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What they can do with cgi today is simply brilliant but is no match for actors. The star wars universe set in cgi brings a whole new adventure to the 2nd installment of the same title. Surprisingly very well done and adults can enjoy along with their kids if they remember a new hope the first time around.

I put off buying this for several years due to it being animated. I must admit i was wrong to do that as it is very good. The story was good but i guess the fluffy ahsoka could have been turned down a little bit and was way to cute. Thoughchildren would be happy to see the lighter side of the story and on that basis i recommend the movie for all fans.

Great film however i would only recommend buying if your getting the tv series as well as the tv series was great and the movie just leads into it. The movie gets good halfway through but like i said it was a lead up the tv series is great.

But you can definitely tell that this was the pilot and aimed more towards kids. The voices are alright and the story is fine. It’s just, you get the urge to cringe at some lines, especially from the droids, which you won’t have felt since hearing jarjar binks. If you’re looking to get into the animated series and find out what happens between the second and third episodes (in the prequel trilogy) then obviously this is the best place to start.

  • Buy as a primer for the far better TV series that followed
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Star Wars – The Clone Wars [DVD] [2008]

I’m not a big clone wars fan, and only watch the episodes if there’s nothing much on television. I bought this dvd a few years back – and have to say that i haven’t watched it again and again like i’ve done with the other star wars films. I don’t really like how it’s tailored for a much younger audience, but it has some enjoyable moments and introduces a few interesting new characters.

This is perfect for little ones that don’t want lego star wars, but still a little young for the big movie star wars. My son is only 4 but is already really taken with star wars and after a trip to lego land he was very keen on star wars but didn’t want the lego one. He is thrilled with this so i would recommend.

This feature-length clone wars film may not be quite as pixel-perfect visually as the later seasons of the series, but it’s still very impressive for a newcomer to the show (the fight sequences will leave anyone in awe) and makes for a great introduction of the new (i. The blu-ray version boasts some wonderful extras, too, including commentaries and some interesting deleted scenes.

Item arrived promptly and was exactly as described.

My grandson did not know much from the old starwars but the new starwars clone wars he watches them on tv and plays them on his psp that i bought him manythanks from a very happy customer.

A must for any star wars fan young or old. I got this for my 6yr old boy but if you’re a fan of star wars this is the only account of what happened in the clone wars thats talked about in the actual movies. It’s set between the first 2 movies so ties in with them. It really is fantastic and you soon forget that its a cartoon.

I needed to get this for my autistic son who had wanted this for a long time when he got it he was so happy.

What a fabulous animated film – a must have for star-wars buffs like me – i have the book also and when you understand the animation – you will love this all the more. Have watched it dozens of times just to enjoy the riot of colour and fabulous backgrounds.

When i heard another star wars movie was coming out i was quite relieved as many people were dissapointed with star wars episode 3: revenge of the sith though i wasn’t, but when i saw it in aninmation as a trailer i thought lucas had gone mad. But i saw the flaw of it, star wars episode 2 and 3 missed out a point that the expanded universe needed from those films that never was until now which was what happened between the clone war events?. Though there have been comics and the first volume of the clone wars in 2003 i was quite intrested to see how this would go. When i bought it off amazon and watched it, i saw mistakes and good points so this is what i thought:the storyline was simple to follow which was good, jabba the hutt’s son was kinapped by what semmed to be the sepratists so jabba the hutt erges help from the jedi’s to go save his son which would be hard to think he had a son really, so lucas has thought this through, brining in the clones many battles are fought against the battle droids and new chacrters are randomly introduced, like asouka and ventress but brings more to the expnded universe. Dooku being the criminal since episode 2 tries to cheat throughout the movie, though i won’t spoil anything for those who have not seen it him and ventress have a totally new side to them, in return to bringing back jabba’s son the clone’s get to roam through jabba’s palace which is where dooku’s scheming mind comes into it. The good points of this is that the characters are well recognised, new characters are seen, the clone’s have a different side to them as they battle in fighting modes and shout “clankers”. All the time and go rambo on them, the battle droids make the film funny and during a great dooku and anakin scene, anakin’s past and dark side is seen. The bas side of things is that it’s aimed for children because i saw that lucas wanted to portray the characters again in a different way, people who haven’t seen star wars before he wants them to get into it so he portrays anakin as a good person but in a bad way. The action is all good but what makes it bad is the actors voices, obi-wan sounds over posh and not wise, anakin sounds not anakin, he sounds more like ob-wan and palpatine’s voice sounds terrible, mace windu even in the tv series is terrible, he has little viewing on the movie as does yoda except in episode 1 of the tv series. The only good voices are asouka as it gives a new background to a new character and ventress, despite her mood swings and stress every time she loses she has a good villain character.

