The Bourne Identity/The Bourne Supremacy : a good assassin movie

These are part of one of the best trilogies ever made. Not one of these films is weaker then the other. And yes – the second film has shakey camera stuff – but it makes it look more exciting. These are hollywood blockbusters and they are breaking all the rules. I can’t recommend these films enough.

These films are both really exciting. Out of the two, i found supremacy to be more exciting. The action in the second one is more gritty and the camera is shaky(which makes you get into the action). The story is good but is yet to be concluded in the third film which is due to come out in 2007. So if you want to buy 2 amazing films that are a lot of fun to watch, buy these films(you have to listen carefully to what people are saying or you’ll completely lose the plot-its quite fast).

Robert ludlum may have passed on, but his work is definitely alive in the cinema. His taut jason bourne series has been adapted into two movies (so far), “the bourne identity” and “the bourne supremacy,” which are action-packed but also brimming with flaws. “the bourne identity” opens with an amnesiac (matt damon) being hauled onto a fishing boat, with two bullets in his back. Once he’s recovered, he goes in search of his identity — and finds links to a sinister organization that is out to kill him. And as he goes on the run, jason bourne must uncover who he is and why he is a fighting machine. “the bourne supremacy” opens with bourne tormented by nightmares, even though he’s living peacefully in india. But then his enemies are after him again, and even destroy his beloved girlfriend. Now bourne is out for revenge against the people who won’t leave him in peace — assuming that they don’t kill him first. What can an action movie do that hasn’t been done before?.That’s a hard question to answer, and most efforts (any “xxx” movie, for example) fall horribly flat.

This series of films gets my highest rating and would be in my top 5. They are simply some of the best thrillers that i have ever seen and deserve 5-stars. My only hope is that they make another one in the same series with the same lead actor. I am sometimes amazed that people can produce films of this quality. Simply brilliant entertainment.

  • Action packed and a good story
  • The bourne series

The Bourne Identity/The Bourne Supremacy

Both the bourne identity and the bourne supremacy are full of action, an excellent plot and good acting. Matt damon produces a superb performance in both films as jason bourne. A man whose own sense of right and wrong drives him so crazy that he forgets himself, his history and his job. All he knows is that he has the ability to think his way out of almost any situation. In many ways this is james bond but without the quips. The first film sees bourne struggle to even know his name. Bourne, desperate to know what and who he is eventually discovers he is an american secret agent. Flash backs of his violent past affect him which help him put the pieces together. With his employers desperate to remove this renegade agent he predictably clashes with them with explosive results. I can’t praise this pair of films enough.

Murder in the vatican: the revolutionary life of john paul and the cia, opus dei and the 1978 murdersfast action-packed thriller. Its star matt dillon is not only a hero in the film he is a hero in real life and has taken a leading role in human rights movements.

Classic films love the bourne series.

The plot and the action in this movie are well balanced. At first i was thinking that this was just another hoolywood money maker, however i was suprised to find that it was not the case and that this actually quite a good movie. The character is well developed throughout both the story’s without slowing down the movie to much. The most interesting accpect for myself was the psychological affects upon the main character for the things that he had done and the events that ensue because of this. I am looking forward to the third instalment, hoping its as good as the first two.

These are my favourite films. Matt damon is a great leading actor.

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