Matthew Broderick (Actor), Jeremy Irons (Actor), Rob Minkoff (Director), Roger Allers (Director) & 1 more Rated: Universal, suitable for all Format: DVD The Lion King [1994], Simba finally returns

Nothing at all wrong with the dvd my nephew enjoys it but experienced to be chased up and resent and then chased up again right before it was delivered so it missed him birthday, not a great assistance.

Fantastic movie for grownups and children genuinely relished it.

It’s the lion king, a timeless disney classic that all disney admirers must look at. The tale of simba the lion staying born, viewing his father die and then managing off because of to evil uncle scar. Timon and pumba who with their quirky tunes assistance him to regulate to lifestyle, and that’s just the starting. I enjoy this movie, i obtained this for my nieces assortment and she liked this film way too. The crazy baboon will make you genuinely laugh out loud alongside with so many other times, it is real typical disney at its finest.

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“A Walt Disney Classic., the room and then flys off into the tv great film generally other 3d effects are good but not , Simba finally returns”

The children didn’t see it however.

One particular of the greatest of the disney animated films. As a contemporary tale (although loosely primarily based on hamlet) this sits fairly well with the older classics these as pinnochio, jungle ebook et al as opposed to the wham, bam, techy musicals that appear to be to pervade nowadays (whilst i continue to enjoy them immensely). Superior music, very well written and acted, just a pleasure to view from starting to close.

This film is extremely unfortunate, i know how it is dependent on shakespeare and whatnot, nonetheless for a child to know that is nearly not possible. I love the story and the actors who voiced the people. I guess it isn’t going to subject how previous you are, the lion king will always entertain you.

It was a excellent film bought it for young children to observe but i like anything like that to.

Arrived instantly and as described.

Like this movie, the voices, the music and the tale line. Not so keen on the ‘new’ song that is integrated as portion of the ‘special edition’, but the other tiny extras are great and what you would expect to obtain on a ‘2 disc particular edition’. No require to say additional, other reviewers have siad it all, and improved than i could.

Ooooh in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps toniiiight. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps to. . I cannot hear you buddy back me upawweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeif you have not seen the lion king, why not?. It truly is a spouse and children favorite, children love it, older people appreciate it, a timeless vintage. A will have to have if you have youngsters or are a baby at heart.

My absolute favourite disney film i just adore it so i bought it for my 1 year outdated daughter so hopefully she will like it. Its a good tale and catchy tracks.

Fantastic movie transfer to blu ray, colors are vivid, new and engaging. The story is really heart touching (even for the more mature young ones like me)i hadn’t watched this film considering that it came out on vhsloved the ‘sing along story mode’ that this blu-ray includedin limited, terrific movie, good tranfer for the hd period, and wonderful worth for funds.

Great movie, it really is nice to revisit some of the marginally more mature movies, even now excellent, more affordable to get hold of and the younger young ones have not noticed them prior to so a great handle to keep them amused for the duration of the university hols.

This dvd arrived in time and was packaged securely. This film is about a lion cub identified as simba who learns the classes of friendship and what’s correct. His evil uncle scar needs to get over as king so he will get rid of mufasa the king and his son simba and requires around as king. Although simba’s out in the wild he fulfills timone and pumba, two lonely animals who instruct him to reside in the wild, a person day they appear throughout another lion that knew simba, she explained to him about what scar had performed, so he decides to go again and consider his rightful put as king (with his new friends of class) and has a youthful cub of his possess, which will keep on in the sequel ‘simba’s pride’.

I have never ever noticed the lion king ahead of and bought this immediately after listening to some of the songs from this, and discovered out what i had been lacking high good quality graphics and totally enjoyable.

My prior encounter with 3d has been disappointing. Potentially i only noticed 2nd conversions in 3d sample discs, but the evident layering of photographic scenes often seemed fake. I past observed the lion king twenty many years back. It was often my favorite disney movie and i assumed it could not be enhanced – fantastic animation, a good story, a witty script and outstanding voicing by rowan atkinson and jeremy irons. The addition of 3d is quite sensational. If you’d believed the 3d would both be barely apparent, or irritatingly intrusive, you would have been incorrect.

