Johnny Galecki (Actor), Jim Parsons (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD The Big Bang Theory Season 1-3 [DVD] : Your inner nerd to be revealed

It is a fantastic high-quality product and the written content is up to everyone to judge.

From the incredibly to start with episode to the final of just about every season, this demonstrate has experienced me in matches of laughter. From the infuriating sheldon to the sexually obsessed howard to the selectively mute raj, from the put-upon leonard tot he often-bewildered penny, there are usually a hundred factors in just about every episode to make you giggle. Produced by the very same guy that made two and a 50 % gentlemen, chuck lorre, this exhibit must be viewed by absolutely everyone.

‘the big bang theory’ superior from this little sitcom about two nerds to a primetime series with (as fasr as i know) twelve million viewers per regular. And i believe right after seeing the first two episodes, probably the initial three, you can know why. It’s tough to describe this sort of comedy in just one term. ‘sitcom’ suits the style, but it will not describe what is actually actually heading on there. Highly smart jokes, wordplays, outstanding actors in roles you may invest in suitable off. The performing is great (specially jim parsons. Oh my, observed some interviews and considered ‘he variety of is sheldon. ‘)quickly-traveling jokes, verbal and non-verbal truly are a massive component of this collection. The distinct figures, which you simply cannot even describe in handful of sentences. Deep people, everyone with their personal tale which is revealed step by step.

In my humble feeling the big bang theory is the finest thing i have noticed on television for lots of several years, it is fantasticit follows the lives of 4 science nards and a new neighbour penny (played by kaley cuoco, from 8 simple principles)who moves in across the hall from two of the guy’s, sheldon & leonard. The full thing generally revolves about sheldon (performed by jim parsons) who is a one hundred% nut occupation, but is good. He understands all there is to know about acknowledged science & engineering, but if you had been to ask him if he had at any time noticed ‘u2’he would likey say no they fly too large. It can take a while to get to know the people, but then it is just pure magic all the way. Within just the two weeks that i have experienced the box set of series 1-3 i have not stopped looking at it, when i’ve witnessed the lastepisode on series 3 i go back again to the start off of collection one particular & view it all again. I’m totally addicted to it. Can’t hold out for the collection four dvd launch in september 2011. It the best comedy i have seen in more than a ten years.

I like this series and as quickly as the dvds have been readily available i could not wait to get them. There are a handful of great added characteristics and it was a satisfaction to look at them, as well as i beloved watching all the episodes all more than againthe big bang theory is the very best nerdy series of all periods (sure, i am a true fan) and i love the clever jokes and scientific trivia in it. I would propose them to any individual who enjoys science fiction and who thinks nerds can however be nerds and cool.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1-3 [DVD] : I remember when this first came on channel 4. When the first episode aired on tv i watched it for about 15 minutes, decided that i didnt like it and switched it off. Nearly 4 years later and after reading loads of reviews on amazon and the fact that the show was still going strong i thought i’d make a leap of faith and buy the full season 1-3 boxset. I’m so glad that i did as i absolutely love itbeing a bit of a geek myself the jokes are so funny and things that have happened in the show remind me of my own life in places (spending hours in comic book shops)my fave character is howard out of all them. Sheldon can be an annoying character in places but his lack of social interaction skills are funny to watch. I would recommend this programme to anyone. In a way i’m glad waited to get into it as i can just watch one after another on the dvds without having to wait a week.

This clearly show proceeds to make me chortle no issue how lots of periods i have viewed the episodes. It is so properly composed and the people are so genuine to their ‘character’ thanks to good producing, it is a genuine genius output. Even nevertheless i don’t personally concur with the morality, one particular can just appreciate it for what it is, a comedy.

Unquestionably outstanding, from the to start with season to the third it just gets far better and funnier. Nevertheless still not to be impressed by sheldon. We begun watching this all over again from the extremely 1st episode of season one. Watching it for the 2nd time is even funnier than the 1st. I obtain this as you know each character but that by significantly does not make them predictable in the slightest. Truly enthusiastic to enjoy season 4. Its been on sky but for us we like to sit and check out a few episodes at a time. Severely if you want a little something to enjoy that is clean then this is a will have to by. While i would wait around as seasons one-4 are out at the stop of september 2011.

Observed this collection on catch up tv in excess of the christmas vacations and ran via all 3 series as a comedy fever gripped me. Looking at the boxed set on present re-ignited that feverish pleasure and i instantly keyed in my order. Basically the finest comedy collection i’ve watched for a extensive time. There are inadequate superlatives to totally explain the exceptional writing and performing contained in each individual episode. Pure addictive viewing that goes far,considerably beyond what has gone ahead of.

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