Ian Richardson (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD The House of Cards Trilogy [1990] [DVD] : Prime Ministerial Tensions!

This is a good set of the floor-breaking house of cards trilogy, the bbc collection primarily based on michael dobbs’ guides. It really is also the inspiration and blueprint for the us 2013 /2014 sequence house of cards. If you have found the new us house of cards, it is however worth finding this since the plots and people are unique adequate to make them clean. House of cards is the story of francis urquhart, a common ‘knight from the shires’, posh middle aged tory mp who has come to be the conservative chief whip, the ‘back-space boy’ dependable for loyally aiding the key minster to drive his agenda. He has stayed in the shadows, manipulating and coercing his colleagues for a lot of many years in the services of an individual else, and is practically invisible to the general public in spite of his seat at the cupboard desk. But when this apparently genteel, just about elderly male is neglected for promotion, he plots a machiavellian revenge destroying all people who stand in his way as he rises to the leading. Ian richardson is brilliant in the course of as he lets us see by means of the civilised, upper class veneer to the monster scheming beneath, as he blackmails, lies, murders and techniques with a twinkle in his eye. It is 1 of the number of shows in heritage to have somebody in their late middle age as the protagonistif i am truthful, i was fewer keen on the second and especially the third components of the trilogy – when he has achieved his aim, the preserving of his situation does not look to have the exact enjoyment. I also feel the realism drops away a bit in sections 2 and 3, he just doesn’t look to have formulated the military of acolytes that fashionable politicians have to have and it would seem a little bit stagey. But quibbles aside, this is a landmark piece of television set which any one intrigued in politics ought to have in their collection.

Manufactured around twenty several years in the past this production mirrors today’s political local weather. For ‘we’re all in it together’, read through ‘we’re all in it for ourselves, at your expense’. In reality, practically nothing has modified over the generations, and very little will alter in the foreseeable future. Immediately after all, why de-rail a fruitful gravy practice?. Sorry, i was forgetting brussels, so it can be two trains. Frankie boy did have 1 or two great ideas. Not adverse to the expenditure of the folks of a mediterranean island for his possess obtain and gratification, it is an notion that could be utilized currently. Spherical up the hoodies and unlawful immigrants and deliver them off to the entrance line somewhere. There are a great deal of front lines – just glance on a mineral map for the world’s remaining oil deposits to obtain the up coming just one.

. ‘you could possibly say that, i could not maybe comment’. The brilliant first with ian richardson as francis urquhart. In truth what you get in this boxed set is the entire trilogy: ‘house of cards’, ‘to engage in the king’ and ‘the ultimate cut’. The collection is popular for ian richardson’s braking of the ‘fourth wall’, i. He talks straight to the audience. If you want the plot – glance it up on wikipedia. If you want to take pleasure in the plot – invest in this box established.

I bought the box established as my memory is a minor foggy as to the way this played out – esp. The initially sequence (the house of cards). Whilst i do keep in mind taking pleasure in it. Ian richardson is outstanding as francis urquhart (or ‘fu’), the extremely clever and intuitive politician. We satisfy him initially as main whip for a floundering tory administration. By handling to continue to be about ten moves ahead of every person else, he ultimately reaches the top position of pm. The limited items to digital camera are hilarious at moments – though a minor darkish. The second series has francis as pm, but at loggerheads with a new king (whose mannerisms are very identifiable with our queen’s initially son)the third, all over again has fu – but nearing the finish of his tenure as pm, but none the considerably less wiley. Continue to a pressure to be dealt with, we see him placing out strategies for the day he leaves no. ten, but an incident from his days in the army throughout the turkish profession of cyprus occur back to haunt himexcellent – a def ‘buy it’ score and nicely worthy of the priceshame the bbc will not make ample drama’s of this excellent these times.

Incomparable – a should seea trilogy whose screenplay, acting and production values are flawless. Insofar as comparison with the united states collection, these figures have empathy whereas the characters in the spin off are fully missing in empathy – contrary to the ‘west wing’ sequence.

The House of Cards Trilogy [1990] [DVD] : The dvd set arrived the day after my order was placed. This is a landmark series, very different from the kevin spacey remake. Ian richardson’s machiavellian charms are outstanding as both anti-hero and narrator. I cannot understand the comments made by people who rated the set with 1 star as my discs are standard one side recordings and do not have any dutch subtitles. I am guessing they must have purchased a different dvd set. Definitely a must buy for your dvd library.

