Hugh Grant (Actor), Brendan Gleeson (Actor), Peter Lord (Director) & 0 more Rated: Universal, suitable for all Format: DVD The Pirates! In an Adventure : “BUT”ssshhhhhhHHH” but “

This film had us in stiches at some points it has the sort of humour thats great for adults and kids. Putting this on fetched the whole family round to have a laugh, and the kids loved it while it brought back watching wallace and gromit for the rest of us. Its the same style, lots of silly jokes and one liners, and a mad story that has you rooting for the pirate captain from the startto be fair, its from the makers of chicken run and wallace and gromit. What more do i have to say???.

Don’t analyse it, just enjoy the silly romp that it is. Lots of tongue in cheek quips ,some aimed at the young and others that only an adult would appreciate. The only criticism is that the dreaded computer graphics have crept in to make life easier for the animators and as a result it doesn’t quite have the magic of the earlier all plasticine slightly jerky characters.

My favourite movie which i saw in cinema with my son few years ago so had to buy it so we can watch it with my kids anytime in the comfort of home. It is very funny and i definitely recommend it to anyone.

What a great fun film , forget the kids , if your looking for a film to watch try this ,its funny (not silly) with about 10 things to look at in the background while the stories going on up front. Ive seen a lot of ” clever hollywood animation films” this is the real thing. The join between claymation and cg is stunningly good , it was only on the commentary track where they point out which is which before you even notice you’ve been fooled ,its well done.

  • A treasure island of laughs.
  • Pirate of the Year ?
  • not a Grand Day Out but Grand Night In .

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists [DVD] [2012]

Great film for kids,( and adults) very funny and very well made, really enjoyed it.

Slipped under the radar of most filmgoers, this piece of genuinely fine booty will provide adventure and laughs from the first to the last. With tons of visual gags, both main and background (a few watches may be needed to see them all, but i guarantee you won’t regret it), a somewhat irreverent view of victorian britain (and science) and quality animation by aardman, this fails to disappoint. The disc has the main feature in brilliant high quality, an in-player game of dress-up, and a host of special features. Truly a favourite, which i fell in love with right away.

Very clever, very funny and the animation is superb (as you’d expect from aardman). It was a box-office flop – probably because it refuses to fit into any of the neat pigeon holes that reviewers like to use – but my young kids love it for the slapstick gags and action and i love it for the witty script and stunning stop-motion animation.

Even though i thought this was another excellent aardman effort i saw this film first at the pictures i think it takes another viewing to pick up all the components that make this so funny. The opening 20 minutes are exceptional and the combination of amusing storyline and the cast of brilliat characters voiced by a very strong collection of actors certainly makes you think this is as good as “wallace & gromit. ” however, there is so much detail that i found myself stopping the dvd to read some of the background information, whether it is the amusing categories on the “pirate of the year” application form, the names of the bars and shops in both blood island and london or the billboards that offer to get rid of unwanted urchins. Even if you pick up the irish pirate (a brillaint brendon gleeson) wearing a blue peter badge, there is plenty more that is not readily apparent – d y ying the dentist, for example. The use of the map to illustrate the travels of the pirate captain is also a stroke of genius. I would have to say that this knocks the spots off most pixar films which tend not to be quite so sophisticated with the humour nor throw in the odd joke that younger kids might not understand but which will appeal to adults. The flow of jokes is practically non-stop and the action scenes are dealt with style and panache. The shear stupidity of the film is a delight and i love the references to the way that real-life characters like charles darwin, jane austen and the elephant man all manifest the storyline. Pirates of the caribbean is obviously a point of reference too but that franchise of films were never as much fun as this effort. British humour at it’s absolute best and amusing up to the very last credit.

While the film its self is ok at best, i bought this more to see how it was made than for its contents. While the plot is ok its voice acting and production is amazing. However the codes that came with it were unfortunately out of date and as such i was unable to redeem them. If you buy them you best hope you receive a modern copy.

