The Nightmare Man [1981], Memorable Chiller (Spoiler Alert)

I watched the nightmare man when it went out way again in 1981 (i was 9) and it worried me to death. I only had obscure recollections of bits and items of the precise tale, but the oppressive environment and gurgling shrieks of the creature ended up nonetheless razor sharp a couple decades afterwards. The good thing is, i fulfilled an individual who experienced taped it from the tv set when it screened and he gave me a duplicate. This was when i was 17 and it however gave me the shivers. It is really correct that the generation values are really 80s and there is some duff dialogue, but maurice roeves and in particular jonathan newth are exemplary. My favorite line is ‘have you noticed some thing – we have all began (contacting the killer) ‘it’ ‘. I would recommend this serial to anyone, but enjoy it in the darkish and by yourself. Alex durrans (on my wife’s e-mail).

This series was a blind acquire for me. It is somewhat dated but is also a snapshot of the time. The monster breathing is superb. It would be a terrific look at for a quirky kid or a retro adult.

Let me be the 1st to evaluate this dvd, without having ever acquiring found it. I have put it on pre-buy, so it truly is not completely illegitimate. I walked all around my property armed (as a youngster) because of this programme, and it has scared me ever because. The synopsis ‘this drama centres on the arrival of a female and the outcome on the inhabitants of inverdee’ is not fully exact. Some thing strange takes place on an island off the coastline of scotland, there is a female in it, and it is extraordinary, real. This is a horror story of kinds, and we will almost certainly find the much better bbc generation values of the eighties when we get to see it once again (this sequence has not been revealed on television set for really some time). I am pretty confident we will locate fantastic actors and i plan to check out from behind my hands, if not the couch just.

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“Good story and cast – a bit creaky by today’s standards., Memorable Chiller (Spoiler Alert), Nearly as scary as I remember!”

I was quite pleasantly surprised when viewing this for the first time,as it surpassed all my expectations and shipped on all fronts. Really atmospheric,spooky,and at times the plot moved alongside at a steady rate,but to be trustworthy,sometimes that is a very good matter. Getting of a specific age i’m not actually a supporter of the rollercoaster quick enhancing,shaky and up shut camerawork and challenging plot so beloved of the latest crop of modern-day tv set dramas/thrillers. Of program what swayed me to buy this was the point that it was created by robert holmes and directed by douglas camfield(magnificently in my viewpoint)both of whom are dependable for some of the most well-known and traditional medical professional who tales of the 1970s. Despite the fact that shot on videotape,i really feel this enriches the atmosphere immensely,making it-together with the equally amazing incidental songs-a extremely moody and sinister piece of drama. The plot is uncomplicated and very simple to observe,and i for one particular did not see where by it was likely and was swept together right until the final episode when all the plot strands appear with each other,with some good twists and turns to variety a incredibly satisfactory denouement. I also have to mention the excellent forged who all did an admirable task. The common scottish actors james cosmo and maurice roeves,and it was pleasant to see a incredibly youthful celia imrie,prolonged before she joined victoria wood’s repertory enterprise and became the manageress of the notorious and so really funny ‘acorn antiques’. Yes i are unable to praise this serial enough as it certainly requires you back again to a bygone tv age of typical and watchable drama.

