Robert Carlyle (Actor), Ming-Na (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Stargate Universe – Complete Season 1 [DVD] – It’s not Stargate as we know it Jim!

Arrived instantly and particularly as explained.

My son was quite delighted with this.

I cannot comment as this was a xmas present but i know who i brought it for will just really like it he just beloved the initial star gate but unfortunately this just one was cancelled just after i think 1 series but a very good yarn perfectly pressented far too.

  • for starters its mostly set on the spaceship Destiny which was built by a race we all know as the “Ancients” (originally from th
  • Takes its time, mostly worth it though

Wow, i considered this may be a very little like the aged sg1 structure, but how completely wrong was i. This is a excellent collection, far more ‘up to the minute’ with the whole concept. Robert carlisle is totally good as dr hurry and the rest of the forged genuinely move up to the mark to maintain up with him. I have thoroughly savored seeing this sequence, and re-looking at it until finally collection 2 came out (i consider they’re not creating any additional, how silly is that). This could hold likely as lengthy as sg1 and be far more appealing too. . Potentially they should have retired off the outdated sg1 format and picked up the tempo with this idea.

Ok, i am a sci-fi enthusiast, so reader bewarevery much a ‘darker’ stargate, each in plot and lights, but completely addictive – definitely a main change from the previous ones, and the 15’s rating would be correct. Possibly would have been a little bit annoying on tv originally given that some snippits of details took a prolonged time to materialise, but on dvd you can just maintain likely so you really don’t actually noticeother reviews point out a comparison to the new battlestar galactica in phrases of the darkness, and this is definitely true – in fact, the discrepancies in between 1980’s bg and the remade bg are pretty much equivalent to the variations concerning sg1 and sgu, also quite identical is the cast – not the actual actors, but the pretty blond, the young soldier, and many others. For robert carlyle it is definitely a extensive way from ‘the whole monty’. The soundtrack is also pretty mesmerising – but that may well just be meall in all, if you are wanting for the initial stargate with witty retorts alongside the motion, then this is not for you.

Great series getting to view it distinctive to other stargate collection.

Very first time i have watched this.

Alright so it truly is not o’neill and the boys and girls but points change. Really don’t get me erroneous i enjoy all the stargate series. I’ve been there through lots of a mission but it you want same do not invest in distinctive. This series is more about characters and discussion than sam’s hottest hairdo. I love the collection and uncover it really stress-free to check out which isn’t going to suggest it has not obtained pressure and motion but it just relaxes me so that’s why i purchased it.

Had to see the start out as i missed the commencing on television set.

As an arm chair admirer of the sg sequence, i heard of this spin off but not entertained the plan of wanting to see it. The sluggish commence of this five blue-ray set was a very little off putting, but it get far better and the cliff hanger was pretty very good. If you are looking through this to make a conclusion to get this box set or not?. I would say yes it is superior, but recognize it is not sg as you know it. This does have a experience of battle star g which i gave up on after 2 episodes.

The place the demonstrate may possibly be slow at moments it much more than makes up for with it truly is superb forged led by the regular sound performances of robert carlisle. While extremely diverse to the entertaining, motion packed sg-1 and sg-atlantis, stargate universe is quite actual, gritty, and virtually darkish at moments. It might just take a very little time to get employed to all of the character’s, but when you do you will be so intrigued that you will want to understand more & more. This is with no question 1 of my favorite sci-fi shows ever, and imagine me i’ve witnessed just about all of them. If you are a stargate admirer, or basic and merely just appreciate fantastic performing with a really superior script and storyline, then this is a should buy in purchase that it will be ongoing on to a 3rd season & far more in the not too distant long term.

I skipped this episode, so viewed it ultimately on line. It was an enjoyable episode and answered some of the questions i had as to how the collection started out. Really excellent and truly worth looking at.

Great product or service in fantastic affliction.

This was a excellent journey and i was seriously experiencing it – till they cancelled it and left anyone floating off into the void with very poor aged eli staring off into nothingness. No ending – incredibly troublesome – really don’t obtain, you may only be frustrated. Don’t you just hate it when the output businesses do that?. They need to, at least, make a dedication to an episode to wind up a tale if they prematurely abandon a collection. They did that with ‘pushing daisies’ – it was incredibly poorly done but at least it gave the enthusiasts some type of closure. The fantastic ‘firefly’ collection did significantly better by giving the aspect movie ‘serenity’ to wind it all up. And as mister punch would say, ‘that’s the way to do it’.