This animated comedy from the makers of chicken run has everything a crazy pirate, a cleaver monkey, a queen and even a dodo, sorry parrot. Aided by his motley crew, an enthusiastic pirate captain ( hugh grant ) sails the seven seas and dreams of wining the coveted title of pirate of the year, awarded by the pirate king ( brian blessed ). He’s had years of humiliation and failed attempts and the other contestants black bellamy ( jeremy piven ) and cutlass liz ( salma hayek ) both think they can pillage the most booty and win the award. The captain’s quest takes him and his comrades from the exotic shores of blood island to victorian london’s foggy streets. They also battle a clever, pirate hating queen victoria ( imelda staunton ) who has an evil hidden agenda for polly and join forces with a young scientist named charles darwin (david tennant) and his pet chimp mister bobo. If you also throw in peg leg hastings ( lenny henry ) you get a good idea of the comedy content of this film.

Purchased this film for my 6 year old son who is pirate mad and he loves it.

Where to start?pirates and queen victoria, a chimpanzee with flash cards (where does he hide them?) and david tenant as charles darwin” i’ll never get a girlfriend. “aardman at there very funniest. I don’t want to spoil the story so let me just say instead that i loved mr. I can’t understand where he hides all his flash cards. The kids will love it, adults may find it slightly slow at times but i am not complaining. I laughed so hard my socks exploded.

I have grown up watching every disney cartoon, and all of the warner brothers looney tunes and so on. When i first saw wallace and gromit, i was thrilled at the claymation. The depth it have having actual figures animated. The shadows and interaction of solid objects was great, it added to the animation effect. Then there was chicken run, a feature film with all that is claymation. The scripts appealed at several levels, making it entertaining for adult and child alike. They strayed too far with the where rabbit film. It was too computerised and had lost its depth, in more ways than one.

Amusing at times, but very weak plot. Animation well up to aardman standard, and impressive sets, but 3d effect was poor – my wife watched whole movie without glasses. John cleese would have made better pirate than hugh grant, but other voices fitted characters well. I thought the best part of the movie was the amusing backdrop behind the credits at the end. I expect the audience at the cinema would have missed this as they rushed for the exits, but it’s well worth watching. The biggest downside of this dvd was the interminable advertising and logo-popping that has to be endured before getting to the start menu. Best to put it into the blu-ray player 15 minutes before you want to watch it. Overall, at less than five pounds, i suppose it was fair value, but i doubt it will be watched again.

No aardman film will ever come out without being compared with wallace and gromit, and the trouble is their only big screen outing (wererabbit) underperformed. Problem with pirates is it feels like it should either have more to it, or be shorter. It just doesn’t give you enough to make it a classic, like chicken run or wererabbit. Loved hugh grant, the other actor’s but the film lacks that ‘something’ to just take it to the next level (and five stars) but any film that uses edward tudorpole singing ‘swords of a thousand men’ can’t be all that bad.

This is a really good animation. It scores on many levels and is suitable for all ages. It is made in real stop motion, rather than computer generated. However, what makes a good film is a good story, great characterisation and moments that cement the whole film together. The humour is fantastic and repays viewing more than once. The second viewing uncovers so much that it easily missed the first time through.

This film has so significantly amusing element in it that i just had to invest in the dvd. It can be a movie that i could happily view in excess of and over all over again. The extras are also insightful, if sparse.

This is definitely fantastic household viewing and a single that none of us have yet tired of viewing. Basic animation, great acting and real warmth signify its been on or in close proximity to the best of the dvd pile due to the fact we received it. Hugh grant is hugely amusing, our 4yo identified queen victoria a little bit frightening the first time (and it really is most likely performed havoc with his grasp of record), but he’s absolutely obsessed with it now.

Hardly ever dull, it was better than i was anticipating. What can be performed with a topic that is definitely primary when so numerous pirate flicks have been built?. These pirates arrive up with the goods with lots of amusing gags.

Fab tiny movie for the value.

Do not hesitate acquire this movie now, view as before long as it arrive (get in touch with perform convey to them you won’t be able to appear in, convey to your trainer its snowing out side what at any time it requires) slide in adore with this silliness. Get guides to embrace the full universe.

I’m a sucker for animation in all it truly is varieties. Pursuing on from wallace & gromitt this is a rip roaring adventure next a hapless pirate who yearns recognition for his pirating competencies from his peers. Nicely prepared and perfectly designed cease animation. The 3d rendition was a minimal disappointing but it in no way detracted from a thoroughly entertaining yarn. Yo ho ho, shiver me timbers, aha matey and all individuals other nautical conditions of enjoyable.

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