Rated: Suitable for 18 years and over Format: DVD Jim Davidson: Uncovered And Uncensored : jim brilliant as always regards

Jim brilliant as always regards duke.

All shows with jim are very good.

A classic and great comedy :).

Not watched yet but im sure it will be up to jims standards.

  • An Antidote to the Not So Funny BBC Sponsored Comediens,
  • Jim Davidson: Uncovered And Uncensored
  • jim brilliant as always regards

Jim Davidson: Uncovered And Uncensored

Seen this on tv ages ago and always wanted this on dvd and now i have finally own this myself thank you so much.

What can i say everybody loves jim davidson.

Jim davidson has got his act down to a fine art. His performance is so much more natural that the modern crowd of bbc sponsored comedians. He keeps his audience in the palm of his hands through out the entire show and owns the stage. Some of the jokes are remarkably fresh given that this dvd is 10+ years old. A handful of the jokes may offend those who are easily offended or who want to be offended but if you don’t care for the pc crowd and realise that jokes are just jokes you should enjoy this performance from jim davidson. I enjoyed it and give it 5 stars.

Funny man jim davidson always thought was funny this dvd is ok but echoey on some parts even turning tv to different sound settings still hard to listen to.

Good dvd, typically great davidson jokes, good cheap price, was very funny, couldn’t stop laughing, very pleased and happy all round.

If you live in east anglia or know the area you will find this dvd even funnier.

A real funny dvd as expected from jim davidson.

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Jim Davidson: Uncovered And Uncensored
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