Sofie Gråbøl (Actor), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD The Killing: All Debts Must be Settled : Perhaps not quite as good as 1 or 2

Perhaps not as gripping as the very first in the series, but a must-view for all killing fans.

Perhaps only very few “nordic” series.

This third series is a bit disappointing after the first two – but still compulsive viewing.

I’ve been waiting to watch this third, and i believe final series for a while, finally got around to it, and rather regret it now. I thought 1 & 2 were excellent, and i enjoy watching the original production with subtitles, rather than some awful dubbing, or worse, some awful american remakeanyway, this one proved to be disappointing, mainly because the ending was just terrible, like some afterthought. I’ll say no more as i don’t want to spoil it for others. The previous series seemed quite realistic from what i remember, but the murder of the prosecutor in this one was ridiculous. There was a reason that judicial hangings were very carefully performed (one hoped). Get the drop a little to short, and the condemned was left to slowly strangle, the neck failing to break. Get the drop a bit too long, and the condemned literally lost their head. In this series, the prosecutor is pushed from a rooftop, and drops what must be 60 feet, comes to a sudden stop, and is hanging as though albert pierrepoint himself had carried it out, and that with a rope which was so thin it would have acted like a cheesewire. Well that’s all i’ll say on this, a rather disappointing end to a very engaging drama, which in the previous series seemed far better than anything produced in britain or elsewhere. I’ll end on that point actually, to have a murder investigation spread out over so many episodes makes for far better drama.

  • Marvelous Series
  • Could Have Been Better.
  • Some incidents are pretty far fetched

The Killing: All Debts Must be Settled, Complete Season Three [DVD] [2012]

Wonderful completely unpredictable end.

Perhaps not quite as good as 1 or 2. But still very watchable, and vital if you want to know how it all ends.

Another top class performance from everyone. Everything about the killing is 5 stars and again goes to show why nordic noir are miles ahead in the crime/politic drama world.

Good characters, interesting and original pltes, scandinavian scenery and great acting. Nordic noir is definitely the genre of the decade so far, save for breaking bad.

Nothing more can be possibly said about this series.

Absolutely brilliant in every way. Keeps you gripped throughout the whole series. Just hope there will be further series of this excellent drama.

Incredibly good series, best i’ve ever seen. Too bad this is the end of the series. Dvds were in excellent condition and arrived promptly.

Excellent and fast service, thanks.

Saw it whilst it was on the tv and decided must have the set.

To an excellent title but not as good as the previous two series.

Shame they stopped when they did.

I am a huge fan of this series so had to buy the whole set – i’ve watched them a few times and the acting and the stories still outshine most of what’s on tv now.

Ideal scandinavian series bar none. Sofie grabol shines and the tale has you hooked from the outset.

Obviously, i adore the whole thing as it is amazing. Viewed the whole lot all in one go.

Have been hooked to the first 2 sequence on sky box sets and was gutted to discover the third lacking from the set. I am completely positive this will be just as perfectly gained as the 1st two. The brits have taken this sequence to their hearts and adore sarah lund and her fluffy jumpers. I would really like to see a 4th collection of this pop up in a long time to arrive but as this dvd states its the closing sequence, unless sophie grabôl ends up potless (which i question as for an untrained actress she’s never ever been out of operate) i are unable to see that occurring. Primary delivery meant that its arrived prior to i have concluded the s2 finale.

Pretty entertaining and reasonable maintained the conventional set in series1+2.

Previously reviewed earlier sequence. Excellent stuff in each individual regard. Superb nordic crime thrillers.

The whole seres of the killing has been gripping and this has saved the typical large.

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The Killing: All Debts Must be Settled, Complete Season Three [DVD] [2012]
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