Taylor Kitsch (Actor), Lynn Collins (Actor), Andrew Stanton (Director) & 0 more Rated: Suitable for 12 years and over Format: Blu-ray John Carter 2D) [Region Free] : surprisingly good

I must admit to having my reservations when i saw this advertised for a fiver, and the bizarre monsters in the background didn’t help, but i thought, “what the hell – for a fiver?”it’s a cracking good, swashbuckling tale of science fantasy. Like all of that genre, it requires that you suspend your disbelief and just let yourself go but then you’re rewarded with a brave but unwilling hero character, a beautiful warrior princess, battles on another planet, great props and scenery, weird and wonderful people and creatures, some good humorous moments and a well put together story. Just don’t expect “reality”. )just my cup of tea: loved it.

Bought as a gag gift as my boyfriend was amazed by how much money they lost on this film. Was expecting it to be so horrific. (party based on the horrific non animated stuff disney seems to make millions on)basically my standards were. If i didn’t fall asleep it was worth the money. The storyline was a little silly but half decent. I got the impression it was based on a book?the characters were not irritating. If i remember weirdly it was the cgi that was a bit lacking in places. Can totally imagine this film being a guilty favourite of some people. If you like fantasy and aren’t picky, gift it a go.

Andrew stanton directs his first live –action film with this walt disney 2012 production of an edgar rice burroughs story called “princess of mars” his previous credits include “a-bug’s life”, “finding nemo” and “wall-e”, john carter is set in 1868 where an ex american civil-war confederate veteran finds through an accident himself transported to mars which is inhabited by green 12 foot tall barbarians who take him prisoner, he escapes their clutches only to find a princess in need of someone to save her, taylor kitsch stars as john carter with lynn collins as the princess the running time is 132 minutes. This 50gb region free disc is encoded using mpeg4-av codec which is in full 1080p resolution which delivers a reference standard picture this shows off the visually stunning special effects with a beautiful range of colours and huge amount of blacks that come into play during the night scenes and ones set in caves and inside buildings along with a thunderous english dts-hd hr 7. 1 audio soundtrack which is also of reference standard not only is the dialogue easy to understand, the sound effects from the various creatures add to the atmosphere and during the many action scenes with combat the clanging of swords along with the outbursts from energy weapons burst from the speakers with deep and satisfying bass sounds with loads of detail with a big sound stage with a great deal of separation so all the audio tracks which don’t over-power each other and the music does not at any point overpower also, there is also a spanish audio track of the same standard , the disc also come the following subtitles;- english for the hard of hearing, spanish, portuguese, danish, finnish, icelandic, norwegian and swedish. The disc contains the following special features:- 360 degrees of john carter, 100years in the making, deleted scenes with optional commentary from director andrew stanton, barsoom bloopers, audio commentary from andrew stanton and producer jim morris and lindsey collins. This is an excellent test disc with its both stunning picture and soundtrack that will show off your tv and surround set-up to great effect an excellent disc to add to any sci-fi fans library.

Wife & i just watched it – good fun – good special effects and a straightforward adventure story. I can see why it didn’t do well at the movies as the main characters lacked that special ‘something’ that can make a movie great. Also it seemed just a little rushed in places, maybe they would have said more if they had taken more time to say nothing :)i do wish i had seen it at the cinema it – like most adventure movies – would have looked bigger if it were on a bigger screen. So in conclusion if you like sci-fi and adventure and just want some fun.

  • 100 years in the making
  • A rainy sunday afternoons viewing.
  • Brilliant movie. Fantastic! You will enjoy it.

John Carter 2D) [Region Free]

I loved the way there was a mystery at the beginning of the film and it all got pieced together at the end. I also liked the really good cgi with the awesome aliens and battle ships. I would definitely recommend this to people looking for a good film to watch. I would rate this a 10 out of 10. I am definitely going to save up to get the book.

I think this film has very good points. I will try not to make a spoiler, but the treatment they gave to john carter is realistic and funny at the same time. The problem is too much cgi and not enough real actors, and not enough development of the story. It has great ideas and a sequel will be great, but unfortunately it was striped of good narrative. It looks like the actors always know what to do and at the same time they over explain everything is like they are aware of the spectator. That’s why you never get the feeling that it is a real story.

Well, i bought it because i like this sort of film and i wondered why the critics were so rude about it. It is terrific fun and really enjoyable. Yes, it is probably 30 minutes too long, but it is full of wonderful special effects, a good story line, good battling evil and so on. Nearly every review praises this film, and rightly so.

