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The malloy family are american travellers. When mum,(minnie driver), gets out of prison after dad’s,(eddie izzard), last scheme goes wrong he decides it’s time for a change. Running away from the travellers camp after stealing money from ‘family’ things happen rapidly as while they are being chased by another traveller family they witness a couple killed during the pursuit. Dad decides they are going to take on the life of the unfortunate two,(they were on their way to a new house & neighbourhood where no one knew them when they were killed),. Once in the new house they begin to interact with those who share the gated community & beyond as work & school comes into play. New names, new friends and new lives take shape. First the one large negative point. There are an awful lot of coincidences & dad wayne is just superhumanly capable at sweet talking the family out of any crisis. These may seem like major obstacles but in fact they really don’t matter all that much as this is a surprising & touching portrait of a totally barmy family. Izzard does an excellent job of restraining himself and plays wayne as a man in crisis trying to better his family but unsure how.

I know i am going against other reviewers here, who love this programme, and i can see the appeal, however the programme just has an unbelievable plot line and i just could not get my head around that. Strange that i can enjoy say star treck or batman, the difference being they are make believe and this is supposed to be drama, with a healthy mix of comedy thrown in. So lets get things out in the open here;the pro’s are the cast, simply excellent all round, minnie driver is breathtaking as dahlia malloy who starts season one being released from prison to be reunited as the wife of (eddie izzard), wayne malloy and the mum of the exceptional noel fisher as cael malloy, shannon marie woodward as didi malloy and the cross dressing son sam, played by aiden mitchel. After a freak accident where they stumble across the recently departed riches they assume the identities of doug rich and his wife and live in luxury in edenfalls, a gated community, not bad for a bunch of travellers (gypsies). Sadly this is when it gets a bit unbelievable for me, as wayne takes on dougs role as a hot shot attorney for the wicked hugh panetta head of panco, played by the talented gregg lee henry. Having said all that, will i be watching season two, almost certainly yes, but i will still have that feeling that its all a bit too absurd for its own good. The acting is really exceptional though and thats what holds it together. People who like weeds may enjoy this, those that like shows like the wire, madmen or the west wing may just feel that the writing is just a bit far fetched.

It certainly meets my need for something rather different encompassing the dry wit of the outstanding eddie izzard and observations of the behaviour of ordinary people faced with moral dilemmas that might hit them in the course of life. Much humour here centered around izzard and minnie driver and their three children as they usurp the identities of a rich couple and enter the ‘american dream’ lifestyle from their own lives of con artists. It’s all about how they adapt, and stay ahead of discovery and criminal prosecution. Hugely enjoyable but be warned that this 1st season ends with many loose ends untied and demanding fulfilment that may not be satisfied by a next future season. Unlike some series that end abruptly due to being ‘pulled’ by the tv moguls or because of a writers strike back in the 2000’s this season was a joy to watch even though there won’t be closure—- it was that entertaining in my honest opinion. Yes i feel cheated that there may not be an acceptable ending but i take away the fact that this was very funny and full of pathos in equal amounts that i enjoyed for its brief duration of 13 episodes.

  • Humour + Pathos = Brilliant stuff from Eddie Izzard.
  • A Great Series: Finished Too Soon

The Riches – Season 1 – Complete [DVD]

Had i not been an eddie izzard-fan, i would never had bought this series. Thank god i am an izzard-fan, because it would have been very sad to have missed out on this fantastic, yet shortlived, series. The series offers us something new and different when it comes to the plot and the story, the humor is sharp and dark, but what makes this series so brilliant is the amazing actors, lead by eddie izzard and minnie driver. Yup, i’m a “buffer”, and this “buffer” loves the riches. If you haven’t already, you really should get to know “the riches”.

Eddie izzard and minnie driver just seem to click in this, supported by their excellent “children” who buzz with appropriate teenage angst. Can’t believe this series was dropped in america after 2 series :(.

Bought this series because i am an eddie izzard fan, plus i liked the premise of the story. Better than i expected, excellent cast, great script and each episode has a subplot to the main theme which keeps you guessing. Sadly i have now finished watching series one and am waiting for the uk release of series two.

Caught a couple on televisionlove itdrama, comedy.

Excellent series loved it the 1st time i saw it and still love it now :).

I can’t believe i hadn’t heard of this show before – it deserves a much wider audience in the uk. It’s rare to see some really original drama and this is terrific. Both minnie driver and eddie izzard play their parts to perfection in a series full of fascinating character portrayals and unusual storylines. Really enjoy this – anyone who likes quality drama will love it.

Haven’t see all of season 1 yet but have enjoyed it so far, and to see eddie izzard in this type of role is just great, he and minnie driver are great together. I look forward to seeing furture episodes.

Very please with this purchase which was delivered speedily. I have a thing for eddie izzard anyway so enjoying watching this. He is a superb actor and now i know why he is so popular and well known in the states. This is quite an intense story and like ‘breaking bad’ i get het up and can’t watch more than one episode a fortnight or so and have to be ‘up for it’ as i get agitated at the thought of their scam being uncovered and feel my blood pressure going up – the delicate flower i am :-). I appreciate that i won’t be able to buy series 2 as it is not available in the format that you can play in the uk so i hope i don’t end up with a sense of unfinished business because i am left ‘hanging’ at the end of series 1.

Good, easy watchable series and as a used buy was in great condition for price.

Not sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised most enjyable.

Brilliantly acted and great script.

Excellent , you (we) really start to rooting for the thieving pikies , well acted & plenty of twists , 1/2 way through series ii & that’s just a good.

Now this collection just isn’t ideal. And it acquired cancelled swiftly so it appears to be a little bit of a squander of time to spend so a lot in obtaining to know the characters. I hated izzard ahead of viewing this – i constantly discovered him much too smug. But he is sensationally great in this. I try to remember currently being charmed by minnie driver in some movie about an irish lady expanding up ( the particulars are imprecise) but then i forgot all about her until finally this. She’s even better than izzard. And the three small children are great. The plot creaks a bit on occasions but the normal premise is so original that this reality does not actually make a difference. I debated about offering it four stars but i relished it so considerably that i’ve settled on 5.

The riches is a really unique and clever display. Season 1 stands extremely perfectly on its individual even though i feel season 2 ends a very little much too abruptly. This even so an fantastic television present with refined dialogue and edge-of-your-seat suspense.

I had in no way listened to of the riches and just bought it because of to the outstanding testimonials on right here. I will have to say i was comprehensively enthralled by every episode. Eddie izzard and minnie driver are outstanding. My spouse who in no way watcbes everything except activity believed it was excellent as well. It seems a crying disgrace it can be not improved know in united kingdom and i would urge individuals to obtain it- you wont be let down.

Greatest television i have viewed in a long time.

The premise for the demonstrate is relatively unusual, but it operates. All the people are very well designed, and each individual episode is very entertaining. It does drag on occasionally, but other than that i would definately advocate it.

Like this sequence, so unhappy that it wasn’t saved on.

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