Rated: Exempt Format: DVD Greatest Video Hits [DVD] [2003] : A trip down memory lane

Dvd – blondie: greatest video hits (ex) – 16 tracks / 2002formed in the mid-1970’s new york scene that also spawned the ramones, television, and talking heads, blondie went straight from playing cbgb’s to the top of the charts. Always innovative, they incorporated diverse influences like reggae and disco into their new wave tunes. Included here are huge hits like “denis,” “hanging on the telephone,” “atomic,” “heart of glass,” and many more. I’m always touched by your presence6. Mariadetailsformat: compilation, palregion: region 0 – all regionsnumber of discs: 1classification: exemptstudio: chrysalisdvd release date: 18 nov 2002run time: 60 minutes.

This is a nice dvd to watch but i do wish it had been in 5:1. Still if that’s all i’ve got to whinge about life can’t be that bad .

This was an excellent dvd which brought back memories.

Good old days in my late teens listening to sexy debb’s ,now you can watch sexy debb’s too . Great dvd , brings back happy memories .

  • A trip down memory lane
  • good old days in my late teens listening to sexy
  • blondie dvd greatest hits

Greatest Video Hits [DVD] [2003]

They certainly don’t make them like debbie anymore (imho of course) this is an excellent dvd of all of the classic hits and more. I got mine used via amazon marketplace for very little money and so made this even better value. If you are a fan of blondie or of that era then i can recommend this disc.

This is a very good dvd containing a lot of blondie’s greatest hits in video format. The first video is “in the flesh” which is a very early blondie video and it shows with it actually looking like they were thinking about what they were doing. Next is “x offender” and is packed with energy with chris stein actually moving around quite a bit which may come as a surprise as you would not see him doing that now. “denis” is next and the camera is permanently glued to her face. Then comes “detroit 442” with harry wearing a revealing outfit and doing a very aggressive performance to boot. “(i’m always touched by your) presence dear” is not the best of videos with only the lights being of any interest. “picture this” ia another forgetable video with most of the time you see harry in a spotlight. Next comes “hanging on the telephone” which is a good one. It is set in a room with black and white stripes really cool. There is a lot of humour in this video with both harry and destri acting the fool.

Arrived on time and safe and sound.

How nice to see the videos and singa along to the music.

Firstly, an update as of jan 2013: forget this pile of rubbish and get this with the proper videos blondie greatest hits: sight & sound [cd + dvd]back in 1981, blondie released the album “the best of blondie”. There was a video version of this album also called “the best of blondie”. This video was one of the first video albums released. 21 years later it has been transferred to dvd, given 3 extra tracks and renamed “blondie’s greatest video hits”. The extra tracks include the hardest part (from eat to the beat album) and maria (from no exit). The running order of the main feature is as follows and includes a brief of the video: 1. X-offender both filmed in studios with minimal effects. Denis basically the camera follows debbie and the band is ignored. Detroit 442 is an excellent clip full of punk energy. Filmed in a similar manner to the old grey whistle test performances. We now have the first of the links between videos which i feel are a complete waste of time and interfere with the songs.

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Greatest Video Hits [DVD] [2003]
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