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Sky removed from catch-up just as i reached season 5 – superb finale.

Not quite as awesome as s4 but still a masterclass in what great tv should be like.

What can i say it doesn’t disappoint, the fact that simon & burns always find somewhere new in baltimore to look into, this time it the local paper the baltimore sun. Clarke johnson’s gus haynes becomes this seasons conscience as previous series cast members make brief but effective appearances with kima, bunk, bubbles, daniels as well as the political wrangling s of the city hall with mayor thomas carcetti all making sizeable contributionsthose worried about mcnulty’s back seat season 4 need not worried he’s pushed to centre stage for season 5 and him and lester’s deception is compellingly brilliant. The brutal cullng of the cast is shocking but so refreshing, you really don’t know who’s going to make it till the end. Beware some favourites will disappear before it ends and you won’t see it comingi’m not sure i can single a season out as a favourite i was ready to proclaim season 3 to not up to the par of season 2 but season 4 made me rethink that, i think after season 1 without the doubt the worst if that’s possible every subsequent season just bulids on the next. If you watch the special features, the 2 docs on the season 5 dvd someone eludes the wire to being a modern day dickens’s, high praise indeed but you know what i think the wire will still be being debated over in 50 years time and each subsequent generation will hand it down to the next. It’s a slow burner but the shadow the wire will cast will be wide and extremely intimidating for any drama following it. The fact that this has not been lavished with awards shows some people just haven’t got it, well your welcome to all your big budget superficial 24’s, csi’s and prison break and the like give me the harsh reality of the wire over their flash bang pyrotechnics. The wire is for the heart, mind and the soul.

Season 5 though not as good as seasons 1 to 4 is still up there in my ratings as being the best tv series ever. Focusing on the newspaper industry this time and a dodgy reporter who invents stories. I thought omar could have exited a bit better i was hoping that he would have survived the bullet. But i would never have guessed that they would kill him off in that way. A must in order to complete your collection of this truly brilliant series.

  • The End but what an End!
  • Best Drama Series
  • So disappointing – I’ve watched it all now. Why wasn’t there more?

The Wire: Complete HBO Season 5

I had thought that after season 3 the wire really couldn’t get any better. Season 4 was a complete shock to the system as 1 hour seemed to fly by without noticing. The tale of the 4 friends grew into a complicated tale involving the police, school, politics and drugs. Hooked from beginning to end. There are no happy tidy endings with this show but that’s what makes it so good, thrilling and realistic.

Without doubt the greatest tv program ever. More than just a cop show, the wire delves into every aspect of life in the city of baltimore and its broken institutions, using the vehicle of america’s ‘war on drugs’. The wire unfolds more like a novel than a tv show. From the first season, looking at the everyday life in an american ghetto(west baltimore)and the effect the drugs war has on everyone living there and the attempts of the baltimore police to bring down the local drug kingpin via a wire-tap (‘the wire’). To the second season on the docks, where like every post-industrial city baltimore is struggling to come to terms with the decline in industry and the unemployment and the temptation of crime that comes with it. To the third season that looks at city hall, the election process and the inherent contradictions of the political machine where even the highest echelons of the legislature are tainted by the city’s drug money. To the fourth season that looks at the failing education system of the city (and of urban america as a whole)and how children fall through the cracks in the system and are indoctrinated into the culture ‘the game’ (the drug trade) in an almost continual conveyor belt. The fifth, and final season, looks at how all these aspects of the city are reported in the media, through the medium of the baltimore sun. Once itself a major newspaper but now, like the city it covers, in steady decline. This all may sound a bit boring, but believe me it is not.

The first thing i have to say about series 5 of ‘the wire’ is that it isn’t the strongest series in the collection. There are a few too many times when events occur that i wasn’t convinced about. I will talk about them later without giving away too much but i must add that even ‘the wire’ slightly under par is just about better than anything else on tv. The things in this particular series that niggled me were the behaviour of certain character’s. Lester and sydnor helped mcnulty out in a way that seemed to stretch imagination a little which felt out of place with the reality of the previous seasons. Perhaps my biggest gripe was the way one of the most popular character’s was killed off (if you have already watched this series then you know exactly who i mean). It seemed rushed and perhaps strange and even the aftermath of their killing was dealt with in an anti-climatic way. I can understand why the writers did it like this but it did bother me for a while. A couple of weeks later it does make more sense but it did feel a shame that it seemed such an anti-climax. For all of my doubts though there are moments of brilliance to be had.

An amazing final season for one of the best tv dramas ever made. If you’ve not heard of the wire, then educate yourself immediately.

Really picks up from season 4 which is a great compliment.

A lot of shows falter somewhat by their fifth season, if they even make it that far. Despite the writers’ strike having an effect on the number of episodes, the content remains of the highest standard. Great writing, great acting and the city of baltimore itself still proving to be the biggest star of the show. This season is essential to a collector and cracking television to boot. Just don’t expect a hollywood ending and all the ends tied up from the most realistic show on tv.

