Lee Marvin (Actor), Clint Eastwood (Actor), Joshua Logan (Director) & 0 more Rated: Parental Guidance Format: DVD Paint Your Wagon [1969] [1970] – to my musical collection they don’t make films as good as this these

It was just as good as i remembered it.

Purchased this as a present for my partner following he explained he’d adore to see it once more. It is made for the european sector and not digitally remastered so it is vintage but i’m happy with that. Being of the senior generation it’s precisely as i remembered it again in the working day prior to electronic and high definition television.

The final time i noticed this was in the cinema, when it arrived out in 1969. I experienced the lp (lengthy-enjoying report for the not so oldies) which my considerably more youthful brother remembers me playing nonstop. This is a really humorous film and, if you liked it prior to, is well worthy of viewing again. The only fly in the ointment is ray walston’s appalling endeavor at a scottish accent which, sadly, we hear really often. Forget clint eastwood, lee marvin is the greatest issue about this movie and his ‘rainwater gurgling down a rusty pipe’ rendition of wandrin’ star the best music.

Despite the fact that the dvd appeared to be a international copy it was in english ie the unique recording with language subtitles if needed. So all in all a excellent alternative which gave my loved ones a extremely nice evening seeing a motion picture i savored several decades ago at the cinema. From order to receipt of dvd took no time at all.

I saw the movie in london’s west close in (i consider 1970) and liked it. It would have been a typical, polished hollywood musical, besides for that superb and fully unexpected rendering of wandering star by lee marvin (which went on to turn into a strike in the singles charts). This reworked the film into a must see (i know this a subjective check out but i urge others to examination my viewpoint).

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  • Sing along and be entertained
  • Marvin And Eastwood Strike Gold
  • in London’s West End in (I think 1970) and loved it. It would have been a typical

It wont participate in in the front area & it wont enjoy in the again room it wont engage in on my wife’s notebook & it wont engage in on my portable d v d player but it will participate in on my pc upstairs ‘ its a area detail i’m guessing , i really don’t know what to glimpse for in when i buy any far more ?. I am now looking for ( the rocky horror present ).

A classic addition to my musical assortment they will not make films as great as this these times.

Certainly love this filmit’s completely swell to see clint eastwood broaden his performing boundaries from gritty action star to a romance star. At 1st, this can arrive off as laughable to see eastwood as a ‘sweetheart’, but eastwood (the excellent actor that he is) manages to pull it off. There is so substantially chemistry surrounding the primary forged which tends to make the figures far more real looking, which in switch will allow the audience to get a extra real looking feel to the characters. Which is really appreciative to the audience. I’m not a admirer on musicals, alas you can find a selected attraction encompassing eastwood and marvin’s singing in this film.

I purchased this for a birthday existing for a friend. He will be really joyful when he will get it.

Fantastic enjoyment, we’ll watch and sing along with it all over again and once more, in spite of clint eastwood’s dodgy singing, if it was him.

I really do not like musicals that substantially but paint your wagon is the exception incredibly funny and at times intence and serious really like it.

What a movie it is humorous performed to earth as gold prospector and drifter. None cease amusement from get started the end. The tune and songs with in the film is worthy of each and every penny. Excellent great film in every regard.

Migt be oldie, but what a classic & involves ‘wandrin star’ by lee marvin – that states its all – fantastic. Blessed to get this couldnt discover it anywhre else so plsed.

Poor clint the trees by no means did discuss again to him, they would probably inform him to not keep marrying and divorcing about and about.

Excellent audio, enjoyment laughter and lee marvin and clint eastwood singing.

Lee marvin is wonderful as the gizzled, do-anything-for dollars, mountain gentleman and clint eastwood, very well set the two of them with each other and you have obtained to have pleasurable. Genuinely fantastic music in there much too, despite the fact that talking to the trees is going a bit significantly.

Great high quality dvd – this sort of a charming film. Clint eastwood singing and lee marvin in his factor.

Quirky ridiculous musical that was a good deal of pleasurable essentially. The singing is um, gritty together with the town but like the people today in no identify metropolis this outdated gem strikes gold.

Am quite delighted with this film, quick supply,no faults, it can be just as contemporary as when i 1st observed it some 40 decades back.

I recall seeing this on tv as a child. I couldn’t resist acquiring this. Amusing to see clint eastwood doing a thing unique from soiled harry or the person with no title westerns. Even if his singing was a little bit off )excellent classic movie and a will have to see for any musical film lover.

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