Hamilton Luske (Director), Clyde Geronimi (Director) Rated: Universal, suitable for all Format: Blu-ray Peter Pan : Great family film.

Absolutely loved by our 3 yr old granddaughter, she took it home and we haven’t seen it since. Brought back memories for the ‘oldies’ too.

Brand new item very cheap for disney. Birthday pressie for my nephew who’s peter pan crazy.

Excellent family film – great story and lots of scope for playing pirates/fairies after you’ve watched it if you have younger children. Plenty of ideas for moral discussions with children too should you be that way inclined.

I always thought that peter pan” is one of the most memorable disney movie of all times with characters that have definitely become well known throughout the years. This film holds it’s name up very high creating the beautiful and magical universe of neverland for audiences of all ages. There is quite a lot of slapstick humour throughout this film, and it will have anyone laughing and singing along with it. Due to the era this classic was made “peter pan” may not be a perfect film, but it’s a very very good one, and one that we have enjoyed watching over and over again.

  • Not perfect but very very good!
  • Disney at its best
  • Spielberg and the pretty recent Peter Pan live action also Peter & Wendy

Peter Pan (1953) [Region Free]

Really good value for money and came when expected.

What can i say released in the year i was born and bought for my 3 year old grandson and still delightful.

My 5 year old has been introduced to the story through school and loves the fact that she can watch it properly at home. Also tinkerbell being in the story is a wonderful extra for her.

My grandchildren love the story and have viewed it several times now, a classic film.

Another disney all time great, i love all the old disney classic’s, i wish disney would bring more great animated films, it’s seems dreamworks are taking over as the new best animators, don’t get me wrong peter pan and all the disney classic’s from a golden age, are brilliant, loved by all and all ages.

My daughter drives me nuts with this film as she enjoys watching it over and over.

I have seen this movie so many times since its first release. I never tire of being amused by it. But i always thought there was a tune called ‘never smile at a crocodile’ when captain hook sees the crocodile with the alarm clock inside him???.Anyway, loved this film to bits. Wasted on the kids – i’m in my fifties and still love it.

Arruved on time, good product.

One of the best traditional disney films. Every child deserves to see this.

Our 5yr grand daughter watched a few minutes but unfortunately the film didn’t portray a gentle english story of peter pan. The cartoon characters were quite ferocious giving the story a very different feeling from the original.

This a magical, traditional animation of the story of ‘peter pan’. I love it as much as the children do. I think the characterisations are brilliant and the animation has such humour.

I had been waiting for this to be released for agessuch a wonderful film and it was the first time that my 5 year old daughter had seen it so it was a bit more exciting when she unwrapped it at christmas. You can’t beat a disney film,especially the oldies :).

A couple of the most recent disney blu-ray releases – the rescuers, a hundred and one dalmations, aristocats amongst them – have got terrible assessments for a lot less than pristine blu-ray transfers. Whilst i agree that the movie on all those releases was not shut to disney’s finest, i think the lead to was more the era people classics originate from (affordable ‘rough-pencil’ era) than disney’s blu-ray conversion. The great information is that, as an more mature movie from mr walt disney’s time at the helm, peter pan is a superbly drawn animation motion picture and the blu-ray transfer is certainly beautiful and appears to be as while it was drawn yesterday. The colour is distinct and vivid and there is no obvious blurring or distortion. The sound is equally majestic and the encompass sound is excellent, specially for the track record new music. The even improved information is that peter pan is a person of disney’s very best classics, with a fantastic story, enjoyment people, a fantastic larger-than-lifestyle villain and more than a number of laughs. This is a person of disney’s complete should have blu-ray releases.

A further good common for grown ups and children.

I bought the modern pan and it motivated me to purchase other peter pan titles incl return to neverland also by disney hook by s. Spielberg and the pretty modern peter pan reside motion also peter & wendy with paloma religion as tinkerbell they r all v. Superior but the hilarity of hook and tinkerbell and ofcourse peter pan the disney first is v. A great deal like the reserve and a person of my favourites.

Acquired this for my twins christmas right after heading to see it at the pantomime and they have carefully relished.

I bought this dvd for my daughter for xmas it was the initially product i requested and the past to arrive. Sadly not in time for xmas[ arrived on the 27th/ the dvd itself is fab which we knew as had copy of it on vhs and became one of daughters faves. I would reccomend this dvd to anyone who loves fantasy and doesnt want to grow up. Though will not be ordering from ” nagiry” again. ]

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Peter Pan (1953) [Region Free]
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