I watched john carter with my 17 year old son. I hadn’t seen since it came out. It is one of my son’s favorite movie. I enjoyed it and recommend it as a show to get your children to do something with you that is different. I was impressed that the story was written by edgar rice burroughs. It was an interesting coincidence but earlier in the day i’d seen at a book stall at our local pannier market an old collection of edgar rice burroughs novels, which included john carter novel. I think i will go back and purchase the collection if it doesn’t cost too much and see how far the movie deviated from the original story. What i like about the story is that it is more fantasy with a splash of science fiction. The characters and plot are fun.

Don’t know why this was slated so much. It’s a great film overall with good effects and acting. The casting of the main characters is pretty much spot on and the cgi tharks are amazingly detailed. The science is a bit sketchy in parts perhaps, but the story is a good one. For me a sequel would be great but that looks unlikely even though the edgar rice burroughs books give loads more scope for this. Not sure the 3d version adds much extra effect to the film but this seems true of a lot of 3d films recently.

The first time i saw this movie was on netflix, & i was pleasently surprised as i quite liked it. Then i saw it a second time on tv, & enjoyed it even more. Then i found out that the critics slammed the film, & that it wasn’t popular with cinema goers only wiping it’s nose at the box office. I find that incredibly hard to understand, as this is a good movie. I bought it on blu-ray to watch again, & i thoroughly enjoyed it yet again. I lent it to a mate (not telling him anything about it so he had no preconceptions), & he said it was the best film he’d seen all year. The cgi is spectacular for the most part, & the tharks look utterly stunning. The story is great too, & the guy playing carter does a damn good job. I think that this is one of the most underated movies of recent years, & that it will become a hidden gem to future generations. Give your eyeballs a treat to the 250 million dollars they lavished on this movie, & ignore all the miserable naysayers.

I bought this because of the reviews and i have to agree, it’s great. The story takes you all over the place but it works, you can lose yourself in the story and that for me is what good sci fi is all about. Pure escapism but with a twist, and one that you can keep watching.

The most underrated movie of our time.

As the title of my review says “a hero from page to screen”. Now i know this film didn’t do well at the box office but as far as i’m concerned it’s already one of my favourites. I have been a fan of the tales of john carter as penned by edgar rice burroughs since first discovering them in my local book shop in the late 1970’s. At the time the books had been published by del ray with fantastic cover art by michael whelan & they were the kind of exciting escapism a teenage boy could loose himself in. Indeed i still have all the books & i re-read them all from time to time. Imagine then my delight at finding that a big budget movie had been made about my favourite pulp hero. As to the film itself, it’s true it is not entirely accurate to the books but it has captured the spirit of the stories perfectly. The story itself is best described as science fantasy & concerns the adventures of the title character, an ex american civil war cavalry captain who is mysteriously transported to the planet mars. If i were to be really critical, & this is an entirely personal view; the books themselves feature a lot of sword play & i feel this was just a little lacking in the movie. That aside it’s great family entertainment & i hope it enjoys more success on disc than it did on the big screen, indeed everyone i know who has seen the film has only had good thngs to say about it.

Underated, i loved it, visually stunning, mind you, i’m biased towards john carter of mars, having read all the novels in my youth, mikey.

Extremely close to the book, which i read more than 40 years ago, and am now hunting out once more. I would heartily recommend this version to all age groups as it brings back the swash and buckle of the past but with the updated cgi included. I can’t wait for the next film. Will it be warlord of mars or maybe thuvia, maid of mars?. There are just so many choices. Come on disney, lets have another in the series, and don’t botch the pre-release advertising next time. This was good value for money and well worth the 5 star rating.

While not without its flaws, this is actually quite a good reworking of the old edgar rice burroughs novel of a princess of mars, providing a semi-rational explanation of how carter gets to mars in the first place -which is more than old erb did. On the acting side is solid work from hero taylor kitsch who is outshone by a feisty lynn collins as dejah thoris, with solid support from the supporting cast including dominic west, ciaran hinds, and mark strong. The special effects are convincing, especially the four-armed tharks led by tars tarkas (willem dafoe). The airships are good to look at and it usually moves along at a fair pace. I can’t understand the downpour of heavy criticism the film engendered as it’s a solid and entertaining genre piece. Sadly this means there won’t be any sequels or other movies set in exotic alien landscapes with two-fisted lantern-jawed blaster-wielding heroes, beautiful mysterious heroines and ancient and deadly secrets from the heady days of pulp sf and written (at its best) by leigh brackett.

