Leigh Lawson (Actor), Terence Taplin (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Travelling Man – The Complete Series [1984] : Enjoyable series

Arrived promptly and very enjoyable.

We have thoroughly enjoyed watching this again and, in general it’s stood the test of time well. So long since we first saw it that we have forgotten the twists and turns of the plot. In addition, it’s great to see familiar places around manchester. How different the canal area around deansgate is now- you forget how run down it all was then. Great purchase for anyone who enjoyed it in the 80s.

An excellent series from the mid 80s with slightly below par video quality, probably due to age of recordings.

An old favourite off the television to be watched again. Haunting music by a flute (or similar).

  • Join Alan Lomax up river
  • Bad picture, Bad sound
  • Excellent nostalgic series

Travelling Man – The Complete Series [1984]

Bought as i surprise present for the future.

Yes, here’s a beautiful nostalgic feel directly. Just like sitting in front of the tv in ’84 again. But that’s a bit of a problem. The technical quality of the tv-pictures we were presented back then is just impossible to be comfortable with these days. Blurry, shady and with a diffuse frame. At least as annoying is the out of sync relation between picture and sound. Still, the story and the characters are something to like. Funny how far the world has moved since then. We have lost a lot (of innocence) over the years. The attitudes are from another planet. Lomax’ countless clichés ex. This is the tragi-comical guy in the middle of the story, the anti hero, or what ever he’s suppose to be.

The tv-series i hva been looking for so long and it is funny to see the travelling man after that many years. He is still going strong after 28 years. This program got med interested in english narrowboating i gave me the idea to rent one and ttravel the canals.

I remember watching this the first time round and wasn’t disappointed seeing it again. Ok it was a little dated but non the less enjoyable.

The protagonist is a bit of a mix of the american characters maverick and mannix. He wanders into various unsavory situations and sorts them out.

I didn’t see this series at the time of its showing but it is great entertainment with leigh lawson at the top of his game.

Stunning idea for a series, only one episode was slow, great theme tune too, would make a brilliant idea for a new adaptiongot the video, slightly cracked case, but plays brilliantly.

Rare series which i remember on the tv abit dated in bits as you would expect but lawson’s performance is what its all about.

On time great value ,really pleased.

Fantastic tv series from the 1980s – looks like old history now but wonderfully evocative. They knew how to make good telly back then, realistic stories with 3-dimensional characters. Not like the rubbish you get nowadays – getting rid of our tv last year was no loss at all.

Hubby loved it, thought it was brilliant.

This is so worth buying it is such a wonderful story and i know the person behinde the making of it he is called brian armstrong he is my close family friend of my family and it is his favourite story and he loves every one to go fo this dvd that you will love enjoy and if you want to know more about brian he has done a book of came set and match too.

Dvd was great high quality which arrived quite promptly.

Forgot what a riveting series this was. Pity leigh lawson even now not acting.

Definitely appreciated the series the second time all over.

Splendid memories of an outstanding television set series come flooding back again.

I have to confess to knowing nothing at all at all about this 1984 granada tv set series right up until discovering the facebook admirer pagei ordered the dvd from amazon and was immediatly hookedthe storyline follows alan lomax,a drugs squad officer framed and supplied a two yr prison sentenceupon his release he finds his wif3 has emigrated to canada ,his son has disappeared and all he has left is his slender boat and a thirst to seek out out the reality and track down his missing sona whole lot of the locale do the job was done in the north of england which only added to the fascination of the serieseach episode qualified prospects lomax even more to the conclusion of his journey,and they are all exceptional. There is a contact of ‘folk horror’ in a person episode set in a fanatically religious welsh village,and a assault on precinct 13/ straw canine influenced episode dependent close to the inn that lomax finds operate in. Leigh lawson is correctly solid in the position of lomax,and the episodes feature future stars this sort of as kate hardie and lindsay duncanall in all,a box established to set on your shelves upcoming to survivors,the alterations,the prisoner and the owl assistance- television as it should bec.

At last experienced the chance to see it from commence to end,superb.

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Travelling Man - The Complete Series [1984]
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