Jennifer Lopez (Actor), Tessa Allen (Actor), Michael Apted (Director) & 0 more Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Enough : thoroughly enjoyed

A good movie showing the strength and love of a mother to protect her child. If your a dm survivor though you might find it upsetting i am but found it empowering to see i enjoyed this movie shows true love sand length a mother will go to protect her young. Great price great condition gresat movie highly recommend.

This is such a good movie especially the unexpected ending. The way an abused wife solved her problem.

Brilliant film worth watching.

Great movie, jennifer is amazing.

  • “Does that line ever work?” [Slim, opening title scene]
  • One amazing film.
  • love this movie as a DM survivor i loved this empowering movie


Very good film, watched it a few times over the years.

The character she plays is very challenged by her husband becoming a bully and the story that unfolds of her managing how to have a life without her nasty, cheating brute of a husband is well thought out and developed. I hope she does more like this in future.

Got it for my wife as a christmas presents.

Fantastic film jlo is superb.

But i have watched loads of time and still would watch again.

Really liked this film had seen it before i had bought it from amazon.

Was pleasantly suprised it has subtitles. Other subtitles: english(hard hearing),arabic, bulgarian, croatian, czech, danish, dutch, english, greek, hebrew, hindi, hungarian, icelandic, norwegian, polish, romanian, russian, serbian, slovene, swedish and turkish. Languages: english, hungarian and russian.

Purchased from amazon via music magpie. Secondhand but really good quality. Im happy with the purchase ??.

In this 2002 social drama, slim (jennifer lopez) marries mitch hiller (billy campbell), and they have a child, gracie (tessa allen) but his controlling behaviour goes unnoticed. Skip years later and slim finds out mitch has been cheating on her but he admits it and becomes violent, slapping and punching her in the face when she threatens to leave.  so the question is, what will slim do now?this gets to the point within 15 minutes and what follows is a harrowing tale of a strong willed woman who wants out but is held in check by the menacing attitude of the husband. The strength of this is that the first third follows a plausible path but then stupidity apparently takes over [lose a *] and the ‘stupids’ pile up which does make things more interesting in ‘an enemy of the state’ manner mixed with ‘sleeping with the enemy’. There are some nice twists in this –provided you haven’t read too many reviews [regain a *] and its nice to see the much under-rated juliette lewis in a support role. The single disc immediately offers audio set-up [english, russian, hungarian], subtitles [english, english commentary 1&2, english captions, russian, czech, arabic], scene selection, special features [2 commentaries, deleted scenes, max on the set] and trailers [5 of]. Rated 15 this contains some minor cussing and plenty of threatening violence but no nudity or sex. I actually wanted to mark this down but found it doing its task –being entertaining and tense, although i personally didn’t support the dubious morally and legally flawed ending –sorry.

Also recommend sleeping with the enemy.

Brilliant storyline, shows how desperate you can really be when leaving domestic violence, very touching, jlo is a brilliant actress.

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