Great and wonderful to revisit right after a several several years. Quality of acting is fantastic. The double-sided discs took me alternatively by shock but that does not impact at all on the content material and high-quality. Locate a way to mark the discs or experimentation may possibly be needed to insert the accurate disc on the right facet. Good quality performances and well well worth acquiring to revisit or to look at and attract comparisons with the american version.

Ruthless politicians, who’d have thought they existed. But this british version is a lot sharper and pacier than the us collection that adopted it, and all the far better for it. Ian richardson is equipped supported by a good forged, but he is a right class act as francis urquhart. A quite intelligent and scheming politician. It’s still leading drawer stuff. And obtaining the total sequence together just indicates you will be tempted to binge on the lot.

If you haven’t witnessed this unique british variation then be sure to do, it is superb, specifically as it truly is been digitally remastered so the image is hd sharp. The late ian richardson is actually wonderful as francis urquhart, clever oh so cold and best of all, tells us his viewers what he is up to, in his inimitable words ‘you may well extremely well think that, but i couldn’t maybe comment’ – get pleasure from.

Dobbs’s original novel which started off the enduring shelf-lifestyle of this tale (now reinvented to amazing outcome stateside) was generally a relatively dry and archeresque affair. In the hands of adaptation-king andrew davies although, the substance leaps to lifestyle, expressing items we frequently dare not imagine, and dragging us into complicity and culpability as francis urquhart rises like a little something unpleasant out of the stagnant pool of politics, wielding ability with a ruthlessness that is totally addictive. If you like the us model, this may perhaps take a minor receiving used to, made as it was again in the thatcher era (and sagely predicting that thatcher’s successor would be an effete but generally inoffensive no one), but when ian richardson’s urquhart whispers to camera, he’s additional seductive than spacey’s, and by some means extra playfully evil. For the price, you are unable to miss this 1.

Kevin spacey eat your coronary heart out this original ‘house of cards’ was a typical from the instant it strike our screens. Ianrichardson is outstanding as the machiavellian frances urquhart, and the drama is sustained through the sequence. Michael dodds was on margaret thatcher’s staff members when he wrote this, and it shows. His inside of awareness of westminster reveals the certainly soiled side of politics in an completely convincing portrayal of ruthless ambition. Dodds was also included in the us edition of the collection, starring kevin spacey, but it pales by comparison with the initial.

I try to remember observing this when it was screened on british tv, pursuing the resignation of primary minister margaret thatcher. I also bear in mind eagerly anticpating the third and final period with equivalent enthusiasm. It is a shame that there is tiny to assess with this series in up to date television although i imagine some of the american political dramas of the latest years come fairly near. To get a truly feel for the conservative-dominated political milieu of the late 80’s to early 90’s, it is also really worth searching at the alan clark diaries. I can’t probably remark on the rave evaluations provided by some others suffice to say that most that has been stated about the performing, the incisive commentary and the all-much too-plausible political underpinnings are however pretty related, even right now.

All three series (4 episodes a pop) marking the profession of main whip francis urquhart to the rank of. Very well, you may well nicely guess the place but i could not quite possibly say. The waspish mother nature of occasion politics, meetings in smaller rooms, the cut-and-thrust of the house are all magnificently rendered with a prosperous cast of people primarily based (all much too cheekily) on serious parliamentarians. The end result is incredibly cynical but i question extremely erroneous. Politics as my expensive previous chum von bismarck used to say of earning rules and sausages would, if broadly acknowledged, hold the public awake at evening. The rather spectacular use of violence will appear probably as less of shock to us today than it did again then. Ian richardson’s breaking of the fourth wall is magnificently finished and michael kitchen’s portrayal of a particular royal person is impressive, at occasions cruel however eventually affectionate.

