Rated: Universal, suitable for all Format: DVD Mr Benn: The Complete Series [DVD] [1971] : My grandchildren loved it.

This is one of the best children,s dvds ever. This is the 3rd copy ive sent for. My grandchildren absolutely love it as do my children who used to watch it when they were young. It can,t be bad if it is enjoyed by 3 generations. It arrived quickly and in new condition as promised.

Benn when i was young, i loved the cartoon; it is full of nice inventive stories as well as relevant morals. I would have liked to get them in mexican spanish (as i watched them in my mother tongue) nevertheless the original english version is the classic. If you have kids, this cartoons are way better that anything they can get nowadays on the telly.

Bought for grandchildren, much loved by their mother and aunties in th 80s.

I watched mr benn when i was young and as soon as i saw that it was for sale on amazon, i bought it without even thinking. I watched it from start to finish as soon as it arrived and have watched it many times since. A classic kids tv program that never gets old and beats any of the rubbish shown to kids nowadays, hands down. Please buy this and lets start a campaign to get it back on one of the many kids tv channels.

  • As if by magic the shopkeeper appeared
  • The Most Loved of Them All
  • Mr Benn Revisited

Mr Benn: The Complete Series [DVD] [1971]

Mr benn the iconic stop motion animated series from the early 1970’smr benn, wearing a black suit & bowler hat, leaves his house at 52 festive road ( the writer and co-illustrator of the series david mckee lived at 54 festing road in putney london ) and visits a fancy-dress costume shop where he is invited by a fez-wearing shopkeeper to try on a particular outfit. Once he has changed into the outfit in the changing room he leaves through a magic door at the back and enters a world appropriate to his costume, where he has an adventure. Each story usually contains a moral, the bbc liked that sort of thing, and mr benn always keeps a keepsake ” to help him remember “this dvd has all 13 episodes of the original series plus the ‘extra’ episode the gladiator which celebrated mr benn’s 35 year anniversary. Yes, it’s basic stop motion animation, but the mr benn character is strong and the illustrations are brilliant, a very ‘british’ type of animation.

Classic old school animation from the 70s as seen on the bbc. Take a trip back in time to festive road with mr ben and his costumed adventures. Kick back and relax with the help of the magical shopkeeper and the laid back narration of ray brooks. Mr benn: the complete series [dvd].

I took a chance on this one after coming across it on amazon. We gave it to my son for his 3rd birthday. He loves it, and we love it because it’s not hyperactive like most kids shows these days. It’s a lot like someone just reading a story, with some pictures to look at. I appreciate the old-school quality of it, being of the age where this would have been on tv, at least if it were shown here in the u. My son will get a favorite episode and then watch it over and over and over, and then finally pick another and do the same. So we have gotten to know some of mr. Benn’s characters quite well already (the clown, the spaceman, and the balloonist).

Great program, loved it when i was a kid.

. Just like a english , mild-mannered , secret agent. ( although not like james bond )mr benn went into that changing room , and had wonderful ,and bizarre adventures. Yet another piece of my childhood , that gave me and my brothers joy. . What a lovely , innocent , thing to watch.

A real blast from the past and a fantastic trip down memory lane. This is just great, the whole series with each episode just as i remembered it, well most of them anyway. My four year old son is totally transfixed with mr benn’s adventures and it really does underline that they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

My grandchildren love watching mr benn. Their dad was also a fan in the 70s. I had forgotten how beautifully clear and well spoken the story teller is. . The late great arthur lowe.

Given the race to produce super-real feature-length animations these days, this is a really enjoyable blast from the past that both our boys (5 and 3) love. It also has no sudden surprises for the younger ones with a slightly sensitive disposition, so you can trust they aren’t going to get freaked out by something weird or spooky jumping up. This and ivor the engine = family faves.

Okay, i may be a little biased due to nostalgia, but mr benn was always my favourite programme as a child and i find it still casts the same spell on me 30 years later. I can’t quite put my finger on why i find it so wonderful, i think it’s just the combination of the premise, the morality of each little adventure, the distincitve animation and ray brooks’ narration. Mr benn is a wonderful character and i love how at the end of each adventure he finds his life has been enriched – as will the viewer. Quite often favourite childhood programmes dissapoint when viewed with adult eyes. Thankfully, this is not the case with mr benn. Probably the most treasured dvd in my collection.

