Michael Caine (Actor), Nigel Green (Actor), Sidney J. Furie (Director) & 0 more Rated: Parental Guidance Format: DVD The Ipcress File [DVD] : This arrived on time and i’m thoroughly pleased with it

This movie just oozes 60s atmosphere and marks michael caine’s first leading role and he does an ace job. This was the mid 60s and james bond ruled the spy genre but len deighton’s rather more dark and realistic story provided an excellent counterpoint to the magic aston martins and comic book villains. Ipcress is about the real, sleazy world of espionage much of which is mundane and tedious. Palmer, caine’s character is a jack the lad soldier who finds the ‘spook’ culture a bit of a shock. It is low in violent scenes but when they do occur they are the more shocking for that. The print from which the dvd is taken is a bit faded and there are a few rather irritating artifacts such as grain and pops on the soundtrack but it is pretty good at capturing the 60s and the atmosphere of the time. It was to have been filmed in black and white but a last minute change saw it in glorious technicolor. I recently saw a so-called ‘restored’ version on bluray and it is not any better so perhaps either the restoration is minimal or my recollection if altered by time. On reflection, i think it’s the former.

Excellent british film of the cold war era that has stood up to time very well.

Saw this when it first came out back in the 60s. Warning: the edge of your seat will be worn out by the time the film ends. Some witty dialogue slotted into a largely menacing theme: scientist is abducted, brainwashed and delivered to the security services, double agent complicates the issue and red herrings abound. Michael caine as the bespectacled anti-hero harry palmer teams up with nigel green again (remember ‘zulu’?), with gordon jackson of ‘upstairs, downstairs’ and ‘great escape’ fame joins the cast with sue lloyd providing the feminine element. And not forgetting guy doleman as the droll boss who wants palmer to watch his disgruntled section head (nigel green).

Fast delivery and accurate description.

  • Worth the upgrade to Blu-Ray
  • Superbly transferred classic
  • THE IPCRESS FILE [1965/2014] [Blu-ray]

The Ipcress File [DVD]

One of my favourite michael cane movies, certainly worth a watch if you’ve never seen it. This blu-ray transfer is very good it is certainly brighter than the original dvd and there is definitely an improvement in the focus compared to the original dvd, of course you have to take into account the age of this film it was not shot in high definition so there are a few grainy scenes although overall i believe that this adds to the atmosphere and the enjoyment.

Michael caine was never as good as this in my opinion until harry brown. In this movie, he’s ostensibly looking into the brain drain where the uk’s top scientists are defecting, but really he’s trying to catch a spy and it’s probably one of his two bosses played by nigel green and guy doleman. The movie’s a little dated in places but rescued by the superb acting. Nigel green meets caine at a band stand and as he gets up to leave, says are you leaving, they’re playing beethoven next. Caine replies, let me know who wins.

Not blu-ray but my dvd player has up-scaling and quite frankly i can’t see a blu-ray would improve the viewing pleasure that much. The print copy is excellent looking as if it had been restored or from an a mint condition pint. Sound is as good as one would expect from the era in which it was made. If you are a caine fan then this is a must for your collection.

This is not a review of the ipcress file as a film, see all the other glowing reports for that, but as a blu-ray release. Unfortunately, this network blu-ray release seems to have been sourced from the same master that was used for the old itv studio blu-ray produced in 2008. Like the old itv presentation, the soundtrack goes totally out of sync at 1 hour and 33 mins in. A real shame, it spoils the ending badly. I’ve played it back on different systems with no improvement. It’s certainly not a dubbing problem from the original film. Has anyone else noticed the same fault?. It is on both the original mono soundtrack and the 5. It’s still worth owning, there are loads of extras and the film itself has never looked better.

The ipcress file [1965/2014] [blu-ray] an absolutely riveting thriller. An admirable thrillerfeaturing a quintessential performance from double-oscar winner sir michael caine and an iconic score from the legendary john barry, this stylised and compelling cold war spy movie won multiple awards on its theatrical release including three bafta® awards. ‘the ipcress file’ is featured here in a high definition transfer made from original film elements in its exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. Harry palmer, a stubbornly insolent sergeant working for the ministry of defence, is less than thrilled to be transferred under threat of blackmail to an elite counter-intelligence unit. Palmer and the rest of his unit follow the trail of a missing scientist, but when he finds a piece of tape marked ipcress in an abandoned warehouse he suddenly becomes a marked man. Film fact part one: awards and nominations: bafta® awards: won: best british film. Won: best british art direction in colour for ken adam. 1966 edgar award: mystery writers of america: won: best foreign film screenplay for bill canaway and james doran. 1965 cannes film festival: nominated: palme d’or award. Film fact part two: techniscope or 2-perf is a 35mm motion picture camera film format introduced by technicolor italia in 1960.

This arrived on time and i’m thoroughly pleased with it, as we watched the funeral in berlin film with michael caine in recently and this is another of his harry palmer films. Thankyou, intact and still in its original cellophane.

The iconic british michael cain.

Intelligent and full of twists.

The picture quality now looks as great as the content of the film itself. A classic, iconic film, that makes a superb alternative to another famous spy.

Great film great service provided by seller.

Fantastic 60s film: a classic. First class service from supplier.

Early caine film that got him good recognition.

Once again caine in the movie,motion picture excellent.

Sensible compared to james bond and other a single dimensional spies flicks of the period. Michael caine is on prime form as the ‘hard working’ still reluctant underpaid authorities agent. The supporting forged is fantastic in particular nigel greene. Pretty believable espionage thriller where the rigidity does not enable up for a minute. Pleasant touches of dry humour from harry palmer(michael caine). Perfectly developed dvd with a good deal of extras. The sequels funeral in berlin(which is excellent) and billion dollar brain (not so excellent) are also properly value looking at.

The first outing for harry palmer performed by michael caine that reunites him with his zulu co-star nigel inexperienced portrayinga differenet navy form. The audio by the fantastic john barry is instantly recognisable and inderscores the tale. The really like interst is cordelia as embodied by sue lloyd who give as great as shes receives, stylishly. The director’s identify may possibly not be spring to brain but he has done a wonderful job with fascinating camra angles. Overlook that this ia black and white it flawlessly satisfies the tale and boosts the grime of london not entirely recovered from the results of ‘the war’. Irrespective of whether nostalgia or coming to it clean this is a person of the finest movies of british cinemas from the 1960’s.

Wonderful film, but disappointed to see that the electronic duplicate i obtained is full frame/cropped. I considered we experienced moved beyond that nonsense. Would not have obtained if this had been designed apparent in advance.

A vacation down the memory ‘lane’ of a bygone entertainment era.

Obtaining lately bought a new forty inch tv to swap my dying 32 inch model i was disappointed in the picture top quality of my network dvd duplicate of the ipcress file most of my dvds glimpse great on the new established, but the 2006 dvd actually would not keep up so properly at the more substantial measurement. Getting obtained and viewed the new blu-ray edition (community, 2014 launch date) yesterday i’m extremely delighted – the photo is terrific, very properly in-depth with some grain existing but not ample to distract. Involved in the box there is a little booklet chatting about the film – often nice to see some thing bodily integrated in the packaging (something that seems to be ever more unusual these days), so that is a in addition. The other detail well worth mentioning is that the box alone is a skinny blu-ray box, the backbone currently being about fifty percent the thickness of that of a regular box. All the extras from the 2006 dvd model look to be existing, even though at regular definition. If you are observing on a 40” television set established or higher than i assume the advancement in picture quality justifies the update from dvd to blu-ray.

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