Iain Robertson (Actor), Joe McFadden (Actor), Gillies MacKinnon (Director, Writer) & 0 more Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Small Faces [DVD] [1996] : I really enjoyed the film

Oh man what a legend of a movie. It has lots of morals and i would defintly reccommend it to anyone and everyone also i think its one of these movies that if you watch at the age of 40 you wish you had watched it much earlier way back when you were about 12 because it taught you so many lessons which are now not relevant or unnesscary so defintly buy it off amazon for sure. But if i had to pick a time to watch it watch when you feel fine but people are questioning you like i feel great and i am having lots of fun on a daily basis but still these people approach me lol. And if you choose not to watch it there better be a good reason like yo were going to a party and not just going to watch a terrible film such as kung fu hustle.

It was interesting to see glasgow in that era as not much on tv covers it, andi was surprised by the living accommodation of the family sleeping in the kitchen.

A fantastic insite into the lives of three completely different brothers, being raised by their mother. One is young, one artistic and the other disturbed. The film shows how they become involved in the gangland scene of glasgow’s southside, the different characters they comes across and the effect this has on all of their lives. An unusually realistic look at glasgow of that era. Wonderfully acted, scripted and directed.

Gilliies mackinnon’s 1996 film is a beautifully shot, tragic tale set in 1968 gangland glasgow and, for me, is one of best british films of the 1990s, ranking alongside trainspotting (with which it has a number of superficial similarities), secrets and lies, wonderland, my name is joe and topsy turvy. However, whilst the film is (largely) centred on gang culture, it is really more of a ‘coming of age’ drama, with perhaps more similarities to ken loach’s masterpiece kes. Sadly, it is a film that has never received the critical (or commercial) acclaim it really deserves. Small faces tells the story of the three brothers maclean. The film is part-narrated by 13-year old lex (brilliantly played by newcomer iain robertson, and looking like a very youthful pete townshend) who, together with brothers alan (joseph mcfadden) – who, perhaps surprisingly for a gorbals upbringing, has artistic ambitions – and bobby (steven duffy) – the dysfunctional, dyslexic and increasingly psychotic black sheep of the family – is struggling to come to terms with the growing pains of adolescence. The brothers’ upbringing is further challenged by the fact that the responsibility has fallen solely on the shoulders of their mother lorna (superbly played by clare higgins) since the death of their father. Torn between the artistic ambitions of alan, and bobby’s involvement with local gang, the glens – fierce rivals of the tongs – lex becomes ensnared in an emotional maelstrom of divided loves and loyalties. Mackinnon sets his film in the working class, high-rise housing estates (concrete jungles) of 1960s glasgow, and has created a totally authentic atmosphere of youth angst, deprivation and gang rivalry, which has not been equalled since in british film (although peter mullan’s 2010 film neds gets very close). However, in addition to showing the grim reality of violent gang conflict, mackinnon also manages to communicate, in a quite beautiful and poignant manner, the more creative aspirations of his protagonists, in the process making small faces an original gem of a film. Indeed, despite lex’s toying with adult preoccupations, he manages to retain his youthful outlook on life – towards the end of the film there is a brilliant scene of him singing along at a children’s cinema matinee, and he concludes the film with the reassuring ‘i dreamt i was a man – luckily when i woke up i was still a boy’.

  • Gillies MacKinnon’s (Lost) Classic
  • I really enjoyed the film
  • I was pleased that the item was received a day before it

Small Faces [DVD] [1996]

I enjoyed the premise of the movie, and purchased the dvd having watched the film previously a number of years ago. Unfortunately the film was not as good as i remembered. I feel the characters were not as believeable as they could have been. However the story itself was a realistic interpretation of glasgow gangland, and this was the redeeming quality of the film.

A truely brilliant piece of work.

I was pleased that the item was received a day before it was due and although it was second hand, it still played fine. The film itself was gritty and there were some great performances, particularly from the young iain robertson as lex. The thing that really stood out to me was the attention to detail given to the sets and costumes. . But maybe that’s because i love a bit of nostalgia?.I remember having very similar blankets to the ones the boys had in their bedroom and also the clothing was spot on, so the period detail was authentic. I will watch the film again in due course.

Got some good banter on here. Neds is a bit like this film,you can see where some of the stuff in neds came from. Great film with ups and downs of gangland glasgow.

Great movie about young gangs in glasgow. Fantastic performances by the actors taking you further and further into the movie. Great detail of the hard times there was growing up in glasgow really enjoyed this one.

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Small Faces [DVD] [1996]
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