After being unable to see this at the cinema, it was great to actually see it after so much hype and advertising. Very stylised and true to the feel of star wars, it even surprised us by one character not dying as we thought. Now we just need to watch it on a big screen, with popcorn.

Its a good bit of fun this film but not brilliant. Don’t judge the tv series too much from this but watch it first as the series will then make more sense. The tv series is excellent with good graphics, humor, characters and humoour.

I bought this a little while ago and i can honestly say its pretty awesome goes a long way to explain some of the background between dooku and anakin/obi-wan that the movies didnt. The only downside was that not all of the original actors did the voiceovers and as a result this lets the series down a bit. But all told its worth the money.

For regardless of what rationale – be it pig-headed stubborness or stupidity – i have only just found this movie. I enjoy the unique trilogy and identified the prequel trilogy to be satisfactory (phantom menace), really very good (attack of the clones) and superb (revenge of the sith). But, figuring out that the clone wars was established concerning aotc and rots left me emotion a tiny chilly and uninterested. Now, if it has been set immediately after return of the jedi that would be a different make any difference. Nonetheless, when the boxset of seasons 1 & two seems in a sale i imagined i would give it a try. To coincide i ordered this film also. Fortunately it arrived initial and i was equipped to look at it. Just after the initial several minutes of adjustment to the animation design and style i located myself fully engrossed and immersed into the star wars universe as soon as yet again. Although the tale is not intricately concerned it is however really efficient and partaking. I was almost certainly only 30 minutes in when i realised i was hooked.

I recall when i initially read about this movie, i disregarded it as an additional 1 of lucas’ lacklusting lunacies of late. I didn’t catch it in the cinema and had no intention of viewing it on dvd until eventually i read that it was element of a larger sized picture entirely. When i learnt this movie was the foundation for a new saturday morning teen television display dependent all through the clone wars, i made a decision to give this movie a possibility. As i watched the movie with this knowledge, it truly felt consistent, some thing i wouldn’t have observed prior to realizing additional ‘episodes’ had been to follow. I envisioned it to be a really childish outing for anakin because of to the animation mainly – still a good deal of the time i uncovered myself on the edge of my seat as separatist droids were carved up by perfectly recognised heroes anakin skywalker and obi-wan kenobi, and blue and pink lasers showered dystopian battlefields and historical temples. A similarity no doubt of the motion observed in the prequel trilogies. It was this aspect by yourself that appeared to maintain up the prequel trilogies as its toughness, due to the point there was quite minor character progress as there was in the initial trilogy à la the three musketeers (han solo, luke and leia). But this movie (and collection to abide by obviously) has filled this empty sarlac-pit of a void in my expectations with a good deal of interest, as we’re dealt with to a new friendship amongst anakin and his new padawan learner, ahsoka tano – a adorable and pretentious padawan who displays great likely not only as a character but to revitalise the sequence alone. Despite the positive inclusion of primary ideas – lucas has not rather perfected the components nevertheless, and i observed myself cringing painfully from time to time. Irrespective of my praise of the movie likely in opposition to my overall belief that it wasn’t heading to be as violent owing to my expecting of it to be childish – some of that childishness managed to seep via into aspects of the movie that were not wanted.

The top quality and definition of the blu-ray shone by means of. I had it on a big plasma and i was definitely astounded. The animation is seemless, the movie is a terrific delight. I was enthralled by the figures the surroundings and the tale line. It fills a extremely big gap that i believed the 3 most recent movies need to have protected in a lot more detail and there is area for loads of spin off story traces. With any luck , the clone wars animated episodes will be as significantly as a delight as this is. Even my tiny boy wished to look at it all over again the minute the conclusion credits rolled. Thouroughly wonderful leisure.

Its an ok movie but provides practically almost nothing to the sequence.

Bought this in relation to following the higher arc of the clone wars – the staff have been almost certainly learning as they went – but it is a deeply pleasing pilot for the collection that follows. Get to period four & 5 & you will see what all the fuss is about. A wealthy addition to the environment.

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