Tom Hanks (Actor) Rated: Universal, suitable for all Format: DVD Toy Story 3 Dvd Ret Specific : reference blu ray

Great steelbook fast delivery.

Got this for the young godson. (aye right)and i can honestly say we all get enjoyment watching him enjoying the film and the film itself, quick delivery and no problems.

Not bad didn’t come with the slipcover that i was hoping for.

Loved the movie when i was a child and now my daughter is a toys story addictthe dvd only has the movie (no bonus etc. ) but i wasn’t looking for something fancy.

  • Another Great Film
  • reference blu ray

Toy Story 3 Dvd Ret Specific

Just had bought panasonic blu-ray player thru amazon and also ordered toy story 3 blu-ray+dvd combo pack along with ‘up’. Movie is really good as we had missed it when it was released. Blu-ray quality is out of this world.

Absolutely brilliant, keeps the grandchildren memorised, they really love as do the adults.

Really enjoyed this film and in my opinion it’s one of the best, if not -the- best in the series. Bought the triple play version so i can have a digital copy but be warned, this can only be used in itunes and windows media player which means many other media playing software packages can’t use the digital file. The extra special features on the blue-ray disc is well worth paying the extra money.

Movie 5/5: was surprised how good this was. Hard to make good sequels, but job done. Ken and spanish buzz were my favouritesvideo 5/5: as all disney/pixars it’s excellent and reference materialaudio 5/5: 7. Nice to see we are finally getting some 7. Seems region a releases get them more often.

Excellent as you’d expect, brilliant 3d animation.

Never too old to enjoy toy story.

Many sequels don’t match up to their original, especially as i was a child when i saw the first one and had such fond memories. This one did match up to the original though, and is a great film for all ages.

I am 40 years old and when i watched this with my two year old son i couldnt hold my tears back at the end when andy passed his toys down to bonny. . It really opened my heart and that is love.

Delivered quickly and arrive in good order – as described. The wrapper is very pretty with a picture and writing on it.

Often with films by the time you get beyond the 2nd episode plots are thinner than sellotape and the magic lost. Not so with toy story 3, everything required for a great film can be found here. Yet another masterpiece of animation suitable for children of all ages between 5 and 100+.

Well made continuation of the toy story series. We watched this blu ray dvd as a family and it was enjoyed by all. It certainly was better than most of the tv that was on over christmas.

Content with buy and vendor.

This is a single of the very best top quality dvd i have bought on amazon, my daughter has performed this dvd sooo many situations and it is nevertheless working.

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Toy Story 3 Dvd Ret Specific
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