Anne Dudek (Actor), Rory McCann (Actor), Annie Griffin (Director) & 0 more Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD The Book Group: The Complete Second Series : Unusual and Riveting

Was a great series on tv so bought it for my collection its a great series well worth buying to watch over and over again.

Good characters in fine story.

The first series of the book group was original, quirky and altogether fascinating and is a must see. The second series, while retaining some of these elements veres off in an odd direction. At times, a little post-modern, sometimes sentimental, sometimes hilarious and at others a little more like bad porn. I was disappointed with this series after raving to all about series 1. I suspect that for completeness you should see both but the first series is the one on which to concentrate.

Like many series, once established there comes a greater freedom to ‘play’ with the characters and season 2 of the book group sees the characters on differing levels. If you loved the first series as i did i don’t think you will be disappointed. It has some genuinely hilarious moments, especially the wonderful rab (derek riddell) and his spanish boyfriend, janice (michelle gomez who just about steals the show for me) finally stands on her own two feet and while success comes to kenny ( rory mccann-gorgeous) it is at a price. The jarring note as in series one is james lance (resurrected from barney to lachlan) the character is just dreadful and adds little to the book group as a whole. We have a new character this time in claire’s sister and she morphs from irritating boring yank to rather likeable, good performance from karen kilgariff. No extras this time which is a shame but again a fresh new idea which works well. It is raunchier but with enough laugh out loud moments to make it extremely enjoyable. At this price its an absolute steal. As an afterthought- its great seeing so many people in this in humorous roles who have played villains on taggart. One mystery though-why was it necessary for kenny to ‘lose’ his chest hair?.

  • Worth watching after Season 1, just don’t expect to be as good
  • Unusual and Riveting
  • “Sometime its written just the way that you said”

The Book Group: The Complete Second Series

Watch both series, then consider do you really want to belong to a bookgroup, or maybe it will finally get you to join one, or if you belong to a bookgroup, does it bear any resemblance?. All in all very enjoyable in an odd way.

Season 2 of the book group is good, i am glad they were able to reassemble all the main cast as well as writer/director annie griffin from season 1, but it is just not quite as good. I suspect the writer knew it would not be and realised that the original inspiration could not be sustained indefinitely. The end of the last episode makes it very clear that the central character clare has decided that the time had come to leave and move on, closing off in advance the possibility of further sequels, even before anyone knew how well received this second season would be. Anne dudek seems exceptionally good at acting scenes of utter anguish for her character, but making them funny at the same time as sad e. In this season when she learns that her sister is coming to stay. This time the books themselves are a little less important to the plot and the sexually explicit content is a little more prominent. Although never pornographic. The homosexual relationships of one of the characters only hinted at in season 1 (which i confess i only noticed from listening to the director’s commmentary on season 1)is much more open this time. Unlike season 1, the dvd i received of season 2 has no special features. This seems to be quite common with dvd relases of final series of programes now cancelled, presumably as the television companies are no longer so interested in promoting interest in the series. However, i suspect it is a mistake. If fans know there will never be any more episodes of a series they liked, then they surely want any other additional material available all the more. These days dvd, blu-ray and other alternative media sales of a telvision series in the years after it orignally aired must be an ever increasing part of its commercial success or failure. This must apply especially to the more original and unusual series like the book group that inspire a smaller but more enthusiatic following than the ‘run of the mill’ sitcoms and soap operas.

This is a truly great piece of work – delighted .

I don’t know why it took so long for the second series of this fantastic show to come out on dvd – it feels as if i have been waiting for an eternity. This show is so well written and so well acted that you truly believe these characters are real. So much so that when i saw my favourite character janice, in the heat magazine adverts, i nearly passed out. Really, everyone should have this dvd in their collection (along with the first series), as it is a show you have to watch again and again to actually hear every joke and aside, see every gesture and facial expression, and experience every joyful moment. James lance for once, is not desireable – and it takes genius to pull that off.

Sequels or second series are rarely as good as the original but the threads of the sub plots continued with many unexpected twists. If anything funnier than the first series and all this for the price quoted is a bargain.

Very funny second series of a sitcom that was one of the great channel four comedies and should really be better known. I never understood why there was no third series, and suspect that the actors and director/writer was booked for other things, with one of the characters sadly disappearing for the final episode.

Just great – service and series.

A change in the emphasis of this second series makes it compulsive viewing. It never drags, and keeps the viewer hooked. A darker tone, compared to series 1. Original, absorbing, recommended.

Some good scenes and certainly worth having at the price but not up to the standard of the first series. I think the problem with the second series is that too many new characters – claire’s sister, kenny’s girlfriend, the spanish goalkeeper, the publisher and his daughter – are introduced. 25′ series there just isn’t enough time to develop them without edging the established characters out of the way, which is what happens. A pity c4 couldn’t have managed a longer run – say ten episodes rather than six – then it might have worked as well as series 1.

I watched this series avidly when it was first broadcast. All i can say is that it has lost none of its humour or charm. An absolute must for a lover of british humour.

After such a long wait for series 2 of the book group to come onto dvd the magic moment has finally arrived. The book group has been one of the most original, wittiest and unforgettable black comedies to hit our screens in recent years. It’s a pity that it hasn’t attracted the same massive following like sex and the city or footballer’s wives. American ex-pat claire and her international group of readers have returned and this series has certainly proved to be more entertaining than the first series. I found janice’s love triangle with rab and his spanish boyfriend anselmo highly amusing as well as claire’s rivalry with her sister jean who comes to scotland to visit her. It’s interesting to see kenny’s developments as a character throughout the second series when he’s the first member of the book group to get his book published and the events that unfold in his life because of this. There is so much to enjoy in the second series so anyone who loved the book group the first time will not be disappointed with this follow up. The book group will always hold a special place in my heart because i set up my own reading group at work because i loved this series so much. One year my group is still going strong and i’ve certainly learned to look and appreciate books in a different way due to the influence of this brilliant programme.

I have just found this series and am hooked. However, after watching series 1 and 2, please please can we have more.

Possibly one of the most less than-rated programmes that i ever unintentionally stumbled throughout. Very funny, excellent performing, i loved both series and have due to the fact bought copies for other buddies much too. And of training course it has michelle gomez in it.

This is comedy heaven for me with excellent comic characters and alluring females. The script is limited and pretty funny and the characters are fantastic specially the leader of the group and her b/f. I saw the very first series when it arrived out but in no way saw the second which i am in the course of action of seeing and they glance like the creation values went up but i you should not imagine the community viewed in or they would have continued producing far more series. The down side is the international soccer wives who i really don’t ever see joining a book team.But possibly you can find the comic irony. Enjoy it and get pleasure from the irony.

It can be very various from series one, particularly that it swims in sex scenes. But they are comedic and clever, just like the exhibit as a whole. Quite dry and off-defeat comedy.

I, just lately, bought the initial dvd and considered where could this go?i viewed series one particular and was blown absent by what seemed, on thesurface, a shallow, humourous, manufactured for television comedy series. The figures are performed by the solid in a fullspectrum of emotions. Then i noticed that series two was accessible and bought that. Notdisappointed in the least. . There is not but that indicates top quality.

Delighted with acquire which arrived really swiftly.

Nicely-acted and clever fun.

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