the series.

What to add to the review of the second series?. This keeps up the quality of performance and tells us more about the protagonists’ private lives and background.

You can’t beat the old detectives, easily re-watchable.

We have watched all the series and most of us enjoy most of the episodes. There is always some thing that causes viewers to stay and watch the whole show. Very popular for an instant watch of one you liked previously, since most of the shows can stand alone and prior knowledge is not so important.

Yet yet another good series of a superb software. I have to agree with a earlier reviewer who mentioned that the background new music is not a valuable addition, but the good thing is, it’s only in the to start with two episodes or so out of this total set. Even improved, the producing and acting is as prime-notch as constantly. Hunting forward to viewing series 4, which i’ve just purchased. Thank you new methods for yet another great series.

A light hearted detective series.

Designed up with buy and fast supply earlier than anticipated which was good for me as it was a reward for xmas for an individual thank you and will highly endorse and defo be shopping for additional.

What can i say about ‘new tricks’ it is most likely one the bbc’s greatest comedy drama’s so much, continue to you can not go far erroneous with acting talent like that can you. Some episodes are somewhat greater than other individuals certainly because there are a multitude of diverse writers and directors included with this series, that said there are no negative episodes just some that are great and some others not really as superior. I adore all of them and the casting is place on as a workforce the actors just in shape beautifully alongside one another, probably what tends to make it even extra pleasant for me is that i lived in london for the 1st forty a long time of my life and several of the places applied in this series are quite acquainted to me particularly the pubs in hammersmith but i’ll say no much more about that. All in all you are unable to go mistaken with this if you delight in bbc comedy drama, invest in it you will enjoy it.

I’m operating my way by means of this great programme. Observed the great deal originally and now started all over again at year 1. Even now awesome, i am going to be so sorry when it lastly will come to an conclude.

New tips on dvd my impression most entertaining series for years good performing by some of the most consistant actors and actress on the television. Emerdale and the road have grow to be so unrealistic that i can,t observe them any longer. The previously episodes of new tricks have been marginally superior than the types without james bolam but they are still terrific entertainment.

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