Lea Michele (Actor), Matthew Morrison (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 12 years and over Format: DVD Glee – Season 3 [DVD] : MUST BUY FOR GLEEKS!

Another fantastic season and arguably the best season i have watched so far. Another year of drama, love & for some. The last year at william mckinley high school. All i can say is that i look forward to watching season 4 & onward. Packaging for this season is slimline and in one single plastic case. Where seasons 1 & 2 had two plastic cases(2 volumes) house inside a cardboard box, this season is just one case for all episodes which i am glad about.

I loved it when i bought it, but now i’m not a fan of glee anymore so its useless and a waste of money.

A great dvd , wonderful way to view the series when it pleases us. The juke box item is a great way to let little kids enjoy the music without having to explain to them about teenage pregnancy , death , homosexuality , prejudice and all the other issues dealt with on the show. They will face all these soon enough.

It is great for anyone who loves glee and would make a excellent gift for them.

  • Love Glee? Love this!
  • High definition and high energy
  • Another Fantastic Season, If not the best!

Glee – Season 3 [DVD]

I bought this for someone for xmas, they love it, so for anyone who loves glee, this would be great.

A few missteps but still a strong season.

I loved season 1 and 2, i also love season 3. I thought the season was quite different to the first two – which is not bad, just needs some time getting used to. Its not that supercrazy anymore though. At least thats what i thought, when i saw the first two season. “wow, thats crazy, strange, colorful and spectacular. But funny, and hilarious, mixed with great music”just expect a little less crazyness, a little bit more “normal”, in a glee-sense ;).

As an avid lover of glee despite being 60+ years i was devasted when i could no longer receive glee through my freeview box. I waited and waited in anticipation and impatience until the dvd was available and when it was finally released and i received my copy i had a mammoth session of afternnon viewing, watching the whole series in the space of a week. I loved it and was sad when it came to an end. I felt all the emotions with the kids when they went their separate ways but glad that some of the old favourites will be in series 4. To be hyper critical, there were some weak episodes but on the whole it was brilliant.

Item was listed as new it was sealed and all top condition much cheaper then the original listed item by amazon. I’m so happy with this as a glee fan you can’t go wrong with this season.

Friend loves the film, it came in good time but the box eas slightly damaged.

I haven’t watched yet but as a massive glee fan i’m sure it is just as good as all the rest. Postage was quick and it came in one piece so no faults.

This was bought by my teenage daughter who is a glee fan, great dvd she would recommend this product to buy.

There’s no point offering a critique of the phenomenon that is glee – suffice to say that this series 3 blu ray offers the chance of uniinterrupted and detailed viewing of the 22 programmes, which takes us from the beginning of the school year to graduation and the central character rachel berry heading out of town to seek her fortune on broadway – a little odd to be travelling the 1000 miles by what appears to be a heritage railway, but what the hey. The hd is fantastic, too – i’ve never seen such beautiful freckles as those of brittany (heather morris) – all revealed in exquisite detail. Glee is a show that for its many virtues and quite a few sins, often appears quite chaotic in its plot and character development, and gleeks, the shows devoted followers, go to extrordinary lengths speculating and tracking down inconsistencies due to sequences ending up on the cutting room floor. The series bluray/disc could have given us more than a handful of these in the “extras”, but santana’s smouldering “santa baby” and sue’s hilariously traumatic backstory at high school are the best of what little they include. Definite recommend, particularly to those uk viewers who lost access to this series as it disappeared behind the sky paywall.

Bought it for my granddaughter for her birthday i think she enjoyed it she didn’t say.

I love glee and so do my kids so we love anything to do with it. You either love it or hate it.

My daughter loves glee and we’ve not seen her for 4 days so far she is in glee heaven xxx.

Glad season a few was introduced out daughter loves glee and watches it all the time , these a fantastic sequence.

It’s a pleasure to observe all the episodes ‘at once’, i liked this season. Blue ray signifies subtitles in everey desired languages for me, at minimum. The french subtitles are canadian types, sometimes it really is bizarre for us (french, belgian). The extra’s are not that wonderful. The worst moment : come to a decision to conclude ithe viewing, because often a fantastic night time sleep is essential.

In my feeling seasons one to 3 had been the finest for glee, the subsequent seasons had been a bit deficiency lustre.

A lot more of the glee sequence purchased for my associate who is a enormous lover.

The past very good season of glee – should really have finished in this article.

Slight damage on just one of the dvds triggered a very small bit of skipping, but in any other case in impeccable condition and a incredibly fulfilling viewing expertise. A lot more than i envisioned from a employed item.

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