Eddie Izzard (Actor, Producer, Writer), Lawrence Jordan (Director, Producer) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Eddie Izzard: Dress To Kill [DVD] : Brilliance in a DVD box

Well, as a pro-european, eddie certainly hits the nail on the head with this gig. Filmed in san fran (tee-hee) the main bulk of the comedy comes from the differences between the us and europe. The wide ranging subjects are all given the izzard treatment, and what a treat it is to watch. I think his ideas and ‘self-help’ parts are what makes this gig worth watching, as it makes one appreciate just how intelligent eddie is.The real gem comes with his verbiage on language (you say ‘erbs, and we say herbs. ), although it seems that the speil of french language (the funniest bit of izzard in all his releases) loses the american audience somewhat. What a pity, they don’t seem to have a clue. Let’s look forward to his next video outing.The live show of ‘circle’ was phenomenal.

This is the first eddie izzard video i bought, and having subsequently bought all his others, i maintain that this was his best. His performance is faultess and the humour just out of this world. Quite frankly, if it doesn’t have you in stitches, there’s something wrong with you.

This is quite definetely the funniest dvd i have ever seen in my life. Before watching it i had already seen all of eddie’s previous stand-up shows, and found them all hilarious, but after watching dress to kill i fell in love with the man. This show had me in stitches from start to finish, though i would say the funniest bits are when he is talking about british and american films, and the hilarious “cake or death” sketch. I also really enjoyed when he talks about his puberty as it is touching and funny, and the encore is also a highlight. I reccommend this dvd to everyone because to be honest i can’t imagine anyone not finding it brilliantly funny.

To all prospective buyers: get it, it’s inspiring and i believe that eddie has made as big an impact over in the us as he has over here. Notice that the ‘viewer’ from la didn’t leave their name – obviously worried that they’re a minority party. Silly faces are in fact, part of comedy, and as regards to his voice, that in itself is comedy. I think we’ve found the person in eddie’s documentary – “i’ve lost my comedy”. Oh yes, brit comedy is superior to the us, but i was only kidding that the americans don’t get it, they just don’t laugh as much. Amazon got it wrong above – it’s filmed in frisco, and 4. My nemesis ‘littlesiddie’ again reviews a tape he doesn’t like – give up, eddie izzard is funny.

  • Good belly laugh
  • Best Eddie Izzard ever -but buy all of them anyway!
  • Eddie at his best!

Eddie Izzard: Dress To Kill [DVD]

Eddie izzard is the king of comedy. In this video like all the others i have, i just could not stop laughing. Even the jokes that didn’t make the audience laugh really loud, he makes a great comeback by pretendin to make notes saying “no one got that, never do it again”. He talks about san francisco (frisco), he talks about british movies (what is it sabastian, i’m arranging matches). The list goes on, buy this video if its the last thing you’ll ever do. I promise you won’t stop laughing.

To be honest i bought the cd based on the act he does all in french, its so funny, the rest of his act was amusing but not so much laugh out loud. Glad i have it to my collection as his act in french really is funny. But have had better mock the week for example fantastic.

He’s done it again – although i suspect his audience was largely expat otherwise there wouldn’t be so much laughter at the gags. But wind past the opening scenes of sf – the only part which doesn’t raise a laugh. The rest is top-notch legendary izzard.

This eddie izzard video is truly fantastic. Although it does not even challenge definite article it still will have you in tears of laughter. It does make a some what slow start by izzards standards but sketches such as cake or death make the show the outstanding piece of conmedy that it is. Other sketches such as the american way of filming and the way that vader speals also help make this video and excellent choice for purchase. Izzard is god, who just happens to be james mason.

I bought this dvd to replace my old video tape.

Received in excellent condition and thank you very much for a brilliant film well worth a watch but not for the kids.

Sorry just a quick one – was in the car yesterday thinking about ‘fiiiive gooooold riiiiings’ and laughing my a*se off. Death of dinglebuns slaptyback, cake or death, confirming and denying during national anthems.

Eddie izzard is now something of a national treasure , and this is him caught in performance a decade ago in san francisco, “the city” [pulls face]. One of the major themes is the differences between british/european and us culture. A well-worn path but the set, at nearly two hours long, is both hilarious and very clever. I’m sure the american audience would not have got many the british references, though. The finale, where he launches into a sketch in french, is simply a classic, sort of dumbing down in reverse.

Could do with subtitles in english for the french parts but otherwise a great show.

