James Caan (Actor), John Houseman (Actor), Norman Jewison (Director, Producer) & 0 more Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Rollerball [1975] – Special Edition [DVD] – No where near as violent as I remember on first

Real typical, tons of brutality. Never confuse this with a additional new movie with the similar title.

I ordered rollerball on the advice of a pal who promises it is ‘the most effective sci-fi movie of all time’. Having viewed it for the to start with time im scared i have to disagree. The film is very great with an great efficiency from james caan but i take into account ‘planet of the apes’,’star wars’,’logans run’ and lots of others to be significantly top-quality to ‘rollerball’. I believed the rollerball video game sequences were really remarkable and incredibly perfectly completed but the character scenes inbetween ended up sometimes interesting at very best but far more frequently dull and cumbersome. The film is a welcome addition to my sci-fi dvd assortment and i believe it will have to have a different viewing prior to i can have a definitive viewpoint on the rollerball working experience. I was anticipating to enjoy a vintage but ended up watching what i can only explain as a superior film.

This is a pretty good film, on the other hand its a small dated now, they did an up to date vision of this, but they did not do it justice it was terrible. This is a single of james caan’s greatest films. Its established in the potential where their is no violence aside from the activity rollerball, wherever the purpose is to get the metal ball in the net, however you can destroy your opposition. Its about teamwork, revenge and likely from the procedures. I savored this movie and acquired it.

Futuristic sci-fi athletics thriller which regardless of it can be age, stays applicable to existing instances, as it sneakers how globalism and the corporates will chew you up and spit you out to attain their cooperat targets.

A typical of the sf and futuristic action right after clockwork orange but ahead of a different furistic flicks mad max , escape from new york, awesome james caan and very impressive tale the arrow video clip is good and awesome solution. Many thanks for the high-quality purchase the cost is nice.

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  • Bone crushingly great!
  • Another Spectacular Arrow Release, Packed With Special Features
  • dont hesitate buy

Does play on british isles blu ray gamers. Great image high quality with james caan in leading sort as regular. Some wonderful major notch actors came from the us in the seventies and james caan was one of them. He ought to have built a film with legends like clint eastwood,burt reynolds and charles bronson for the duration of that period of time. What a disgrace it never ever occurred for the movie likely general public all around the environment.

I savored this movie when it was first released. All these several years later it is however a excellent and dynamic film but now would seem to have been properly forward of its time in forecasting the consequences of the probable result of a globe dominated by multinational corporations.

Continue to a excellent film but a whole lot slower than i could recall.

Viewed this soon after the remake – and its streets ahead. This is a story that has genuine gritty soul for me – you can see the central character wrestling with lifetime – meaning and so on. Good crystal clear tale line much too as as opposed with the instead murky action of the modern remake. The violence seems quite tame these days.

Observed this film when it initially came out. It definitely has not dated the new music rating reallygreat.

I observed this when it was orginally at the movies. The tale is really typical in company run the globe and a video game is performed to maintain citizens amused. A star in the activity commences to issue. I individually like the film but i imagine each individual human being has to make your mind up on their own.

An old movie that a friend reminded me about, introduced it loved it a welcome member to the assortment.

I initial observed this movie in 1975 when it was released, and assumed it was terrific. Because then, i have been fairly anxious of returning to it in circumstance of disappointment and spoiling the memory. Nevertheless, i made the decision i actually essential to know which century zero had ‘lost’, amid other information. I am extremely happy and relieved therefore that, for me, it has aged really perfectly and even now has profound resonance as a plausible dystopian see of in which we may possibly be headed. (interestingly, this is set in 2018 and, like blade runner – established in 2019 – fails to consist of mobile phones whilst presenting very different worlds. Rollerball is just not actually ‘science’ fiction at all – it was just set in the future. )the energy and faceless decision-earning of international organizations, the unbridgeable hole amongst the underclass and the ‘executives’, and the selfishness of the latter are all illustrated by way of aspects of the storyline – these as the after-celebration scene with the trees – devoid of the weighty-handedness that others may have fallen into. Even the rollerball games on their own are sparingly employed, with the real dynamic coming from jonathan’s acquiring awareness of the entire world past the recreation while preserving his intense loyalty to his staff and the ‘sport’ itself. I do not want to say also a lot about the plot itself but for me this continues to be unreservedly proposed.

Was nicely forward of its time, now the current begins to make you think what the foreseeable future holds.

Science prophecy predicting a world exactly where elected governments are a issue of the earlier and big organizations are in management. The violent match rollerball is employed as diversionary entertainment for the masses. However, the corporate executives turn out to be anxious when one guy, jonathan e, results in being even larger than the video game itself.

This movie however retains up in spectacular stress. Yes, the artwork way is the weakest hyperlink in the film revealing the love of chrome and funky fonts in the early to mid 1970’s that absolutely everyone agreed was a long run glimpse. The rollerball sport sequences are gripping and action stuffed with brilliant camerawork taking into consideration it was the time before the steadycam was invented. This film actually shows off the use of zoom lens perform that was very clunky/crude/overused most of the time in the late 60’s but in this movie is applied to excellent use in making a bizarre alternate universe in observed areas with the spare use of created sets. Houseman is a terrific corporate villain and ralph richardson steals the motion picture with his compact cameo scene. Cann’s performance as the relaxed and virtually robotic and sedate jonathan e. While “off” the keep track of and commanding and intense whilst “on” the monitor, gives the movie the strange movement that adds to the alternate long run put the movie lives in. I’m a wonderful lover of john mctiernan and excitedly awaited for his remake in 2002. Why on earth he agreed to direct that hollow script is outside of comprehension considering that that version had “not-a-shred” of the authentic tale that raises this movie from just a cool/violent exploitation generate-in flick to a outstanding sci-fi movie with visceral motion and a unique and chilling tale of corporate the united states that is much more applicable now than it was in the blood soaked cinema of the 1970’s.

Saw at the flicks when it arrived out and the blue ray is spot on re clear picture and seem. Extras include greatly to the blue ray, well advised.

I assumed the high-quality of this blu-ray transfer was normal and i failed to believe the movie was up to substantially both.

This is a excellent properly designed film, with a genuinely unique dystopian story line,the challenge is, that it can be a little bit sluggish, and there is far too much conversing, thatstrays from the plot, but that’s just my feeling.

I initial observed this movie in my early teenagers and loved it. The extras consist of interviews with the solid, producers and writer, unfortunately not james caan however. For the time it was rather violent, the activity sequences are quite total on and fast paced. The fundamental tale line is a modern society controlled by corporate powers and rollerball retains the citizens entertained and engaged , a great deal like roman gladiators. If your a supporter of late sixties / early seventies sci /fi its value your time. I would set in the very same league as solent inexperienced and the omega person.

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