Brittney Karbowski (Actor), Laura Bailey (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Soul Eater – The Complete Series [DVD] : not your usual school!

I enjoy this series a lot though like anything that deviates from the original material, it suffers. What is here is good and i will continue to watch it, even though i prefer the original story from the manga. Good dub (minus one character). All in all worth the money, though if they do release another anime with the original story this one will become superfluous.

I love soul eater, it was the first anime i ever watched, i recommend getting the box set, there is just something great about being able to just stick in a dvd and curl up in bed without having to wait for internet to buffer of struggle to stay comfortable in you computer chair or with your laptop on your knee. It is the beginning of my anime collection (along with an ouran box set that i ordered at the same time) and i recommend it to any committed otaku, though,i wouldn’t blame you if you want to check out the series first, my favorite character is death he kid, voiced by the awesome todd haberkorn. I don’t really have anything else to say so i’ll leave it there, if you decide to buy it, enjoy (^_^)b.

This anime is really good, was hooked from the first few episodes. Love the character of death especially because he brings a lot of the humour to the show. Would recommend this boxset if you like anime.

  • “Pokémon meets . David Lynch”
  • Brilliant series, great characters, fast postage, bargain at the right price, watch carefully. Want more!!!
  • Watch it! Or I’ll take your soul!

Soul Eater – The Complete Series [DVD]

Watching this again currently for the 9th time since i bought it it love the characters and the voice acting is amazing plot is great truely something you can watch again and again and its still as good as the first time.

Got this for my sons girlfriend, and she is over the moon with this dvd set, so in my eyes its brilliant if it can make someone as happy as she was when she received it. Price wise it was good and delivery was very quick. So i would say its an absolutely brilliant product.

Good animation, decent characters and a good setting but personally i couldn’t really get into it – the best parts were the start and last couple of episodes – decent and would still recommend people to buy.

Came very quick and over moon with it .

We’ll have to wait until it’s opened at christmas to see what it’s like. For mid-teens and up only really.

I’m still reading the manga and some years ago i watched the first episode, but just that one. When i saw that was available at amazon i choose to buy it. Not bad but not the same story as the manga.

There is a lovely diversity of humour, slapstick comedy, violence and drama. Wonderful show for all the family, although it can be some what confusing at times, it ties everything up by the end.

Was a gift for my stepdaughter she loved it.

Watched this online first, then a couple of months later bought this. Quality is very good, amazing compared to online, it came quickly, and once you’re past the first 5-ish episodes, which are incredibly kooky, it’s an epic storyline with deep characters and the fate of the world in the balance. Wait until it’s at a low price though, amazon changes its prices regularly, so buy it when it’s incredibly unmissable, especially for 51 episodes. Basically watch it for ages, then get it at its cheapest. Wish they did more of soul eater, but it’s nice they ended it when it was at its very, very best, unlike many other animated series that drag on for eternity. Soul eater’s ending is flawless.

If you’re an anime fan, you have to watch this. Soul eater has the right amount of comedy and action in it for this to be a firm favourite. It’s also got a unique premise; people who transform into weapons. The characters are amazing in this series. Two of my favourites being lord death and excalibur. All the characters in this series are endearing, a feat not normally accomplished by many anime. The art style takes a lot of inspiration from several paintings and there is an even balance of complexity and simplicity.

Happy with this item thank you pat.

Finally managed to watch soul eater, normally i tried to watch online but always got to 10 episodes in, but always forgot to return and finish it all, not because i disliked it, but life got in the way, so i bought this to finally watch it all.

Purchase itthis is by significantly a single of the best anime series i’ve watched. Its humorous and full of motion so dont be a fool.

Enjoy it – couldn’t get adequate. Good figures, good tale and of program excellent animation.

In excellent situation, performs with no complications what so at any time. The anime is pretty pleasurable.

Wonderful anime and excellent audio and plot. All dvds alongside one another at at the time is a fantastic strategy. Came in good situation and time.

Owning reviewed loss of life observe, and attack on titan beforehand, it is time to overview soul eater. I need to demonstrate that the views expressed are individuals of a ‘father of the 13 yr outdated daughter anime fan’, but i will start off by indicating my daughter liked it. Rated fifteen, but i observed very little of any true problem for her age to see. Getting watched a large part of the series by with my daughter (english dub – excellently completed), i am definitely amazed with the value for income. fifty one episodes, 8 discs, 1189 mins approx. Each and every of the 8 discs exhibit a distinct character picture label. So it truly is a five/5 for actual physical offer as a entire. As for the anime by itself, it truly is much extra ‘cartoony’ in design and style, than say titan, and is certainly lighter in temper.

Grandson loved dvd it was extremely superior amusement i would reccomend it to all and it was incredibly good value.

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