Danny DeVito (Actor, Director), Billy Crystal (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Throw Momma From The Train [DVD] [1988] : Strangers on a Train homage

Bit of a pirate copy if you ask me.

Any movie with both danny devito and billy crystal is always hysterical.

5/5 great movie, i like danny devito as a actor, if you do too, you’ll enjoy this movie.

Bit dated but some good moments.

  • Owen get me my tea. Love this
  • excellent but not for Mother’s Day
  • Throw Momma From The Train

Throw Momma From The Train [DVD] [1988]

I’ve watched this film several times in the past. This dvd version did not disappoint. It’s a real feel good film and very funny.

Classic film with two great actors.

I bought this for my daughter who loves this film we watched it together ♥️.

Still one of the funniest films with danny devito. The “momma” is brilliant – a raging, dominant, matriarch with a tongue like acid. Nobody can play the part of a scheming psychotic funnier than danny.

An excellent film well worth a watch.

A very funny and underrated film about two would-be writers, both total misfits; owen (billy crystal) going through a messy divorce, and larry (danny devito) smothered by his mother. They make a pact to bump off each others’ problem woman, but when one of the women goes missing, the situation spirals out of control. There are some laugh-out-loud scenes with devito’s nightmare mother (anne ramsey gives a powerhouse performance), and in places it is surprisingly touching as both men face up to their many failures in life, and struggle to become published authors.

Fantastic movie, all the characters played good parts, lots of laughs and humour.

Danny de-vito stars as poor, friendless owen a story-writer who is serving a sentence of penal servitude caring for his domineering mother, mrs. Lift played by anne ramsey who would give new meaning to the word harridanfinally after years of torment and suffering from his belligerent mamma he cracks and decides he can take no more. He and the rest of the writing group hear their teacher, larry (billy crystal) scream out that he could kill his ex-wife because she has plaguerised a book he wrote, taken not only all the credit but had it published and earned millions of dollars for it;when owen soon after sees an excerpt from hitchcocks strangers on a train he begins to think about him and larry swapping murders also. He gets a mixed-up larry to agree to the plan, though larry doesn’t really mean it or think owen is serious. However, when larry’s ex-wife is reported as missing from a cruise-ship next day and owen makes several calls to say he’s kept his part of the deal, larry suddenly realises owen was serious and what’s more owen now expects him to get rid of his mother?.

I say that with a great deal of enthusiasmfor one thing, i am an author and well, this film is hystericalit is most importantly a brilliant take on the hitchcock masterpiece, strangers on a train. Two unhappy men can exchange murders: one may get rid of a hated wife and the other a monstrous mother–crisscrosscentral to the story is writing. What writer hasn’t sat working over a sentence at one time or another?. I found it so funny that i try very hard not to think of the night was–. When i am writingdanny devito’s character is a mad little elfin creature that lives to write. Sadly and because comedy is based on tragedy, he lives with his mother who can truly be deemed a mummy from hell. His intense desire to write is amazing considering how he must cope with said motherhis writing teacher is played by the brilliant billy crystal who is hugely jealous of his much hated wife, a wife who has published a best seller. Won’t say more other than if you see one comedy in your life, please make it this one.

One child hood fav film well worth watching billy and danny play good roles in this comedy with momma from the goonies in it too.

So so funny a very clever well worked film you will laugh lots great performances by the three main characters an ever lasting classic .

I’m not expressing it really is a laugh a minute but this is a black comedy, as are most movies by danny devito. I have watched it three times and loved every the identical. The hitchcock film on which it is primarily based also characteristics some dark humour and i think is one of his best, that’s strangers on a train for any person intrigued.

It was for a good friends birthday and she was so delighted. I was delighted at the fast assistance recieved.

I enjoy dany de veto this is the third time i have watched thisand i nver tire of it, also dvd a whole lot more cost-effective than shopping for from a retailer.

Watched it numerous moments now.

My partner and son adore this film.

Hilarious from commencing to end.

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