Roddy McDowall (Actor), Ron Harper (Actor) Rated: Parental Guidance Format: DVD Planet Of The Apes: The Complete TV Series [1974] : Planet Of The Apes TV series.

Everything’s fine with this dvd.

If you’re a fan of the “planet of the apes” films then this short lived series won’t disappointi remember it when it was first on t. , and also available as two novels. I was a fan of the series back then and i’m still a fan of the series now. Shame the network pulled the plug as it would have been nice if there could of been some sort of closure on the fates of the two astronauts and their chimp friend. This series is either set a few hundred years before the films, or perhaps some parallel reality where the humans are more like slaves, rather than the two legged dumb beasts which mankind had devolved into, in the films.

Now i can resume my childhood crush on james naughton.

I enjoy all the planet of the apes movies, new,old it doesn’t matter it has always bring fun and pleasure. This serie on the otherhand is amazing. Although the 2 humans who are the main characters are always being chased on wich leaves them in no episode rest. Pity the serie ends where people have wanted to see more. The end is quite stupid this due to the makers budget i guess. People like me would have a more greater end because at the end you still don’t know if they make it back to earth or not. The original serie counts 13 episodes because episode 13 wasn’t ethered (on-air) before and in this ”collectors”edition you got the chance to see that episode that wasn’t on the ether. The main characters are fascinating. And as usual urko the head gorilla chief of the police is hunting the two astronauts hehehe.

  • Reliving Fun Viewing
  • Post apocalypse seventies style.
  • first released on TV and the quality is very good although it does expose some of the limitations of

Planet Of The Apes: The Complete TV Series [1974]

Good dvd be looking for the dvd for a while very happy.

Brought this for my husband’s christmas gift. He enjoyed seeing a show from his childhood. A new show completely to me.

Still as good today and has not dated 5*****.

Fantastic little show first time round when i saw it on tv. Now have it to my collection and recall all the characters and action.

I recently had the opportunity to see the pilot episode, round at a friend’s place, after absolutely donkeys years. (hadn’t seen it since the original uk airing, i think. ) and it was every bit as good as i remembered it to be. I was looking forward to watching the following episodes as quickly as posssible. Not so the friend, who was in no such hurry. He simply could not understand what this series could possibly mean to me. However, dennis is quite right with his assessment. The plotlines did become extremely formulaic, which lessens my appreciation. But do you really think they would have bumped into the “m*a*s*h” crew, the other side of those hills?.I’d have thought that kwai chang caine would have been a more likely possibilityps.

Always preferred the tv series to the films and a tenner for the entire series makes this all the more worth having.

It was my focus on time itself that brought me to purchase this. I wanted to travel, not forward, as virdon & burke do, but backwards in time, into those dreamy days as a child. Back then in ninteen seventy something, this series was on the tv every saturday morning, & it was something that, as a child, i made the effort to get up, out of bed & watch. I even had the little dollshaving bought this dvd, it’s great, getting up on a saturday morning & watching this with my two kids now. The great thing is that they find it as fascinating as i did back then, & for me the fascination goes beyond the episodes themselves & into the realms of nostalgia. I still admire the make up & outfits, the storylines carry timeless messages & with lalo schiffrin on music duty, the experience is complete.

Very good product at a reasonable price.

A present for my nephew who loves the current planet of the apes and wanted to see the series that i watched as a child.

Worth watching at least once, but the writers needed to relate it more to the original movies. The end leaves you flat as the plug was pulled on the series.

Great dvd i did receive my parcel sorry it took so long to review but been busy.

I love the original movie, and the tv series, but i hate the sequels. This was good value for money. I would recommend this dvd who likes planet of the apes in general. Not your typical tv series fodder.

This 1974 series was on when i was 10 yrs aged and i beloved it. I feel most ten yr old’s did. It was inventive, vibrant, experienced a lot of motion, a couple laughs, talking apes and reported a large amount about our very own modern society from an outsiders place of look at. Despite the fact that that likely went over my 10-calendar year-aged head. Remaining a girl, i was additional fascinated in whether pete burke would choose his shirt off that week. I have often viewed the quite unusual repeats in the british isles. So it is fantastic to at last have all fourteen episodes. It did not even make it to the close of the first season.

Ordered as a present, came in great time and birthday female was extremely delighted with gift.

Very good high-quality for 44 decades aged.

I recall this from looking at as a boy or girl and now i have it i can check out it till my coronary heart is articles.

Received it for my spouse and she smothered me with kisses – what additional can you say?. She now has all the films and the tv series in whole. Under no circumstances gets boring in any format or redux.

A awesome common of the tv extremely very good not aged its a present day demonstrate for me.

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