John Travolta (Actor), Olivia Newton-John (Actor), Randal Kleiser (Director) & 0 more Rated: Parental Guidance Format: DVD Grease [DVD] : A classic, what more can be said?

I was very happy with this movie and i never get bored with it.

Good dvd, swift shipping, will acquire from once again, really encouraged.

I viewed this again and all over again as a teen. There is so a lot of recollections, such flashbacks. (my critique would be *way* different if i was watching this for the first time)my daughter’s (9 y. O) comment may perhaps be much better than mine:’she was these a nice, welcoming, properly behaved female at the beginning of the film- why did she have to begin cigarette smoking and gown awfully to feel happier ?. Also, don’t you inform us to be happy of who we are, and that we do not have to act differently just to remember to the group ?’i did have a tricky time detailing her how could i like this sort of movie (i blamed it on the ‘nice singing’)so, beware: take pleasure in it all over again if you have to – but, like any responsible enjoyment, do it when your little ones are not seeing.

My all time favorite movie,i look at it just about every time it is on television set and i also have the video clip that i have worn out. So i considered it was time to get the dvd and what a good price and shipping and delivery was so quick i was amazed when it arrived now thank you amazon x.

A single of my favorite musicals – with terrific performances from top roles. I can continue to sing alongside to the superb songs that ended up hits in there time.

Grease [DVD] : Grease is directed by randal kleiser and stars john travolta, olivia newton-john, stockard channing & jeff conaway. It’s co-written by jim jacobs, warren casey (musical), bronte woodard &allan carr. 1958 and danny (travolta) has a holiday romance with the pretty and virginal sandy (newton-john). She ends up going to the same high school as he, but he’s under peer pressure to stay cool and uphold a tough guy image. They fall out, argue, make up, their friends are equally unstable. Oh and there’s the small matter of some truly memorable songs and dances too. As full of gusto as it is cheese, grease is the musical that’s hard to dislike. The acting is so-so, the direction one dimensional and the plot could have been written on a 50s beer mat. Yet we love it because of its faults, the kooky charm that sidles up alongside those roaring tunes. We care not that these actors are too old to play high schoolers, the fun is watching them have fun being teens again.

One of the all-time classics, grease is the biggest musical of all time, very simple as that. Some of the best songs ever, a likeable solid, a enjoyment environment, and it would make you desire you ended up there. This blu ray reveals how highly regarded this movie is with an totally amazing transfer, i promise you if you individual it on vhs or dvd now, grease is properly worthy of the update- 1 of the most impressive transfers i have witnessed – its never seemed brighter, sharper or much more colourful and the seem is fantastic. Br loaded with characteristics, deleted scenes, audio commentary, documentaries, trailer, and my favourite, the cast singing the greatest music of the movie live at 2002’s dvd launch. Grease is,and without end shall be,the word.

Properly if you haven’t found grease exactly where have you been residing?you are going to both already know that you really like it, in which case buy it, or that you don’t, in which scenario why are you hunting at this?purchase it and sing along.

Fab high definition obtain – everybody is aware this movie so no have to have to critique it. My mum required to observe it prior to likely to healthcare facility for a severe op and we only experienced the just one night to enjoy – labored brilliantly thanks to simplicity of order and outstanding web.

Not just the finest song and dance movie. The second greatest film in history, good enjoyable and excellent casting particularly didi conn as frenchy and jeff conaway as kenicky who has unfortunately handed away, and of program john and olivia. I have shed keep track of of how numerous periods i have viewed this, normally place a little something new. And who is snogging in the background at the dance contest?when the girl slips and just about broke her neck is amusing. Unfortunately a few item placements and a swastika have been extra but not ample to spoil the cartoon. 2018 will be the fortieth anniversary. All the remaining cast and crew must rejoice that.

Delighted recollections from getting my then girlfriend who i later on married to the images to observe this a person. I was not certain whether or not i was executing the ideal matter as earlier i took her to see saturday night time fever and while i loved the tunes i thought the movie was quite unexciting. On the other hand, grease – well grease is the word.

Terrific double pack with the extras on the blu_ray disc. 4k good quality is good for these types of an old movie. Audio enhancements are good, this is the greatest sound quality i have read on any of the release.

I watched this with my grandchildren. It’s the first time they’d viewed it.

Excellent film, granddaughter appreciated watching it, she was carrying out research for the faculty enjoy of grease and now hopes to obtain a component in the production, a movie that can usually be savored.

What’s not to like about this motion picture. The plot is cheesy but at the identical time it is really a cult vintage. All age groups seem to be to love this film and the new music is very addictive and memorable. I could look at this over and about and under no circumstances get drained of it. It can be a terrific family film that is suitable for younger teens upwards.

Timeless traditional, which my spouse and i both equally take pleasure in.

Bought somewhat thrilled by the singalong booklet within – great contact. It was definately ‘the a single that i want’ed ?.

Excellent motion picture – complete of 50’s university-time nostalgia. Olivia newton john is so ideal in the element of sandy.

Just had to have to include to my collection of classics, and delight in getting equipped to enjoy when i want.

Sing together extras are the only explanation you need to have this disc. Belief me, after you give it ago you will under no circumstances go again haha. As well as, who doesn’t know gease?. The bluray itself has been cleansed pretty very well, and the print could have been filmed yesterday. The audio is fantastic, truly brings grease alive. Not like sat all-around a mono television set in the 80s jamming to grease lightning.

Extremely wonderful movie,has nice songs,i will recomend this movie.

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