This was always likely to be a tough movie to get suitable. Your dealing with a beloved sequence of books whose lovers will choose any adjustments to the tale although trying to adapt the story to additional contemporary sensibilities. That the film was a failure in the us box office is perfectly documented but in my perspective it was a failure in promoting alternatively the film written content which direct to it is poor showing. The film provides in aspects from the subsequent guides and it is would have been terrific to see how they wherever fixed experienced the prepared sequels proceeded. If you are a supporter of outdated fashioned simple adventures give it a attempt you may not be let down.

Confession time : as an eleven 12 months old i study each guide erb wrote ( effectively , just about every a single out in paperback in the british isles at the time in any case : many thanks caroline ) which include dozens of tarzan novels , then pellucidar and carson napier of venus , but the tales that however resonate , somewhere at the back of my thoughts , are all those of barsoom. I however have a copy of ‘a princess of mars ‘ ( cost on the back again 2/6d ) and half a dozen some others on my bookshelves , but to be sincere i daren’t re-read them : what seemed enthralling to me at eleven may quite probable not impress me now – i’ve spoilt dimly recalled and liked books that way right before so , i was ambivalent about this film , in particular presented the rubbishing it got in the push , but took a punt on the bargain dvd anyway. I sat down with very very low expectations , and was extremely pleasantly shocked. As you can see from the higher than , it would be a little bit challenging for me to remark on how properly the movie depicts the element of the story following all this time , but i could see that some manipulation had taken place with the villains of the piece , which worked properly. I’d in no way purchased the clunky erb process of finding carter to mars ( basically , simply seeking to be there – soon after all it didn’t do the job for me ) even as a little one , but the story here gave it a shade extra trustworthiness. And when on barsoom , the sweep of the visible consequences produced any doubts dissolve , and i was transported myself to that magnificent version of our neighbouring world. The updating of the lovely deja thoris to a more assertive and feisty character than i remember was an extra bonus , the barsoomian lifetime which would have built any before , pre electronic consequences version unattainable was wonderfully done , and the vistas have been exceptional. Dismiss the sniffy critics , sit down for a peaceful evening in , and be transported to barsoom with john carter.

In this action-scifi motion film the american civil war veteran john carter (taylor kitsch) transferred to mars in mysterious approaches. In this article he finds a planet exactly where the population, among other individuals, consist of 4 meter tall barbarians. When he is captured, he manages to escape, but lands in the arms of dejah toris (lynn collins), who is determined to fin her possess particular hero. John carter finishes up in the center of the conflict in between the nations of the earth and he decides to rescue mars and it truly is inhabitants. The film about john carter is centered on edgar r. Burroughs’ (tarzan) ‘under the moons of mars’ from 1912 (later element of the gathered novel ‘a princess of mars’ from 1917), the place the character john carter is portrait for for the very first time. Burroughs’ son later developed the character and revealed it as a cartoon about the hero.

I’m at a decline to understand some of the extra excessive, almost hysterical ‘anti’ evaluations in this article, for what i saw as an entertaining couple of hrs of undemanding escapism. Alright, no huge names amid the actors, but they all did a extremely workmanlike career in pushing the plot along. The martian (or barsoomian) landscapes are breathtaking, cgi and animation are fantastic, and the goodies at some point triumph above the baddies. There is even a clever tiny twist at the finish which i is not going to ‘spoil’. Alright, its not up there with the likes of avatar, but for me, it was five quid quite very well used. Extremely encouraged as exceptional fodder for a wet day, or when there is practically nothing on the telly.

Constantly happy to give a movie a check out when the critics say ‘it can’t be filmed’. Really savored it on so numerous levels – i indicate, what is not to like?. – all conquering hero, solid woman character, alien worlds and 4 armed pseudo indigenous american varieties. I know the critics and lover-boys gave it a tough time but i have found far even worse movies of late that have been bereft of creativity, tale, way and decent acting (test die-really hard 5 for occasion). Heartily endorse this to anyone who would like to overlook the naysayers and appreciate it for romp it is.

Massively beneath-rated film, regrettably missold and confusingly promoted. Lots of enjoyment, deserved to do much better than it did, disappointed we will never be obtaining sequels. Great excellent transfer, a great deal of extras, give it a attempt.

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