This series sneaks up on you. After the first 5 episodes your hooked. It doesn’t need the car chases and detailed forensics of other series, as what you get here is good acting, amazing writing and character development that you just don’t see on telly any more. If anyone can recommend a series to follow this (i keep hearing about the shield, but will it live up to the wire, i think not) let me know.

Counter to other reviewers, i think season two was the best,and three and four were doing their best to match that. They rarely succeeded, but were still great shows, better by far than any other serious tv drama. But series five matches two, and in many instances exceeds it. As all reviewers have and will state, the characterisations are flawless and without peer. As a historical document studying a great american city it is as good as dickens. And when a character dies, it feels as though you have lost a good friend. A superb series and a great finale for the best tv ever made.

Last in the series, would recommend watching all of the seasons.

Gripping stuff which exposes the corrupt us legal system. Subtitles would benefit those not used to baltimore street slang.

Why didn’t they make more?every season for me was as good as the last. They managed to move characters around nicely over the course of the 5 seasons which allowed different aspects of the city to be explored whilst maintaing the same central storyline. Definitely one of the best shows i’ve seen.

After having missed the first viewing in a tv channel of the wire series in the uk, i finally managed to see it on a re-run by the bbc and i was hooked. As hard as it may be at the beginning to listen to the dialogue and as a consequence to follow the plots, by the use of slang and at many times softly spoken characters, who are trying to conceal what they are planning as there may always be someone listening – the cops, the stunning characterization i believe is the best to come out of tv drama in the last 10 years. Although we can reduce the series to a very simplistic cops v criminals, the reality of the show is that dissects modern society like a cake, and as we take a slice out we are able to see all the different layers that make that cake as well as how they interact with each other. The wire, in my personal view, it also offers a grown up view of relationships, being or coming from whatever spectrum of our society as well as how do they interact with each other. Having seen the 5 series once i am now on my second viewing, and as daunting as it may seem, i thoroughly recommend it as i am now getting to know deeply every single character and twist in the plot and plots. Enjoying every second of it.

A sad, but enjoyable stop to the most great piece of tv i have ever viewed. Flawlessly formed, reasonable drama that by some means managed to make a whole city it is really key character. The astounding acheivement of the wire is that you locate by yourself hooked up to just about every one character with out realising it (even the ‘bad’ types). The wire brilliantly explores the blurred strains seperating excellent and lousy, with intertwined plots that aim on everyone from the dealers on the corners, the overall police section, metropolis hall, the neighborhood newspaper and everybody in in between. Something i say here will not do justice to this brilliant drama.

I, like many, was cajoled into viewing the wire. I mean, how could it perhaps be as very good as what people were being indicating?. Undoubtedly, it is really an additional csi/ regulation & get design display about police course of action and the courageous persons battling to rid our culture of bad eggs?wrongthis is the most effective law enforcement drama so much and i cant see anybody topping it. It arrived totally fledged as its’ very own environment and asks you to jump straight in and catch up, throwing area slang and code at you which you piece jointly all over the present. Include to this that there is not one particular lousy actor in the 5 sequence, with all people owning their second to shine and anyone experience like they are displaying us entirely 3d figures and you have a pretty unique demonstrate. The insert to this that this demonstrate isnt frightened to little by little burn up away just about every 7 days, refusing to give you the ‘case of the week’ fashion formula we have occur to hope from tv. It can be war and peace for tv and the ongoing tale archs are fantastically played out. So we are at the end of the show and some wrapping up desires to be finished to satisfy fan expectations.

A pity that this is the ultimate, with any luck , there will be one thing like the wire before long.

The complete series is gripping from start out to finish. The language is generally complicated to recognize, and sometimes i could not explain to a single african american from one more. The creation values are as high as you could want for.

This generation is a magnificent accomplishment and ranks substantial in my top ten severe tv sequence. The element, depth and breadth of the manufacturing is wonderful and yet it under no circumstances loses it is pressure or objectivity. Though set in baltimore it reveals a scenario that could be played throughout the globe in most ‘civilized’ cities, as of now, or at someday in the close to long term. The one matter i hated, however, was when the closing episode performed out and there was no-a lot more mcnulty, no much more barksdale and on much more baltimore.

Season 5 is a approximately great conclude for the wire sequence, which is possibly one of the most effective television series at any time. It is composed by 10 episodes in its place of thirteen and in the last 3 episodes there is also considerably facts. I would have prefered a slower pace, as situations unfold way too immediately to completely have an understanding of them. The previous episode should have been splitted in two episodes of just one hour, as the very last sequence is far too rapid and the collection deserved a much better ending. Even so, the acting and the composing is excellent and i trully recommend this product for any fan. I come to feel rather let down that there is no season 6.

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