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Throw away the moon bouncer, insert the dvd and enjoy. If you don’t feel good afer watching this check your pulse cos you’re probably dead. Sound 5 stars, image 5 stars, video editing 5 stars, performance 5 stars, song selection 5 stars, value for money 5 stars. Looks like the party has only just begun.

Whilst i agree in part with the above, andy bown joined as the new keys man for the 1980 as a full time member but had been playing with the band since the 70’s. He is classed as one of the original members now, but we all know that rossi and parfitt joined forces in 1965 at butlins minehead, a star band was born and the rest is history. The joining of matt letley in 2000 replacing jeff rich was the seed of a whole new sound. John (rhino) edwards and the drums just hit a sweet spot and gave the quo a whole new power boost in the bass department. I saw the first gig with letley in at plymouth pavillion and was knocked off of my seat with this seemingly new band. I have been a fan since the start in 1965 and still get the old head going when i whack a dvd on. Rock til you drop and rock forever, this masterpiece is one that every quo fan should have.

Fantastic been a fan for decade’s.

I was a huge quo fan in the seventies. I lost track in the eighties and nineties. I still liked the guys and saw them live in 2003 in holland on a rockfestival. They surprised me: still a good rock band. This wonderful dvd gives a terrific example of a good and heavy quo show. And this francis rossi: isn’t he a great guitarplayer and singer?.

  • “Rock Til You Drop”
  • Great Concert From a Great Band

Just Doin’ It (Dvd) [2006]

High quality, well directed concert dvd with extras. Nothing can match actually being at a quo concert but this comes pretty close .

I added a status quo in concert dvd to my music collection , not knowing what to expect really and they had me mesmerised for the whole show they are very good on stage and must be up there amongst the uk’s best ever bands and i will be watching it again and again and again and again.

A great showthe band opens up with “caroline” and ends with the classic chuck berry song “bye bye johnny”, just like they always did. This show is from 2006 and the guys are in their late 50s, all except their new drummer matt lently who looks pretty young and is quite a good drummer, just check out his drum solo. They put on a great show and front man francis rossi is a pretty damn good guitar player with some interesting techniques. I say the same for rythm guitarist/vocalist rick parfitt who plays so fast and so hard.Although francis and rick ar the only original members, the new guys are quite good to and help put on a good show. The show is full of non stop rock n’ roll all the way through and the arena is hugebecause nobody has posted a track listing, here it is:caroilinesomething ’bout you baby i likedon’t waste my timeforty-five hundred timesrainhold you backall stand up (never say never)the orientalcreepin’ up on youmystery songrailroadmost of the timewild side of liferollin’ homeagain and againslow trainbelivista manthe party ain’t over yergerdundularoll over lay downdown downwhatever you wantrockin’ all over the worldwhat your proposin’down the dustpipelittle ladyred skydear johnbig fat mammaburning bridgesjuniors wailingrock and roll musicbye bye johnnythe dvd inclues a behind the scenes featurette and interviews with the band. Also has the official music video for “the party ain’t over yet” and a fan photo gallery. Although they aren’t as raw as they used to be, they still put on a great show, and this dvd proves that even old rockers still got it.

Have been a fan of status quo since the beginning so seem to find my self buying their dvd’s from time to time. If you love quo you will love this dvd.

This dvd are in good condition arrived.

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Just Doin' It (Dvd) [2006]
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