Format: DVD BATMAN BEGINS : A Good Batman Beginning

Exposing the foundations of how bruce evolved both physically and mentally into the batman answered questions i wasn’t aware i had. Action sequences were great and the wayne corp. Toybox (curated by the incomparable morgan feeman) is an aladdin’s cave of science and technology where anything’s possible if money’s no object.

This is the first of christopher nolan’s batman sequals and he really has kicked off with a bang. He does a really good job at explaining the origin of the character, the graphics and audio is exactly what you would expect from a blu ray realise of this stature. The case is a normal blu ray case and a very slim cover. I definatly recommend buying all 3 of the christopher nolan’s batman movies.

This is a really good take on the batman franchise, it’s got a quality story and good acting,seen it a few times, but gave it four stars, because it did go a bit over the top,with all the action and stunts, and batman’s voice makes him sound like the incredible hulk. Part from that a brilliantly made film.

The dvd itself is of good quality and plays well. The movie is an exceptional one for it’s genre, the plot draws you in at the same time as it entertains you. The acting is of good quality and the script is well written. If you like super hero movies and comic books you won’t be disappointed.

  • “To conquer fear you must become fear.”
  • a very good Batman film
  • Good balance, great performances

BATMAN BEGINS (2 DVD) Deluxe Edition with 72 page comic

After growing disillusioned with his privileged life style and never really having recovered from being left an orphan at an early age after the brutal murder of his parents, bruce wayne (christian bale) the billionaire industrialist leaves gotham behind in search of answers heading for tibet where he meets the mysterious ducard (liam neesome) who offers him a chance to join the mysterious league of shadows ran by the all powerful ra’s al ghul (ken watanabe) a secret organisation trained in ninja skills who intend on eradicating organised crime. After being at odds with their intentions and methods wayne returns to gotham with the skills learned from his experiences with intention of dealing with crime in his own unique fashion. Some eight years after joel schumacher hammered the final nail into the previous era of the batman franchise with the truly atrocious batman & robin, warner brothers recruited critically acclaimed director christopher nolan to reboot their property. Before this warner had wisely rejected the option to let schumacher make a fifth film and put their product back on the shelf, rumours had circulated that darren aronofsky had intentions to make a low budget gritty version of frank miller’s the dark knight returns but it was 2005 that they decided to put a film into production with nolan helming with david s. Goyer collaborating with nolan to make this origin film and re-introduction of the caped crusader. With 9/11 casting a long shadow over everything the intention was to dispense with the camp excess of the previous attempts by burton and schumacher and present batman in a more real world. Nolan had impressed with his second film the critically lauded memento, one the most original thrillers of recent times and also with his follow up shown he could cope with big names eliciting two electrifying performances out of al pacino and robin williams in his more than competent hollywood remake of the acclaimed swedish thriller insomnia but this would be the first time the brit would be allowed a big budget and the weight of bringing a franchise back to life which was frankly in a laughable state. Key to his film would be finding the right actor to bring batman and bruce wayne to life, bale who had impressed in his early years in spielberg’s empire of the sun and more recently terrified with his portrayal of patrick bateman in the big screen version of brett easton ellis’ american psycho. Bale unlike previous actors would give a far more three dimensional approach to the character, essentially playing three roles, the playboy, the real bruce and of course the batman. No other actor really nailing this down.

Started my lad getting interested in something other than james bond.

A great dvd with a well written story line. It made for a very good watching.

This is the first time i am writing a review. This is probably the second time i watch ‘batman begins’, and it felt as fresh and vivid as if i was watching it for the first time. This movie has all the ingredients of what makes cinema great. Great acting, exciting action scenes, awesome catch phrases, convincing dialogue, all with an engaging main character history and anti-hero. The movie has an extremely well paced storyline, leaving you hooked from start, with a masterly matched soundtrack. The story ends in spectacular fashion, leaving the viewer with a great sense of reward for the time spent. To sum up all upcoming hero movies should look to what was achieved with ‘batman begins’. Congratulations to the actors, the directors, and everyone that made this movie happen, it is a timeless masterpiece in the genre.

Brilliant adaptation, that leads to other great movies. A very dark more real version of batman (excluding the fantasy aspect i mean).

Christian bale plays the part of bruce wayne to a teemy fave batman. Great performances from liam neeson and the great sir michael caine as alfred. Excellent re-telling of the story and origins of the batman.

