Kevin Costner (Actor, Producer), Bruce Greenwood (Actor), Roger Donaldson (Director) & 0 more Rated: Suitable for 12 years and over Format: DVD Thirteen Days [DVD] [2001] – Educational AND entertaining

I just discovered this intriguing i was 11 yrs outdated at the time fantastic movie.

‘communicate with the soviets?. We won’t be able to talk with the pentagon – and it really is just across the river’october 1962, for thirteen days the american federal government fought to avert a nuclear war when it was uncovered that the soviet union experienced deployed nuclear missiles in cuba. A lot of superlatives can be chucked at thirteen days, and all are feasible. In simple conditions it is an clever and gripping political thriller, beautifully scripted and carried out by a forged firing on all cylinders. It can be a deal with to obtain a movie of this form that educates while it pitches you into a world of political intrigue, to provoke authentic lifestyle views even as the suspense can take a maintain. Yes it is talky, of study course it is, but these discussions are authentic and riveting. And whilst there is certainly not a duff effectiveness in the acting pack, bruce greenwood deserves distinctive praise. He is the leader, the fulcrum, you will find not a fake take note by him, jfk starting to be the part he was born to engage in. Superlatives ended up invented for films like thirteen days.

Exciting examine on ‘modern history’ that seriously occurred. It also explains the character and charisma of john f kennedy and the tricky selections he experienced to make employing brinkmanship to its ultimate conclusion.

  • The art of political film making in all its glory.
  • Kevin Costner gives convincing performance in Political Drama.
  • One of my favourite films. If you lived through that period you

Fantastic movie, some precise factual background in the film and demonstrates what could have happened if a load of right wing hotheads experienced bought their way. Solutions a complete new dilemma and doable response to who assinated jfk. . The us institution purchased the killing of jf kennedy it justs desires to respond to who did it?. A great film to watch if you appreciate background and enjoyment.

Excellent quite pleased with my acquire quite superior dvd.

A single of the most underrated movies at any time, should have experienced the status of a effectively recognized block buster, no plan why it has not experienced the adulation it deserves. Gripping account of the activities of 62, great performing as you would count on from this line up. Brilliantly directed a correct marvel.

A seriously nicely-produced movie, with impressive acting through. This film genuinely provides throughout how near the environment arrived to all-out nuclear war, with a behind the scenes glimpse at the poliitics, the politicians, and the military services of the interval. Beautifully acted, with exceptionally very good sets and integration of interval footage.

Wonderful movie demonstrating the complexities of the situation and the battle jfk experienced to keep off the hawks.

Excellent film and would recommend it. One of my faves and absolutely up there with the likes of apollo 13 / crimson tide and possibly even shawshank redemption. Well acted and details for the period of time it really is established in are superb. For all those who never know about the cuban missile disaster, this is a will have to see. The whole 2hrs and 20 minutes went quite speedy certainly and it surely would make you realise how fortunate we all ended up.

This is a quite tense drama and extremely properly finished. I in no way realised how close the earth was to wwiii.

If you lived as a result of that period you will have been knowledgeable of the sensation in the air all through the cuba missile disaster. Whilst undoubtedly this movie abridges some gatherings and invents some people it does give a feeling of what it should it have been like to be in the interior circles throughout that period of time. It offers a sense of why, in spite of their shortcomings in other instructions, the kennedys are assumed so hugely of by many men and women to this day.

Hard to fathom now how shut we arrived to nuclear suicide[crops in chernobyl region nevertheless harvest as radioactive as a additional current reminder. Excellent build up of tension with the psychology over the ‘two letters’ memorable. Also interesting un footage showing how near we were to barry mcguire’s ‘eve of destruction’. ]

Alright it is not historically suitable, but it is a movie and they seldom are. So get pleasure from it for what it is enjoyment and it was that, wonderful leisure. It also grabbed some of the real anxiety of the cuban disaster, which we should really never ever forget about.

I am a teacher and i purchased this film since i preferred anything for my yr 10 pupils to enjoy in morning registration that was academic. I’m delighted to say it did the career – the history teacher essentially praised my alternative – and it kept the class tranquil because it was so gripping. You are unable to say far better than that.

Gripping account of the cuban missile crisis. Fantastically acted and directed.

As some people today have reported, costner’s accent in the 1st few minutes is farcical, but soon mellows out. I do not know why they did not re-shoot these scenes, as none of the other actors appeared to trouble with a phony accent. The only disappointment was that the actor enjoying jfk did not glimpse at all like him and sounded very little like him. The movie alone is an remarkable film in it truly is very own right. The actuality that it is a correct tale tends to make the drama additional acute. Now that i am fifty one, and was only 21 months previous when jfk was murdered, the intensity of the circumstance is relatively distant. But most folks my age grew up in an environment that the bomb was at any time-present and only four minutes absent. It must be hard for younger generations to grasp the very genuine and ever-current threat the mad coverage designed, seeing as they have found the collapse of the berlin wall and the democratisation of the soviet bloc. This film reveals in spectacular drama how kennedy was capable to at the same time confront the soviets, stop a nuclear war and lay the foundations for the relative protection we really feel we reside in right now.

Kevin costner sales opportunities a talented forged in a thrilling retelling of the occasions of the cuban missile disaster which delivers to lifestyle the tension of the time, such as the authentic worry that nuclear war may possibly crack out, and the backlinks to the wider global placement, eg the status of berlin, which is so tricky to grasp so many many years later.

It would be good to be in a position to examine the conversations in this film with these that went on in the bush white dwelling in 2002/2003, prior to the invasion of iraq. 1 uncertainties that the so termed ‘sources of intelligence’ for iraq have been examined with such depth, nor the protaganists topic to the identical degrees of self doubt, scepticism and simple fret that are demonstrated in this film – a devoted portrayal of the treatment which was utilised immediately after the disastrous bay of pigs fiasco. Occassionally, kevin costner is not as fluent as we could expect, but his historic character is a little overplayed in any case, as far as we know. Jack and bobby kennedy are best clones of their actual selves, and the military figures just about stay away from stereotype lunatics of the dr. Strangelove persuasion – but they ended up genuine in their time. A fantastic movie that brings to lifestyle a seminal celebration of the twentieth century – all really should view and consider be aware, and make comparisons with later presidents.

Great support substance for gcse historical past, delivers it to lifestyle.

I saw this sequence some several years in the past on television set and purchased it due to the fact i preferred it a good deal. Kevin costner functions extremely effectively right here as do quite a few of the other people. Historical past carries on to be created about the ‘cuban crises’ and as with all big events we shall likely never ever have the final model. This naturally is a dramatization, not a historic account, but i truly feel it honestly troes to appear as close as is/was doable. At any event, this is historic drama as is greatest.

Fascinating, the story of the cuban missile crises,.

A film which deals with the cuban missile crisis. It was a pretty attention-grabbing and assumed prevoking political drama.

I saw this movie on television a couple of years in the past. I was stunned to see the dates – my wedding day – and have to confess i experienced hardly ever regarded that was all likely on. I thought it was very effectively acted and retained me on the edge of my seat, and my spouse awake, all over the movie. I experienced been seeking to buy it so my son could see it.

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