Jeffrey Donovan (Actor), Gabrielle Anwar (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Burn Notice – Season 5 : We love Burn Notice

Love it,this is the best show on tvhighly recommend. Have all the seasons now and cant wait for the next seasons to come out.

Can’t get enough of this program and jeffrey donovan and now coby bell. Hate that i know it will all come to an end some season soon, but until then, i’m all over this action packed- spy series. Makes james bond look like a knob.

Great characters and good acting.

  • No more Burn Notice on Five Star TV – DVD the only option!
  • Best of its kind
  • Great for relaxing entertainment

Burn Notice – Season 5

Comedy drama with twists and plots all the way. Great performance by sharon gless.

Excellent, highly recommended.

Burn notice is the story of a c. Spy who gets fired and left without support, he gets a “burn notice”whilst he tries to find out what has happened he has time on his hands and so gets sucked into helping people with desperate problemsusing all of his spy craft. He is assisted by a reformed i. Terrorist fiona, (also his girlfriend) and a former navy seal sam axe. The show is genuinely funny with clever stories plus the ongoing drive to find out why he was fired.

I just love the whole series. It’s non taxing fair is just the thing to chill with. Good-humoured characters who get into implausible situations that they always wriggle out of.

If you’ve been waiting for the five star tv channel to show season 5 of the great burn notice, apparently they won’t be. Customer services tell me they don’t have the rights to season 5 – which is a bit of a ‘let down’ for fans following the series on the channel since the beginning. So unless you’re a subscriber to the fox channel it seems like the only way to see seasons 5, 6 and the last ever 7 is to buy the dvds.

Burn notice what can i say to this. Its got all the drama,action and funny. Not to mention jeffrey donovan, he is easy on the eye.

Agent parker is a great new character. Thought the story lines well up to standard. Disc itself is absolutely fine – played well, casing is fine.

I couldn’t decide at first if the programme was brilliant or complete rubbish. I have decided that it is brilliant.Wonderful relationships between the characters. Can’t wait for the next series.

Burn notice is, in general, the best show of its kind on tv. The fifth season is no exception. Going through the changing relationships between the characters, the show’s format changes slightly to accomodate. And it makes it more exciting. The interweaving of the over-arching storyline and the ‘client’ of each individual episode makes this season one of the best yet. And, of course, we get closer to the answer of why michael was burned. We even find out who did it.

Great series have been a fan from the start gives you insight of tricks of the trade of espionage. Plus has tongue in cheek humour aong the way.

Product arrived in good time.

Burn notice season 5 is as well written and acted as previous seasons, so for the series itself i am still watching a 5 star show. However as this is a review of the dvd boxset, i have to knock off 1 star as the dvd extras for this season feel pretty sparse compared with previous seasons.

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Burn Notice - Season 5
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