Initial allow me say that i’m reviewing this serial dependent on the terrified recollections of a ten calendar year outdated in 1981 – if my memory has unsuccessful me and this dvd turns out to be rubbish i apologise (but i question it will). The nightmare man is the past time i recall something on tv really scaring me – by that i imply genuinely, heart-quickening palpatation frightening. The plot is basic – one thing is brutally murdering the populace of a remote scottish island that has turn into reduce off from the mainland by fog. Clues come up that level to the ‘beast’ getting of extraterrestrial origin, but it soon emerges that significantly much more is likely on that meets the eye. To say far more would spoil the shock – it certainly amazed me originally, but with hindsight i suspect i would have guessed the outcome experienced i considered the serial as an grownup. Nonetheless, the high-quality performances and atmospheric places continue to make this an vital style piece to individual on dvd. Especially lodged in my memory are the spooky cliffhangers – episode 1 finishes with the creature bursting into a camper’s tent as a camera mechanically pictures the murder, and episode 2 sees the team at an less than-seige coast guard station locking all the doors and home windows only to explore that they have trapped the creature in with them. The opening title music made my pores and skin crawl and the fleeting glimpses of the monster, whether found in shadow or captured on continue to photograph and audio tape (evil, gutteral laughter as it murders the camper) all conspire to make this a definitive horror story to observe on a darkish night time. No way would this type of issue be made now so lap up this dvd and appreciate – i only at any time watched it on a black and white portable tv so i’m hoping the all-colour presentation isn’t going to boring the working experience. I’ve been indignant with the bbc ever considering the fact that the nightmare man was screened, as ‘points of view’ (then introduced by barry took) highlighted very little but praise for the collection from viewers and promised a repeat screening – that repeat in no way took place, so this launch is lengthy overdue.

This is a 4-component sci-fi/horror serial broadcast by the bbc in 1981. Never repeated, it appears to be mainly forgotten amongst other extra illustrious sci-fi demonstrates of the era. It is fairly carefully based mostly (albeit with sex and violence toned down) on a 1978 novel by dentist david wiltshire, which points out which the hero of the tale is a dentistif you might be a lover of british tv set sci-fi, your desire will almost certainly be piqued when you master that it was scripted and directed by robert holmes and douglas camfield respectively – two gentlemen who typically are cited as the amongst the finest doing the job in telly at that time (for occasion liable for a lot of of the best episodes of dr who, blakes 7, the sweeny. And even juliet bravo )i have to say that i really don’t imagine this serial ranks as the very best thing possibly of them did. It can be extra ‘not bad’ than ‘really good’. Established on a herbridean island, the story begins as fairly suspenseful, but possibly turns into a little bit of an ‘info dump’ when the resolution is disclosed. The fantastic maurice roeves probably gives the strongest general performance as a glaswegian law enforcement inspector, but i’m probably a lot less impressed by the heroic dentist who is a bit plummy and uncomfortable (intellect you, dentists aren’t normally noted for their charisma, so maybe which is excellent characterisation. )the serial was shot on location on exterior broadcast video clip, which was hardly ever the most flattering or atmospheric of visible mediums, and this dvd will not show up to have significantly image improvement to assist that – the quality is quite ‘adequate’. All in all, not exactly prime-drawer things, but if you happen to be a fan of outdated british sci-fi you may effectively appreciate it.

I don’t forget viewing the ‘ nightmare man’ when it was originally transmitted in 1981. Whilst produced to a spending plan (typical bbc) it labored. Now, the exam of time does exhibit it up, in particular in the consequences. On the other hand it is satisfying and however carries the suspense properly.

Great movie although not as terrifying as i. Try to remember in 81,but that’s the way lifetime has gone on. If ever they remake this in the present day way it could be wonderful. Thoughts you these modern administrators would probably alter it beyond recognition.

(is made up of spoilers)a excellent horror serial from the bbc archives. The 4-portion horror thriller comes from 1981 and capabilities a wealth of talent in front and driving the cameras. The solid involves james warwick, celia imrie, james cosmo, maurice roeves, johnathan newth (who you may possibly recognise from ‘tenko’). Behind the scenes you have some terrific talent, robert holmes, douglas camfield, john brace, graham harper. As other reviewers have described there are several connections in this article with ‘old who’, but that is almost nothing to be ashamed of, and is not a shock as most ended up bbc staff anyway. There are some chilling moments, this sort of as the killer’s issue of watch, with the very sinister breathing more than the top much too. The ‘inicident’ at the coastguard station and a basic experience of risk stick in the head. There are some scenes which truly feel rushed or time was running out to get them completed. The ending is just one of the scenes. The killer played by pat gorman, who was a regular supporting artist on british tv for about thirty years, is chilling.