Excellent rate for this as extensive as you are not bothered by cover not getting in english. Saved in excess of £12 acquiring this instead of english 1. There is no variance in film and it plays in multi languagesexcellent bargin.

The lion king was the initially film i saw at the cinema -i was only 6 several years previous at the time so all i can say that i recall about it that initial time for positive is the stampede. Far more several years than i care to try to remember we bought a dvd player and started off changing people movies we even now wanted to look at on dvd. But for some motive we could not get the lion king -and as a consequence the only motive we have a vhs player is to enjoy the aged lion king copy that is all scratched and sticks since we’ve watched it way too several periods. When it came out once more at the cinema me and my 23 year aged friends all went to see it opening night time-and had been way a lot more psyched than we had any explanation to be. The lion king is a movie for all ages, even if you don’t really like it because you are it really is focus on age or for the reason that you’ve got liked it for 17 decades i promise you will get pleasure from this film. It has astounding tunes, wonderful people-good actors, occur on rowan atkinson, whoopi goldberg, jeremy irons, matthew broderick and james earl jones?. All jointly in a movie with music by elton john?.For the reason that we in essence have thatbasically, if you do not love this film.

Film is grand, however the products (sold by enjoyment. Immediate) was marketed as new, yet came in an incredibly shoddy ailment. I would not take note this on the critique if it weren’t for the truth that even even though i gave the shop a terrible critique, they are continue to sitting down fairly at a a hundred% positive rating.

Many thanks for sending the lion king dvd to me, my son did a mother or father assembly on the twenty eighth june all about africa and he sang hakuna matata with all his class mates he will adore the lion king many thanks yet again.

What can you say about the lion king other than it is however a excellent film following all these yrs. A basic story of very good verses evil, telling kids that what you see as entertaining could have implications and all explained to with great landscapes and wonderful new music. When my nephew was little this was his favourite film so i need to of viewed it hundreds of occasions and i nevertheless love it. With this while i obtained dvd and blu-ray so when i fianlly get a pay back increase if i at any time get one particular all over again i’m likely to address myself to a blu-ray player and i have presently acquired discs to enjoy, i normally consider to get these packs now. If you search in the retailers it prices a £1. 00 significantly less but all you get is the dvd, this i believe is the greatest way to buy these times is the double pack so when you get that blu-ray player you will not have to go out and invest in all your movies once more like you did changing from video clip to dvd.

We purchased this on amazon movie. We procured the sd version as an alternative of the hd edition which was an more £4. It was astonishing to see how lousy high-quality the sd edition basically is. I guess as it was manufactured in or all around 1994 it is over twenty years previous now so this is just not a criticism but extra of an observation. This is a favourite disney motion picture of ours as perfectly as our youngsters so it is really excellent for households film time. It has a number of memorable songs which are good.

A pleasant animated aspect from walt disney pics about a naive younger lion cub destined for greatness. Born the son of a beloved and authoritative king he is groomed to be the future ruler of the kingdom, but together the way he encounters tragic detours at the fingers of his villainous uncle and scheming hyena henchmen. Decades later on, as an grownup, he decides to embrace his destiny and get his right area in the circle of existence. Warm, intelligent, snicker-out loud humorous film is a triumph in each part unforgettable songs, snappy dialogue, impressive animation, and a stellar solid of voices make this a address for all ages. A rousing experience that you can get pleasure from all over again and again, and arguably just one of the finest animated movies at any time made. The lion king was, and even now is, a wonderful movie and i adore it. I hope that every person gets to encounter it for themselves, it’s a timeless basic, a need to see movie. I’ve watched it quite a few times and it is always superior no make any difference how several moments you have viewed it. The music are great and so are all the figures and the story is extraordinary, fantastic for all ages.I hugely advise it to any person who hasn’t now watched it.

I will not hassle telling you about the film. If you have been residing underneath a rock you are going to of found it on your rock television set. Brilliant voice performing and soundtrack.

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