My 2 year old loves this dvd. The first story is about a knight and a dragon and it completely captivated him. I recommend this to anyone who wants to entertain their children with tv that isn’t fast and furious with young over-excited presenters doing what tv executives think children like. The pace of mr benn is just right and takes the viewer through a number of gentle adventures based upon the costume mr benn tries on in the fancy dress shop. This is a popular dvd for chilling out at the end of busy day before bed time, when my little one likes to let it wash over him as he gets lost in the fantasy world of mr benn and when, lets face it, i don’t want him to be stirred up into a frenzy by over energised tv. It has also made its way into his imaginative play, which is lovely to see. I would recommend this to anyone with small children, whether it is part their own childhood or not.

I loved mr benn as a child and now my child adores it, too. Completely suitable for young children, it has delightful little adventures with slow animation. Rewatching it as an adult, i’m aware of how lonely mr benn is – but as a child you’re excited by the possibility of putting on a costume and having an exciting adventure.

This took me straight back to my childhood. I loved this as a child and it was great to see it again – each episode has a moral and i think children should watch more programmes like this not the rubbish they put on tv now. Mr benn is a great character and the stories have an element of magic which would appeal to all kids, his everyday life and home is realistic, then his adventures are varied but all start from the costume shop. The little souvenir at the end of each episode is a nice touch and i remember having fun trying to work out what it would be.Buy this for yourself or for your children – you won’t be disappointed.

I purchased this for my very own kids but only because i experienced fond reminiscences of watching them when a younger-un myself. Fascinated to see how properly they have stood the check of time: irrespective of being on dvd, they are not digitally remastered but do deliver the similar sense of nostalgia that you may possibly experience from a scratchy previous vinyl document- of course they are a delight and an oddity as effectively as at times revelatory. Despite the fact that television is limited to an x amount of money down our way, our young-un’s love and request these aged retrospective series’ as significantly as they do the new one’s, and at times, surprisingly, considerably much more typically, which just goes to reinforce the previous adage: they never make em like they employed to.

Superb dvd and happy memories of my childhood – enjoying displaying my 3 year previous grandaughter.

This was acquired for my 5 year aged fantastic nephew , i didnt know how it would go down. But on boxing working day i had to watch it with him 2 times through as he beloved it. I would recommend it to anybody whos baby enjoys dressing it. But be ready for repeat viewings.

It was with a mixture of pleasure and trepidation that i launched my young youngsters to this dvd for mr benn had been my favorite demonstrate as a 5year outdated. I was recalled it experienced extremely limited ‘animation’ by the criteria envisioned from today’s cgi-reared little ones, and hoped that the stories would nonetheless link in the similar way they had for me. I was delighted to discover that (right after a momentary ‘these are just photographs that go a very little bit’) they were being definitely entranced, and clamoured for 1 episode immediately after one more. It would seem to be the core plan of ‘dressing-up’ as an act of transformation top to distinct adventures and opportunities is a timeless and engaging one. Lets facial area it, its just one of the principal points of interest into the performing professionits superb to relive those bygone days, and i was additional delighted to locate an episode (specially made in 2002)i had hardly ever found. The colors are shiny and contemporary, and much more than a minor evocative of the late 60s aesthetic, while the stories appear to be as related to youthful kids these days as they ever have been. It is only really in the avenue scenes that the design of vehicles reveals the production’s age. Oh, that and a central character who wears a bowler with his business enterprise fit. Do they nevertheless even make individuals?.I guess the yuppiedom of the town in the 1980’s likely knocked that on the head, as it ended up.

All the episodes from this charming 1970’s animated children’s series from the bbc aspect on this dvd. The really smartly dressed mr benn escapes his humdrum everyday living by traveling to a tailor’s store, owned by a mysterious conjuror who sells suits, which any time mr bean places just one on he can change into all types of guises from a knight to an astronaut and is transported to far off moments and nations sorting out a compact daft predicament – right before returning back again dwelling to his ordinary life. The cartoon has a thinly camouflaged educational basis. But is genuinely just excellent exciting. Mr benn is narrated by the celebrated ray brookes. And whilst it is generally a children’s series it has a solid cult following with the older generation, inspiring the actor rowen atkinson, to build the comedy series mr.

Mr benn is a typical kid’s tv set present of it’s period. There as been extra well-liked and critically acclaimed reveals but it still stands up as an imaginative programme and worth it is really place as a single of the leading fifty or maybe prime 20 basic kid’s exhibits.

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