Rutger Hauer (Actor), C. Thomas Howell (Actor), Robert Harmon (Director) & 0 more Rated: Suitable for 18 years and over Format: DVD The Hitcher [1986] : Now this is what you call a thriller!

Only previously watched on a pirate videoneedless to say it was like watching a different filma good action thriller with some nice touchesa good documentary extraget in and go along for the ride.

Very happy, recommended seller.

Great film, just as i remembered it.

Puts new version starring sean bean to shame.

  • Scary! Rutger at his best!
  • One of the best movies ever
  • Good film. Better than re-make

The Hitcher [1986] (Special Edition) [DVD]

This item was a gift and was very well received.

Rutger plays the part so very well. Sinister tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Thrilling from start to finish, full of unexpected shocks and frights that have you on the edge of your seat. The hitcher is on of the most compelling and terrifying characters ever on film.

Classic film, always prefer this original.

This is a very good film, rutger hauer is creepy and very good as the hitcher. I can recommend this film if you havent seen it.

I remember watching this film when it first came out – a top film. Bought it for my mother – a huge rutger hauer fan. She enjoyed seeing it again and i would reccomment this to anyone over 18.

Great film, love rutger hauer & he plays this part well :).

Rutger hauer shines in every film he’s in. This has to be hauer’s finest work right here in this movie. He is very believable as the murderous john ryder a. A the hitcher, as he terrorises poor jim halsey (christopher thomas howell) through a dramatic desert. I am rarely into blood, gore or horror movies but there’s something exceptional about this one, and i love the music score as well.

Very happy with my purchase. Film arrived in a timely manner, and in good condition, as promised.

The hitcher is the perfect example of how to create a taut, suspenseful and well paced movie without surrendering to using bloody violence just because you can. It shows just how effective the imagination is when creating unspeakable horrors that the movie could not surpass even if it tried. It uses the imagination of the viewer on how shocking and evil certain characters and their acts are and creates one of the most shocking non gory movies ever with a superb performance from the great rutger hauer. This is why the remake is not even close to the original. The remake chose to show all the violence and left nothing to the imagination, in turns this makes scenes really violent but just not as shocking or as horrifying as what your imagination might conjure up. While sean bean is good in the remake, i’m sorry but he’s no rutger hauer.

Sean bean is very good and the film is enjoyable but not as creepy as the original.

My kids loved this movie and that is saying something.

I noticed the re-make with sean bean but this variation does not have the exact really feel as the original. This 1 (the authentic) is way improved and has a lot more psychological suspense. Wants to be watched to value the movie. The performing is also wonderful with great performances by c thomas howell and rutger hauer (the male from the 80’s beer commercials).

Immediately after viewing the initial and discovering it scary and vowed not to check out it again. I was tempted by theprice and hd d. D again found this film to be thrilling to the close. This is not my sort of movie buton occasions i acquire a probability.

This is the british isles eighteen cert dvd of the hitcher. It’s the ideal/studio canal launch &seemingly this print is uncut, so many thanksto the reviewer(s) for that gem of details. Thepicture quality’s extremely respectable, 2. 35:one the topand base black bars are rather chunky even though. It is really generally a major shelf recreation of ‘cat & mouseplayed out in a stark featureless ecosystem. Toss in an unstable rutger hauer, shake thedvd box a little bit and your left with a amazing movie. Extras: commentary, the hitcher: how do thesemovies get built?’, & a trailer. 1986 trainer tonguein entrance of denims.

I acquired this for my hubby who was immediately after the dvd to switch an aged video clip. We knew what we ended up finding prior to it arrived and the dvd didn’t disappoint.

The hitcher is just one of my favourite movies of all time. A young gentleman would make the mistake of picking up a hitch-hiker. His mother explained to him hardly ever to do that and he need to have listened to her. The hitcher (performed by rutger hauer) then proceeds to make his life a misery. Rutger hauer puts in a fantastic overall performance as the villain, he manages to be both sinister and on uncommon occasions, sympathetic. The relaxation of the forged also place in excellent performances, particularly the young driver. In some strategies it is a foolish movie, the hitcher is nearly supernatural in his capabilities, but that would not matter. He’s these a fatal opposing power you dread his upcoming look. The film does a fantastic work of just hinting at the horror, the scene at the truck prevent is a great example. Modern day movies would have proven you everything, this movie does not and is far better for it.

Certainly beats the remake. Film is in outstanding affliction audio and picture.

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The Hitcher [1986] (Special Edition) [DVD]
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