Tommy Lee Jones (Actor), Javier Bardem (Actor), Joel Coen (Director), Ethan Coen (Director) & 1 more Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD No Country For Old Men : Moody and Compelling – No Country for Old Men

The story line is both simple but intriguing as it tells the story of a deranged psychopath on the hunt for stolen money. Frightening,serious and totally watchable.

Superb film from a couple of great directors. Josh brolin and tommy lee jones are perfect in the roles, but javier bardem is absolutely brilliant. The conversation he has with the old man at the gas station is fascinating. I took a long time to get around to watching this film (i think the title put me off before) but i’m so glad i finally did see it.

Firstly, please ignore the negative reviews about this. I cannot believe the negative things being said about this film. If you are looking for a shoot `em up, no brainer, no suspense, action every second, obvious film then yes you will not like this. Otherwise, buy it and watch it. One of the best films i have ever seen, and i am extremely fussy. No plot spoilers here, however the acting and direction is some of the best you will see. Bardem plays one of the most chilling bad guy roles to perfection and is joined by a quality cast who all perform. Blu-ray quality is very good and this is a bargain price. Cannot recommend it highly enough, ten stars.

Another superb film from the coen brothers.

  • I saw the film when it came out, have
  • Solid performance from solid performers.
  • A great movie and tribute to the novel

No Country For Old Men (Steelbook)

A great movie and tribute to the novel. The main three characters all have a distinctive style and share the screen. Brolin is inventive and hungry, bardem is relentless like the terminator, and jones is the patient and wise cop. Directions – open a beer (or two), draw the curtains, and settle down to watch this brilliant modern western.

I understand that many people would be turned off this film because of the violence, but i believe it is a tour de force. Javier badem plays the psychopath killer who has no remorse and kills at will, or on the toss of a coin. The fact that there is no soundtrack increases the brooding menace and i believe that the coen brothers have created a masterpiece.

Deep southern dialogue implores a second or third viewing, which is something i rarely do but will for this film. Powerful acting and superb snapshot of an incident in deep and darkest southern us.

A typically absurdist coen brothers film, only with a more mature twist. The western setting is not what you would usually expect from the hyper-imaginative mind of the coen brothers, but it is still reminiscent of some of their weirder influences. To those unfamiliar with them, be aware that there will be no easy ending; but the absurdity of all of their films is, paradoxically, a satire on reality. Nothing works out like it would in a standard hollywood film. But who’s still interested in that anyway?.

The film follows the story in the book very closely and so makes for wonderful viewing.

I saw the film when it came out, have just read the book and wanted to experience the film again. Well worth the money especially for the extras on a dvd. Delivery was fast and on time – a complete pleasurable experience.

What a film, i love films and this is one of those films that keeps you guessing ,it creates dread and menace in spade loads and the acting , casting and filming is brilliant. The film was so good that i watched it twice within the first week of purchase and several times since. It’s one of those films that when you mention at work or with friends everyone has seen it and rate it i have never herd a bad review of this film and it’s a steal when it’s under £7:00 i guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Excellent movie, fantastic film, really enjoyed it from start to finish.

This movie is excellently made, stylish, modern and almost realistic. The acting is second to none and javier bardem was just brilliant. Entertaining from start to finish and left me wanting more. Can’t really say much more without spoiling the film. I would definitely recommend this movie.

Great suspensful movie with a stupid ending.

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No Country For Old Men (Steelbook)
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