Philip Glenister (Actor), Keeley Hawes (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Ashes to Ashes: Complete BBC Series 1 [2008] [DVD] : Cop Series set back in the 80s, fantastic music, great story, superb acting, funny, sad and quite brilliant. follow Life on Mars

Excellent service and item as described.

Loved “life on mars”, and then ashes series one has taken the gene genie to a whole new level. Gene hunt is arguably the best new character to appear on the bbc since the start of the new millenium – brash, funny, larger than life, an unlikely sex-symbol in an era of political correctness gone mad, he bestrides his world like a mouthy northern collossus. Phil glenister grabs the role with both hands and runs with it brilliantly, so much so that you just can’t imagine anybody else even coming close. . If you havn’t seen it, buy and enjoy, and if you have, just buy and enjoy the genius of the gene genie all over again.

I enjoyed the series, story line a bit weak but the but the actors are great people to sit back and watch, anytime.

Have just finished watching life on mars again so just had to continue with ashes to ashes. Love the series and its great watching again when you know the ending.

  • Cop Series set back in the 80s, fantastic music, great story, superb acting, funny, sad and quite brilliant. follow Life on Mars
  • Now we’ve seen the end.
  • A great follow up

Ashes to Ashes: Complete BBC Series 1 [2008] [DVD]

Reviewer russell clarke’s excellent review (above), written in may 2008, asks intriguingly what the chances are of gene hunt, chris skelton and ray carling all being tranferred at the same time to the same place, and ponders how the writers will get alex drake back to 2008 from the 1980’s. Well, having seen the very final, superb, episode of ashes to ashes (series 3), i think we all know now. What we can only now appreciate is the extraordinary vision of the writers of the whole ‘life on mars/ashes to ashes’ production, and how cleverly the five series (in all) have been planned. Sure, there is the odd plot hole, but we can now see that it’s not just philip glenister, john simm and the rest of the fine acting team who carried us along, but the behind the scenes writing team firing up their very own quattro in words and actions. We now have the opportunity to purchase the a2a first two series at an incredible price (i assume you’ve already got life on mars), leaving hopefully enough dosh for the grand final series that is the piece of the jigsaw that makes the whole thing make sense. Oh god, i’m getting pretentious now. But for all those of us who’ve been with this from the beginning, it’s great to be able to follow the journey once more. Sam tyler, gene hunt, it’s good to meet you again.

Perfect and exactly as described.

Absolutely loved this when it was first aired so couldn’t wait to get my mitts on the dvd box sets of the show. Found navigating around the screens a bit annoying with the so called 80s effects but aside from that a fabulous box set which i’ve watched several times since purchasing. Nothing much exciting in the extras but enough to keep die hard fans like myself happy.

I originally thought that life on mars was absolutely brilliant and had hoped that sam would be in some of this but alas. Well worth watching as it takes a diferent slant on the life on mars and forms the start of you knowing what its all about.

Somewhere between the finely tuned dialogue, brilliant costume design, the perfectly placed soundtrack and that little red quattro, ashes to ashes makes 1981 london look glamorous. I was there, and it wasn’t, but this still feels utterly authentic. When i say sentimentality, i refer, of course, to life on mars, its predecessor and progenitor. I liked life on mars, i liked the ambiguous ending. I thought ashes to ashes might ruin that delicate suspension of disbelief, much like the us version of lom. Coupled with my inherent mistrust of spin-offs, i was set to hate ashes to ashes, but my love for duran duran and philip glenister won out. It does not disturb the ambiguity and timey-wimeyness of lom, it betters it. Wittier, darker, more intriguing and entertaining, ashes to ashes learned from the mistakes of lom and never puts a foot wrong.

Great piece of 80s nostalgia.

As a big fan of life on mars i was a bit apprehensive about watching this series. The reviews on amazon persuaded me to give it a go and so glad i did. So thanks to all the other reviewers. I watched the first two episodes at 04. 30 hrs on a sunday morning whilst suffering from the mother of all hangovers. Despite this i laughed out loud frequently and got totally immersed in the story line. If this show does not win awards there’s no justice. The gene genie is back on top form and his two laurel and hardy type sidekicks chris and raymondo are also brilliant. But for me as a bloke it’s keeley hawes who steals the show, gorgeous and a brilliant actress mmm. I miss annie and phylis from lom but otherwise i think they have done the impossible and surpassed the earlier series whilst retaining the timeslip theme.

When the beeb announced they were making a follow up to life on mars i was a bit sceptical. Lom was written with perfection and you could warm to each character and ashes to ashes is the same-with a little more humour injected. The last episode of the third series is a fantastic finale.

After life on mars you ask can it get any better. Well the bbc have done the impossible and come up with a series which is just as rivetting as lom. The gene genie and alex work together as well as the gene/sam partnership. All the lom elements are still there, but adapted to the 80’s this time. The quattro replaces the cortina, but the sexism, the non politically correct attitude and gene’s overwhelming belief that he can even rescue poncy southerners are all there. As he says “scum is scum wherever you are”do not miss the opportunity to own this collection. You will be rewarded over and over.

It’s always difficult to follow up a series so original as life on mars without it loosing something. And in ashes to ashes perhaps it’s the element of conflict between such different times as the 1970’s and 2000’s that was missing. Glenister is just as good as gene hunt, but perhaps the (slightly) reconstructed man he has become is not quite as entertaining.

I only bought this to see episode 2 of series one for the scene with blitz nightclub and steve strange, but i carried on watching and am really enjoying the whole thing. It is satifying my need to be back in the eighties. Great box set if you loved the eighties too.

If you favored everyday living on mars, you can adore the observe up.

Not as great as lifestyle on mars but still an pleasant series to view as it progresses it ties up all the loose ends remaining by lifestyle on mars. Gene humt is nonetheless a terrific character and the audio observe remarkable, well worth a enjoy.

Look at life on mars very first, as its a fab series that is the prequel to ashes to ashes.

A pity the discs had been pixilated.

Arrived nicely in just the time frame mentioned, in perfect ailment. Brilliant series that totally encapsulates the 80’s musc, fashions and attitudes. Can’t wait to see the 2nd series – fire up the quatro.

Even with reservations that the series was only specified lifetime since of the results of lifestyle of mars, ashes to ashes stands on its very own two toes as a amazing law enforcement drama. The story blends mild science fiction anticipated of hollywood blockbusters with the typical police dramas that britain appears to be so nicely at churning out. The dialogue is reasonable and by no means overhammed, but nevertheless manages to pull in the laughs at the right prospects. The character interplay is wonderful and as opposed to the series that came bofore they build some serious advancement. Clearly anyone a lover of lifestyle of mars ought to spend in this series and everyone who occur across this series afresh i recommend you approach with an open up intellect.

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