I have not too long ago borrowed the house of cards dvd set from my community library and felt compelled to depart a evaluation as properly as get a duplicate of my individual. This collection is deserving of comparison to the a lot famed and acclaimed francis ford coppola and mario puzo’s ‘the godfather trilogy’. This series is a a lot darker tale of political intrigue and scandal than its closest present-day of the indeed, minister/ yes, key minister comedy series. Centred all-around francis urquhart (sublimely acted by ian richardson), this bash main whip schemes to body, blackmail, murder and usually scandalise his way up the greasy pole to downing road, all in the to start with installment.Urquhart proceeds to endure the trilogy as a extensively persuasive but solely ruthless specific, not even letting ethical qualms about his mistresses halt him from attaining and retaining glory and electric power. Michael corleone in godfather follows a comparable arc in his rise to the management of the corleone relatives, but during the collection, especially the very first, there is evident reluctance for this path. Urquhart, by distinction, embraces the options that lie prior to him without having compunction or problem about bloodshed. Likewise, the duplicity and manipulation of both his senior and junior colleagues, and near perverted shame of his rivals would make sir humphrey from of course minister quail in terror and outragenaturally, richardson justifiably absorbs his viewers in fascination and shock in equal evaluate, but he is ably supported by a abundant forged who aid in creating his character so authentic and convincing, which include such names as michael kitchen, susannah harker, david lyons, nicholas selby, james villiers, kitty aldridge, colin jeavons, tom beasley, paul freeman, diane fletcher, isla blair, even john hen as a extremely apt cameothis drama is a outstanding instance of the kind of top quality the bbc is able of generating, so a lot so that over ten years just after its broadcast, a whole lot of the problems in it are strongly resonant in todays political local climate, predominantly in the blackmail that is employed to compel characters to behave. Is this a deserving addition to a dvd collection?.You may think that, but i couldn’t probably remark.

There is only a person house of cardsand this it it. No arguments, no discussions. This is the only model you need to enjoy. My only regret is that the bbc are to worried to fee somthing of this calibre in this day and age.

Cannot endorse this adequate. The transfer to blu ray has been performed impeccably, the photograph is gorgeous, so if you can, get the blu ray model. The sequence itself has been reviewed about and about, but it nonetheless justifies a plug. Ian richardson was clearly acquiring the time of his daily life with this section. The intials fu give you some concept of his attitude to the earth in typical, and the suave, quiet, piercing intelligence with which urqhart cuts his way via the swamp of political lifetime is a dazzling masterclass in underplaying. You like the person, despite his callous ruthlessness.

This nicely offered established of dvd’s requirements accompanying terms as to the title and subject matter of every single of the four dvds as they are wholly blank as is the underside of the title wrap . Having performed one facet a person does not know if the disc has been place back all set to enjoy the up coming facet or not which can be incredibly bewildering.

I skipped out on this collection when it was broadcast in the nineties and have only just discovered it. Ian richardson is outstanding as the scheming, ruthless, francis urquart. At times it pushes trustworthiness just a tad way too far, but in the key this is a plausible just take on the ruthlessness of a politician (and his girl macbeth wife) established to get to the top and remain there. I viewed sequence 1 as a no cost amazon prime member and was promptly hooked.

Even better than i remembered from when it was demonstrated on tv. Unfortunately there are only 12 episodes. It was really addictive viewing. The complete forged was fantastic but ian richardson was superb and a genuine pleasure to watch. A single of the greatest issues i have watched for a when.

‘the house of cards’ is a single of all those british tv productions of which we must be very pleased. The first of the trilogy is in my viewpoint the strongest but, acquiring reported that, i feel that you will uncover that you savour the performances and the plot so a great deal that you have to find out what comes about following. Prepare oneself for the glory that was ian richardson who, i am absolutely sure, felt indebted to the screenplay author (andrew davies) who adapted the authentic michael dobbs perform. Unhappy to say there are lots of resonances for us as we notice politicians and politics all these a long time later on.

I adopted this several years in the past and it is the most backbone chilling acquire at any time on politics and politicians. Ian richardson is a superb actor and he plays this purpose in the slimiest and most hateful way achievable, and he retains you coming back to see what evil matter he is likely to do up coming, even if you have to check out it from powering the settee. The story line is great far too. It is quite well published and will depart you wanting additional as you acquire a different seem at politicians and parliament nowadays. This is a traditional sequence and perfectly well worth viewing.

I have viewed each the british and us version of the television set-series. Even although i am a wonderful lover of bbc films, for the moment i like the us edition greater for the reason that it has much more plots within the plot so it is considerably additional sophisticated as a movie. Nevertheless, ian richardson as fu is totally terrific. His cynical strategies, ruthlessness and lifted-eyebrow attitude leave you breathless. Also, the other political figures are well construed and performed and unquestionably not flattering for political methods typical. So the sequence is seriously truly worth seeing.

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