I’m no comic book fan, i don’t usually get excited by superhero movies and in terms of superheroes, batman was way down at the bottom of my list, so when the movie first came out i ignored it and never saw it. I accidentally watched it on the television one day, where i was immediately swept up in the mythology, the grittiness, the humour and most importantly, the realism, that christopher nolan brings this film. This isn’t a batman movie, this is about bruce wayne. The film delves deep into bruce wayne’s psyche, what drives him to dress up as a bat and fight crime, what lies beneath the masks he wears. In these trio of roles, cristian bale plays it perfectly, making the viewer empathise with bruce wayne and fear the anger that lies within. His supporting cast is also fantastic with michael caine, gary oldman, katie holmes, liam neeson and morgan freeman, bringing a mix of believability and at times, humour to their respective roles. The film is also helped by the stirring and epic score composed by hans zimmer and james newton howard which takes the movie to a whole new level. After watching this movie, i found a fascination with batman and his story which led me to watch the dark knight and now wait excitedly for the dark knight rises. But, for me, this will always be the movie that showed me that superhero movies didn’t have to be all about special effects and fight scenes, but also about people, emotions and stories.

I go back some time and can remember the character from comics and when i saw him as part of a serial at the cinema. We used to go for the main film, but also to catch up with what happened to batman. This probably wasn’t the start of leaving people waiting, while the hero is in a dangerous position, but when anybody says “cliff-hanger”, that’s what i see, the bat-mobile on the edge of a cliff and us on the edge of our seats. We didn’t see the kind of depths, explored in this genre, that this film and it’s two sequels explores. We didn’t find the need for any explanations, but were accepting of the hero’s right to win and the villain’s to provide the reason. As i’ve grown up, so has the medium and the message. For all the cheesy pieces in the mix, it still doesn’t need too much of a depth of reason and philosophy. I think this film and it’s following chapters finds the right balance.

Batman begins is every batman fans biggest dream come true. A batman movie where the characters in batman are taken seriously and not brought to the big screen as a comic book hero. While tim burtons 1989 batman movie is incredible and is indeed a classic. There is no denying that this movie really surprised everyone when it came out. If you haven’t seen this movie or this trilogy then all i can say is that it is a must see and a must own for every batman fan.

Well made well acted start to the batman films.

Great film everyone enjoyed this fast delivery.

Batman begins is an outstanding reboot of a very familiar setting, raising the bar for reboots and making batman relevant and interesting again after a set of weaker film and television depictions. The 2005 film directed by christopher nolan has since spun out a couple of sequels but begins is the start of the story and in its own right is a great blockbuster film. Taking batman back to his origins, begins offers bruce wayne’s journey into batman and a battle with a couple of really excellent villains. The tale of the lost soul that is bruce wayne and his redemption through the batman alter-ego is really well told, vastly superior to previous batman depictions. Unsurprisingly, begins is superior to previous depictions in that it sticks closely to some of the best of batman lore. As with many comic adaptations, it is the use of high quality source material that makes for such a gripping story. The origins of batman is in the death of bruce wayne’s parents. Going back to the source, those parents are killed by a no-mark called joe chill. It is the casual and utterly avoidable nature of their deaths that makes it so interesting. Unlike previous screen versions where the meaning is entirely lost by changing the killer, joe chill is a perfect character to set bruce wayne off on his long journey.

Procured by incident when still understanding to use my fireplace stick. Not at all upset nevertheless, any justification to rewatch the movie that established up one particular of the finest parts of cinema of our generation.

Batman begins is a terrific start out to the christopher nolan journey into the world of bruce wayne. I confess that i acquired the other films on blu-ray in advance of this just one out of preference but then bought this at an excellent price price on amazon. The blu-ray comes with the envisioned excess characteristics and appears breathtaking as most modern-day films do on blu-ray.

This is a evaluate of both equally the film and the blu-ray – exclusively the ‘limited edition steelbook’ i purchased. This steelbook circumstance is an beautiful item, depicting batman in wonderful depth. It is, regretably, a instead highly-priced version of the film (as i assessment, it can be priced at £29. ninety nine) so i you should not propose it. The common blu-ray is a excellent acquire. The picture and audio good quality are fantastic, and there are heaps of bonus capabilities. This movie re-boots the batman franchise. Directed by christopher nolan, and starring christian bale, this movie proficiently outlined the dwell-action batman character for a decade. This is an origin tale, exploring the genesis of batman.

Just when you consider they do not make films like this any longer, you find – by fluke, an ‘action movie’ with good coronary heart and soul. My son (eight years old) really wanted to check out it but turned upset in the vicinity of the commencing (it is incredibly going), so deserted his father and me to have on viewing. As a pair of ’40 something’s’ who are commonly much more into thrillers than ‘action adventure’ we ended up gluedits darkish, its moody, its going and bloody excitingover the upcoming three evenings we watched all three films and feel we could now be ‘action’ fans’awesome.

Its substantially superior than the woeful tim burton initiatives. Arrive on they were just so terrible. This is additional like how batman is meant to be. If you acquired the arkham asylum comic book you will see what i indicate.

My whole family so appreciated this.

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