Mark Harmon (Actor), Michael Weatherly (Actor), Tony Wharmby (Director), Arvin Brown (Director) & 1 more Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD NCIS – Naval Criminal Investigative Service – Season 7 [DVD] : Last of the really good seasons

Love ncis, and at amazon, the prize just is the bestand it even gets delievered so fast, even though i live in denmark. Got it like 3-5 days after ordering, not really sure, but nevertheless, it is the same as if ordered by danish distributors, who are more expensive.

I’m a huge fan of this tv show and already had the first 6 series. So, it was only natural for me to buy series 7 and 8. This show goes from strength to strength. The cast are brilliant and the repartee is excellent.

It is not difficult to see why this program has such high ratings in the usa. The cast fit like a comfy glove and the blend of personalities helps carry great storylines. Humour, pathos, action and quality of information all gel beautifully.

The top cop show in america, and long may it continue. Great cast – i love pauley – and a perfect mix of crime and humour. This review applies to season 8 as well, but can’t see it listed here.

  • NCIS season 7 almost perfect
  • Quality Entertainment
  • excellent series, always!

NCIS – Naval Criminal Investigative Service – Season 7 [DVD]

This series is more around relationships within team gibbs and to my mind the best so far. It made me laugh a lot and when i got to the end i wanted to watch it all over again. Naturally it ends at a bit of a cliff hanger that makes you want to get your hands on season 8 as soon as possible, but what’s new?.

Ncis season 7 seven (6pc)for me, this product was a must buy and a must see. Following on from season6, i just had to view the next espisodes. This product was first class. I thoroughly enjoyed it from minute one to the very end of disc6. It delivered exactly what was required and i would encourage any other ncis fans to buy and view asap.

Last of the really good seasons – the opening episode is my favourite of the entire series. Became a bit lacklustre after this (though i write without having seen season 12).

Not having seen any series of ncis at all we enjoyed one given to us as a present. Since then we have become hooked and bought all the series up to and including number 7. We are waiting for series 8 to come down in price. For non technical members of a generation living abroad such dvds are very welcome.

Ncis series 7 just continues in the same great vein as the rest of the series. Ncis – naval criminal investigative service – season 7 [dvd]i have particularly liked seeing how the character of mcgee has really come into his own within the team and actually sometimes manages to get the better of dinozzothe same as jimmy palmer assistant to ducky the chief medical officer who is increasing in confidence both in how he relates to ducky and the rest of the ncis team and in his personal life. The interaction between the characters with the humour and the support for each other during any down times is what makes ncis in my view king of the crime drama shows and leaves you really looking forward to the release of the next season.

I love ncis although i do not agree with their politics. It is very well done and the charcaters are amazing.

. Mark harmon, fantastic as gibbs, michael weatherly outstanding as tony di nozzo, sean murray, pauley perrette,david mccallum, brian dietzen, cote de pablo – faultless. This is a definite must have for all ncis fans.

This show continues to build on the relationships between the members of team gibbs and the extended family of ncis and their relations. The stories are great on a stand-alone basis as well as being part of the continuing theme running through the series that builds to a cliff-hanger climax in the last episode. With superb acting and chemistry from main and supporting cast and clever, witty and involving scripts ncis continues to entertain and goes from strength to strength. This show is real quality entertainment.

This is one program my family can all sit and enjoy together. All the characters, led by gibbs of course, are so well written and acted.

The ncis series are great and another one for the collection.

For me this is a must watch series. I have the previous 6 seasons and will be getting them all eventually. Not seen them?then start with season 1 and be ready to be entertained. The characters are well crafted and so are the story lines. Gibbs[mark harman] is the leader but the whole team are all involved so the whole cast stars. Would give the more than 5 stars if i could.

Very entertaining with good story lines.

Fantastic season, like this show.

Fantastic, fantastic, excellent, fabulous – my wife’s phrases as you can see she is a fanatic on the subject and adores the programme, she has the whole set practically and i purchase the upcoming season for her regularly. In her terms the present is well created, well acted and only a single of the ideal programmes in a extensive time. The cast are all superb and ought to have the acclaim.

I am guessing if you happen to be seeking at s7 then you have previously noticed s1-6 and preferred them. Well s7 unquestionably will not likely disappoint you either – standard blend of ncis antics, entertaining online games, quips, quirks. The articles is good, performing fantastic, plots exciting and thrilling. But the design of the dvd plastic packaging is awful. Cumbersome and poorly built so the inner hinges snap even ahead of you receive the set. Another large ‘miss’ is that there is no ‘play all’ selection so you have to trudge via the disc menu just about every episode. These two development/packaging gripes are why it only will get 4 starsrock on s8.

There has not been a poor series nonetheless, and this just one is no exception. Just after so several episodes there is a little bit of a repetitive system in areas, but that is inescapable and it is nonetheless a wonderful present with good actors.

Fantastic actors, superb characters, amazing storylines. You wonder how they can consider of so a lot of distinctive ones. Personal storylines of characters make this outstanding much too. You get to know everyone and really feel like you know them.

I have been watching all the collection on fx on sky. Nevertheless as they are having a advert split following 10 minutes, it spoils the demonstrate. So now i have acquired the boxset i can get down to check out the complete sequence with no adverts. Thinking about every single episode is only 40 mins extended, and its very last a hour on forex thats how many adverts we have to place up with. Good series 7, the humour is brilliant and the spark with the solid is a terrific.

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