Bruce Willis (Actor), Milla Jovovich (Actor), Luc Besson (Director, Writer) & 0 more Rated: Parental Guidance Format: DVD The Fifth Element Special Edition [1997] [DVD] : Bruce Willis Blonde?

This film is a person of the most campy, irreverent, indiana jones-meets-die hard in space, and however motion-packed motion pictures that i have at any time noticed. This is not alien [dvd [1979], neither solaris [2003] [dvd], and certainly not 2001: a space odyssey [1968] [dvd], but it is great fun, and the best way to spend a dismal & lonely afternoon. ]

This is a masterpiece, it has every little thing in it to entertain possibly younger or previous. Bruce willis is his standard -a fantastic actor, and mila will often be leeloo to me, just plain stunning. I have viewed this movie numerous instances and on each and every check out i have learned/heard a thing new.

I just love the scale of this film. And also i like the flash gordon or probably even jules verne come to feel to our appear in to the far foreseeable future – individuals gaultier costumes enable but what about these 3d multi-highways in the sky and the large area cruise ship – futuristic still in lots of methods extra reminiscent of an aged paddle steamer. Not always a issue of scale nonetheless. Extremely telling in an about-crowded metropolis of the potential is our hero’s claustrophobic little flat instantly accessing the sky exterior. Silly plot but that is irrelevant. And be sure to, if we could only lower out that screaming trans-sexual.

This is a fantastic motion picture with a breakout purpose by mila jojavich (i know i speeled it incorrect) the tale is great the acting best notch and the world setting up is wonderful.

Great forged and motion picture action by luc besson. A single of bruce willis’ finest motion pictures at any time as perfectly.

The Fifth Element Special Edition [1997] [DVD] : Fifth element is the best movie ever as far as i’m concerned. But then again, opinions are like your backside. It is a very specific type of quirky, so very likely not everyone’s cup of tea. The style is very nouveau-artistic, and is a fantastic backdrop to a story set in the far future that is honestly a lot more believable that most sci-fi movies out there. It is neither all gleaming and shiny nor totally dark and desperate, but very much like a modern life, where there are rich people that have everything they want, and scoundrels living in the dark corners as bottom-feeders, and everything in between. And of course mcdonalds have survived. Bruce willis plays a tongue-in-cheek cab-driver of a flying cab, and the story unfolds with some more fantastical elements including aliens and the ultimate baddy of course. So guess-who has to save the day, and does so with his hilarious side-kick, mr supergreen – ruby rod.Save the day, save the world, save the girl, get the girl.

The fifth element [1997 [limited edition steelbook] [blu-ray] this film is primed to explode. Two thumbs upbruce willis plays korben dallas, a new york cabbie who picks up the type of fare that only comes along once every 5,000 years. Leeloo [milla jovovich] isn’t just the perfect beauty; she’s also the perfect weapon. As planet earth is about to be wiped out, the pair set off on a deadly mission to find a set of stones that represent the four elements and unite them with the fifth. But what is the fifth element?. From luc besson the acclaimed director of ‘leon: the professional’ and ‘nikita’ comes a film that reinvents the sci-fi genre. ‘the fifth element’ takes you on an adrenaline-filled journey to a new dimension of sumptuous visuals and spectacular explosions. Film fact: 1998 academy awards® nominated: best sound editing for mark mangini. 1997 british academy of film and television arts: won: best special visual effects for mark mangini. ]

Product arrived on time and as described.

An outstanding operate of humour, with a multitude of stars in the solid, it is nicely value looking at and is still funny if viewed continuously. The forged options distinguished stars from the british isles, united states of america and europe all clothed by jean-paul gaultier. The director luc besson artfully blends the futuristic and humorous plot to build a magnificent take on the not also distant future, injected with a universal irony and circumstantial humour to create an artful mix of leisure suitable for young and previous alike. I would recommend you see this at the very least once.

Very frankly a film that will very likely leave you baffled the first time you see it, the fifth element is nevertheless one particular of the wackiest, strangest, and outright bonkers blockbusters you will ever check out. Owning watched the film various times and with nevertheless no plan what to make of it, it isn’t exactly really hard to believe that that the movie was first conceived when luc besson was nevertheless a boy or girl. Influenced by french comedian publications besson read for the duration of his childhood, the end final result is every single little bit as outlandish and vibrant and amazing as you may possibly be expecting. As great as gary oldman is in the movie (even with a rather questionable costume) it is mila jovovich who definitely steals the display as leeloo, specifically her perfection of the fictional language divised by luc besson and jovovich herself. The only most important detriments to the movie are its lackluster story that tends to make very little sense and chris tucker’s completely irritating change as hideous radio host ruby rod, a character initially supposed to be the comic relief that not only isn’t remotely amusing, but virtually ruins the entire movie.