I have seen most of eddies work in the past. I own circle, sexie, glorious and this one, and its quite easily the best. As usual, eddie starts out by taking the piss out of san francisco, not “san fran” or “frisco”.(you have to see the show to get that joke) as usual, his audience quite obviously love him taking the micky out of their cityi think what attracts me to eddies comedy, is his rambling style of presentation. While most comedians try to link one ‘story’ with another, with similar subjects and ideas, eddie doesn’t give a monkeys. He will just go from one subject to another, quite often without warning. That in itself is hilarious, as the reaction of his audiance quite often shows. Dress to kill is a must purchase for any eddie izzard fan. If you have seen circle or sexie, and you thought they were good, you aint seen nuthin yeteddie is quite simply the best comedian this country has produced for a long time.

I live near san francisco but i’m british-would you believe it that you can’t get any eddie izzard videos except ‘glorious’ in usa vhs format?. So i had to wait to go back to the uk to watch a video of a fantastic show i saw live in san francisco-where’s the logic in that?. Eddie would probably appreciate it. ‘circle is fab too-god knows how long we’ll have to wait to see that one on tape.

Eddie izzard’s comedy is not to everyone’s taste, but for those who get it, this is a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours. Such classics as san fransisco as the city of snakes and the queen beating off crazy dogs with her handbag originated here, along with the film speed in french with monkeys, and gently barbed commentary on the nra, the european union, imperialism and many other topics. Book a couple of hours with everyone’s favourite executive transvestite and treat yourself to a bundle of laughs. Fun extras include commentaries, a trivia track, and eddie performing in french in paris.

In contrast to definite posting, a peak in terms of stand up comedy not just for eddie but for anyone else in my viewpoint, this is a phase down. On the other hand when you are as obviously amusing as eddie is, any of his stand up video clips are a chortle a minute. Some touches of genius from the master of the strange and one more couple catchphrases for those people who are so inclined. If you like eddie izzard and his stand up, you need to have this currently. If you want a laugh, then get this but make confident you have seen definite article far too.

Izzard is unrelentingly amusing in this late 90’s live performance from san francisco. There are giggle out loud times nearly all the time and even acquiring viewed it far more than a dozen times now it i nevertheless discover it funny. Even when the material is not that humorous (which it cannot be 100% of the time for every person) i generally locate eddie izzard fascinating to pay attention to. Underlying his comedy is an intelligent and considerate male. There are some superior extra’s, notably if you speak french (as izzard does). Lots of of his reveals are worth acquiring but this dvd catches him at a comedy peak. Sadly considering that then the reveals have not been of the similar good quality but this one and the kinds that precede it are all truly worth having.

I can only echo what the other people have reported in this article, eddie izzard is a genius. If you want to watch a stand up overall performance that will make you chuckle out loud all the way by way of – then this is it, even the terrible jokes are amusing. Eddie’s irreverent acquire on the significant is outstanding – hitler, religion and the queen are all hilariously commented on. Belief me, except if you have no sense of humour then you will find this humorous.

If its not what he says, its the way he says it. The trials and tribulations of eddie izzard that saved me amused for hrs, days, weeks, even yrs, together with pringles, truly create, in my mind at minimum, the thought of heaven. You will adore his manorisms and he terms himself wonderfully, possibly, to the extent that you steal your wife/girlfriends/mums lipstick, put it all about your deal with, and in a vain try to be like the learn of the silly voice don what ever feminine clothes you can uncover. There just isn’t even a likelihood of prejudice against this guy, hes a thinker and a bloody funny one at that, and this online video has develop into a really excellent good friend of mine. His concepts take absent the stupid superficiality of the contemporary day world and make it possible for you to recess into the womb. I know i havn’t mentioned what comes about, but you have to check out it, it will give you much more than a person purpose to stay. I enjoy it, you will appreciate it, i really don’t treatment what your beliefs, faith or sexuality is, this is a typical, bravo ed.

If you liked ‘glorious’, get this movie. Fantastic jokes incorporate:* squirrels with make-up & gasoline cookers * dr. Heimlich * jesus * englebert humperdink * cake or dying?. And you are unable to overlook the french jokes. You you should not have to speak french to come across it humorous. (just pay out awareness during the clearly show). As for every usual, the f word is about.

Super funny and the quite greatest of what eddie izzard has to offer. The journey you go on is hilarious and will leave your sides sore from laughing.

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