Delivered very swiftly usually been a admirer of stargate this is not the most effective of the series but if you choose the time to get into it it grows on you ought to say i feel it is a disgrace they never ever did season 3 as liked season 2 and wish they place it in blu-ray.

I genuinely did not know everything about this till, i saw it on the amazon web pages. Loved the bluray collection and will surely be buying the 2nd season, if you like stargate, you will appreciate this.

Bluray top quality is a will have to for all the dimly-lit scenes, and demanded to thoroughly recognize the hard work that went into the sets and outcomes. I beloved this series, as it represented the most ‘grown-up’ side of the franchise – the actors had been generally exceptional and the storylines had been refreshingly deeper than preceding sg series. Very irritated the collection was cancelled after just two several years, and specifically irritated that they by no means released the second series on bluray – continue to acquired it on dvd but would have favored as a bluray. A lot extra gratifying to watch these episodes back-to-back again than on a tv set routine – you can split concerning the story elements fairly than when an episode ends, and offered that there ended up fairly a several multi-episodic arcs, that tends to make quite a difference.

Fantastic sequence, a disgrace that the region 2 dvds are so costly.

I tried to observe it when it was first aired on television but it often coincided with reside football, recording it wasn’t an option as i didn’t have a recorder at the time (permit on your own the time to sit and enjoy recorded stuff). I might viewed sg1 and stargate atlantis and savored them so i imagined i could as well get this box established. It was only when i sat and watched it i realised i had only seen the very first two episodes and i imagine they have been demonstrated on a single nighta very little significantly less comical than the former two versions of stargate but i savored it all the very same. I purchased the blu-ray versios as it was at bargain cost, i am going to possibly wait and do the very same for the next collection.

Sg-u a marmite series that regretably only lasted for two seasons. Its different to its two predecessors sg & sg-a, for starters its typically established on the spaceship future which was crafted by a race we all know as the ‘ancients’ (originally from the milky way galaxy about several million many years in the past) a super innovative race whose engineering is way over and above that of the human race and potentially all some others, they are also liable for creating the stargates which give instantaneous vacation to diverse planets across the galaxy. Sg-u has a distinct method as they are regularly on the move rather than operating from a solitary area, the spaceship destiny, which was released by the ancients millions of yrs ago was at first intended to be boarded when it was significantly more than enough out into the universe, to assistance realize this they had sent stargate seeder ships forward to location stargates on various planets. This having said that was later deserted pursuing the ancients development into ascension (god like amount of existence). The ancients experienced planned on boarding destiny by working with the stargate on-board it, on the other hand to do this they would require to enter an deal with that consisted of nine chevrons, for all those of you who sg & sg-a fans this was some thing that essential a severe amount of money of electricity in order to ake it achievable. This series commences with a staff of troopers and experts what we know as existing-day earth, the group arrive on future pursuing a devastating attack on their foundation which drove them blindly by way of the stargate and on to future. They rapidly establish that quite a few of its main techniques are both destroyed, failing or are unknown to them. Due to this deficiency of understanding and the fact that future is subsequent its unique programming they are unable to return to earth or even fly the ship for that make a difference. But there is one point that future does on a standard bases, and that is quit periodically, these stops allow the crew to dial the stargate and check out planets, offering them the option to restock with materials together with some repairs to the ship, repairs that necessary to sustaining their life. I can keep in mind examining somewhere that the unique thought was for each and every season to be a journey as a result of a various galaxy, the notion being that they needed to attractiveness to each sg & sg-a fans when attracting a newer viewers at the identical time, to do attempt this they employed recognized stargate mythology, technologies and sg features sparingly so as to preserve it in line but not soaked with every little thing we have viewed by now.

Significantly darker than sg1 or atlantis, but even now really worth looking at – just a pity sequence 2 is only out there in dvd.

I enjoy this show – gritty drama with superb people and a dollop of sci-fi for superior evaluate. The interactions in between the various figures would make for gripping tv set.

Totally justified member of the stargate universe. Amazing clearly show with great characters and tales. Unfortunately, several lovers of the more mature series didn’t like the truth it was absolutely nothing like sg1 or atlantis, it so did not get the praise it deserved and so not ample campaigned to retain the series heading. Unquestionably cancelled prior to its time. Only sequence a person would seem to be available on bluray, so went with equally seasons on dvd.

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