The fifth element was created just about twenty a long time in the past. Bruce willis experienced already starred in three ‘die hard’ films just before undertaking this. If you have not observed this film ahead of, or maybe you have, but it was a lot of decades in the past, then remember to take into account obtaining this on blu-ray. The picture high quality has been been up to date to large definition and seriously seems stunning, with crisp depth and perfectly described color tones. The sound has been reworked way too, so if you have encompass seem, you will get the comprehensive benefit of the enhancements. It is a good story, in the best custom of sci-fi, mixing humour with insane people and imaginative backdrops. The director, luc besson’s vision of new york in the upcoming, is a single of the most plausible ever set on the major display. Look at the extras later on, and you may get an insight into the energy everybody place into this movie to make it the best they could.

This is one particular of the best sci-fi action comedies to have at any time been manufactured. Unfortunately, this is a primary graphic transfer. Though the film authentic damaging was stunning, visually this motion picture has not lived up to the anticipations of how a film like like can look in blu-ray. The flaws in the negative are extremely distinguished. The picture high quality does improve during the film but again it is a let down taking into consideration there has been no high definition do the job done on the negative to rival again problem re-troubles of films of the same time,just like the allow down of the lord of the rings initial movie the fellowship of the ring. The dts-high definition soundtrack is fantastic reminding me of how the sound was when i first noticed it in the cinema. While you have to go hunting for it. Most blu-ray’s other than waner bros’ motion pictures have the high definition soundtrack as default. The soundtrack below is dvd five. It is well value acquiring as the film is just as humorous and enthralling as it usually has been and still life up to modern videos. The dts-hd soundtrack is the primary reason. In any other case, it would be a blu-ray version of the dvd. I just want you experienced the digital clarity to the movie that blu-ray does so properly.

A fantastic film to enjoy as it can be initial and it does have adequate of a plot to hold it together. Never anticipate the futuristic ‘science’ in this movie to bear any scrutiny – it’s fantasy. The visuals are beautiful though and it is excellent pleasurable to watch.

This is not the type of movie that i ordinarily enjoy but it is excellent. There are splendidly imaginative performances.

I purchased this video simply because the dvd was extremely highly-priced and extra than i needed to pay out. I assume it is a collectors item now to be so costly. The film by itself has some thing for just about everyone to get pleasure from. Starting off off a bit creepy it then goes into sci fi mode and just as one particular settles into that it results in being a comedy. There is plenty of excitement to hold the fascination and with bruce willis and gary oldman to give it plausability it is just about excellent. Ok, it stretches the imagination, but what is imagination for if not to be stretched?. I give it 9 and a fifty percent out of 10.

Immediately after lengthy time found this on the internet and can say it is great with additional reward segment, if you really like this film this blu ray a lot more than does it happy.

Unusual but great appreciate it.

Quite very good movie really like it thank you.

Hilarious sci fi comedy, one of my all time favourites.

I like this film and have viewed it quite a few instances. It is humorous, witty and pleasurable.

I initially noticed this when functioning overseas for a number of times at an exhibition, and it was looped on the screens of the stand opposite ours. To my amazement i was continue to not bored with it when we packed up at the close for an sf enthusiast like me this is most abnormal since all much too usually hollywood sf is so clichéd and total of plot holes it is not well worth looking at. But this modern fairy tale, where by as normal superior following many trials and tribulations inevitably triumphs over evil, is from europe. The fifth element broke the standard commercial studio guidelines and confirmed hollywood how it must seriously be done resulting in higher high quality space opera with these types of basic design and fantastic acting and wonderful creativity 1 can forgive it anything. I bought my copy in nov 2003 soon soon after i returned residence. Bruce willis plays bruce willis as common, and but somehow the character is ideal to the element. The heroine is gorgeous and susceptible and nonetheless redoubtable and essential, the villains are suitably villainous and crucial to the plot, the armed forces screen their customary intelligence, and chris tucker adds lunatic spice to tip the complete movie more than the precipice into an eminently watchable delight. This movie is frequently repeated on commercial television, and just about every time we say, ‘ah, we’ve received that one, allows slice the commercials and watch the dvd rather. ‘ and that is when one notices that the 5. 35:one photograph good quality on the dvd are the two significantly superior than the usual little bit-charge-starved broadcast, even nevertheless seeing and listening on the exact major monitor and surround method. My special edition 2-dvd edition has on the second disc a selection of intriguing extras such as a ‘making of’ documentary, 4 revealing and interesting featurettes about the conceptions behind the film, and the normal trailers and advertising materials utilized to originally advertise the movie. The very last merchandise is a tempting teaser that this was only the initial fifty percent of the story, but alas so considerably besson has stated that a sequel will not take place.

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