I initial observed this in 1981 at the age of 13 and as it was by no means repeated i experienced to wait until finally 2005 at the age of 36 to see it all over again. Whilst you practically under no circumstances enjoy these points as significantly with ‘adult’ eyes, i was even now delighted with this. Its quite atmospheric in a quatermass meets wicker man form of way. Incredibly reminiscent of the island of terror with the late, great peter cushing. Specific effects are of the time but are successful (appreciate the purple vision result) and the monster alone operates within just the context. Very well solid, common bbc acting (a little bit stilted but it fits somehow) and tightly directed. Consider if you can to steer clear of being aware of as well a great deal of the synopsis beforehand – the very best detail about this was that as the tale progresses the figures expend a large amount of time speculating as to the character of the risk to life and limb/spsychopaths, sea monsters and aliens are all touted as the offender/s and its fun to have interaction by yourself in all this and see which proves to be closest. The dvd contains an outstanding booklet (no extras im fearful on the disc by itself) that specifics each individual part of the manufacturing but all over again, if you have not seen the element itself then make sure you, be sure to keep fireplace until afterwards.

As said by yet another reviewer, dr who without the health care provider.

Terrific tale, fantastic performing and i am happy that celia imrie survived the killer to engage in philippa in dinnerladies, but the parsimonious seventies bbc manufacturing values really demonstrate up below. Every little thing was shot on videotape, which is low cost and straightforward to edit, but it provides the image a flat, colourless, low-cost and nasty glance. And the endeavor at making the illusion of mist by placing a filter on the lens didn’t operate possibly – the surroundings 50 percent a mile absent is as noticeable as the actors in closeup. But the finest disappointment was that i was not as enthusiastic as when i observed it many years ago as a young boy. The suspense came from not being aware of what would materialize or who/what the killer was. If you have never ever noticed this film, and do not know what it is about, you may possibly rather appreciate viewing it. But if you are just purchasing it as element of a nostalgia journey, overlook it.

Won’t be able to have an understanding of why this was never recurring or re-built. I rememeber being glued to the tv for the up coming episode. Okay standard bbc lower finances outcomes but thinking about the time it can be a true typical, wonderful ambiance intelligent plot and figures who do practical factors (typically). The final scenes are a bit weak and they make for a disappointing denoument but effectively truly worth catching once again.

Great good quality solution and speedy shipping.

As a kid this worried the heck out of me. Now it doesn’t look frightening at all but continue to a good yarn.

I was thirteen when this was 1st broadcast and i uncovered it on amazon even though wanting for something else and i remembered how scarey it was in 1981. Yes its dated and a very little slow at occasions but the solid are good and the tale stands up rather perfectly but the level of watch ‘nightmare man’ was not as nightmareish as i remembered but nonetheless perfectly worth a view.

Appealing issue the passage of time. I initial saw this when it was broadcast, at the tender age of seven (a minimal as well young maybe, no speculate it afraid me stiff) i have been hoping to work out what the programme was identified as at any time due to the fact, and only a short while ago located it on the off opportunity in a compilation of traditional british television set on youtube. I have vivid – but, as it turned out, incorrect – recollections of key components of it. I recall significantly what i thought was footage of the murder in the tent from all those people yrs in the past. This terrified me at the time. In the occasion, it is essentially a sound recording from the victim’s cassette recorder that was running even though he was being attacked, and a slideshow of the murder inadvertently taken by a malfunctioning 35mm camera. All these a long time later, it does conjure up some spooky, fog-laden atmosphere. It has a strong forged, including a incredibly youthful celia imrie (in a scottish accent she’d resurrect a handful of decades later in the victoria wood maconomie sketch. ) the story is really intriguing, a mixture of murder thriller, cold war thriller and sci-fi hokum. With the luxurious of experience it is at any time so a little creaky, shot mostly on ob video, to the issue where by you can’t absolutely explain to no matter whether the fog is basically fog or just the effect of working with this kind of old-faculty tools outdoors in very low light.

Demonstrating its age being produced in the course of the time of the coldwar. None the much less a awesome pleasurable check out with a ending i was not anticipating till late on.

By present day (2013) specifications you can ‘see the gaps’ a little bit in the generation criteria and strategies but that doesn’t detract as well substantially. The tale is gripping plenty of and you you should not get rid of curiosity. The props are a bit way too certainly plywood as perfectly. The plot is good more than enough and inspite of the violence of the tale line there is very little or no blood and gore as is typical of a spending budget television programme of this time. The acting is all superior nevertheless. My largest criticism would be that as the tale is set in a fog bound island frequently at night time some of the scenes had been so darkish i couldn’t see a photograph. This could have been mainly because the crt televisions of the day had diverse features and several may even now have been a black and white photograph.

This was broadcast in 81 and having just watched it now i have to say i believed it was fantastic. Bits of it were being a minor dated but they failed to get in the way. Observing the isolated neighborhood arrive to conditions with the horror in their midst was a serious handle. The island setting really aided as did the very well dressed sets and the locale pictures. The misty moors gave the full detail a ‘hound of the baskervilles’ type feeling. James warwick does a good task as the lead who stumbles on a gruesom scene although golfing and he’s ably assisted by a young celia imrie. The supporting forged do a respectable sufficient position whilst just one or two actors aren’t excellent. 80’s television would not offer the form or gore, motion or special consequences we are utilized to these days but i identified it engrossing things and the story is seriously interesting. Many thanks to amazon for the advice and to the other reviewers for letting me know what i was in for.The dvd comes with a booklet of viewing notes which i discovered excellent reading through.

The nightmare man was a one off project by the bbc and originally proven about four evenings. It is definately a product or service of its time – set in the course of the chilly war, russia is the undesirable man, the particular outcomes would have benefitted from cgi and so on. Even so for sci fi admirers who keep in mind doctor who or blakes seven this is definitely not a dilemma. If you have a evening or two to spare and you like your sci fi a minor camp and cheesey this is for you.

Usually remember observing this a lot of several years in the past as a bbc drama back in 1981 nonetheless rather creepy and satisfying.

Excellent,also just examine the e-book that was even greater.

This is a bbc adaptation of he 1978 reserve baby of the vodayanoi by david wiltshire retitled the nightmare man , alternatively aptly retitled as i can bear in mind looking at it aged 12 when it was proven for the to start with and only time in 1981 and it fearful me 50 % to loss of life. It was made by two people who had been involved in a lot of dr whos very best adventures robert holmes and david camfield and has even been explained as an adult dr who or like a dr who story without the dr. It has environment galore , is genuinely eerie and creepy and has great performances from all the actors primarily maurice roeves and james cosmo as the islands two police offcers who genuinely do the job very well collectively and one other notable detail is that they solid scots actors to enjoy scots figures as opposed to nowdays when you would have a brit or american taking part in them. The story is established on a distant scots island that receives cut off from the mainland in terrible weather conditions in which something not quite human is working around and ripping the locals to parts , this may possibly audio like a tacky cliched horror film but have faith in me it is so creepy that it nonetheless sends shivers down my backbone looking at it again ( and i am nearly forty ) the fx are what you would assume from 1981 but they operate properly and are nicely done for i envision they experienced a restricted spending budget , and for a horror it is not pretty grotesque or graphic but is fairly horrible in spots leaving your have creativity to do the get the job done. You get short glimpses of the killer but as the episodes development you see extra and additional but like all superior horrors and chillers this is finished sparingly and there is far more speculation by the primary people about what the killer is. All in all if you did not view this the initially time close to i suggest you catch it this time , if you did see it the 1st time them like me you likely want to see it all over again and bear in mind getting scared 50 percent to death the first time. I would extremely recommend that you check out the dvd initially as it has no particular options but will come with a very specific booklet which if browse prior to viewing will give a ton absent.

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