Tommy – The Movie [The Who] : Needs U.S. Release.

Weird, wonderful and brilliant. The film was fantastic and the added interviews were really interesting. I will watch it again and again.

Great music from the who supported by great acting from ollie reed, anne margaret and keith moon’s uncle ernie. Elton john fantastic in pinball wizard. One of the few all music films i can watch right through ; i did see it as a new cinema release in 1975.

Great movie and looks much better than my ntsc laserdisc. Not sure why this special edition wasn’t released here in the states as well?. All i can say is thank god for region free dvd players.

An actual masterpiece of psychadelic film making.

  • Musical genius at its rocking best
  • Tommy The Who. Rock Opera at its Greatest
  • One of Ken’s Best!

Tommy – The Movie [The Who]

Great nostalgic film, very funny in places, recommended, great company and delivery.

Makes you appreciate there was more talent than merely being a money production machine to the who & that they were / are men of thought.

Brings back memories of seeing this in the cinema in quintrophonic sound. The soundtrack is fantastic and watching oliver reed and jack nicholson trying to sing is a pit painful. But more than made up by the menacing presence of mr reed and keith moon. Anne margaret is as lovely as ever and it’s a joy to watch this movie.

I have been looking for this dvd for ages. I saw the movie when it was first launched, and -as almost any ken russell film- i was overwhelmed by the exuberance of colours, sounds, etc. Even after all these years, the rather simple story (young boy turns deaf, dumb and blind, but becomes a messiah to all) impressed me and even though things might seem a bit old-fashioned after more than 35 years, i loved it. Great performances of classic actors like ann margaret and oliver reed, and good cameos (or even more) of many famous pop artists as elton john, tina turner and -of course- all of the members of the who.

Fantastic reminder of the past 🙂 what a performance.

Directed by the late great ken russell – i met roger daltry and he said ‘if anyone deserves a knighthood for what he did for the film industry – ken russell did’ – that says it all about this film.

This was purchased on behalf of a friend, so can’t rate it much.

Brilliant film depicting damaged young man (roger daltrey) fighting his way to survival + success.

This is very much for those of us around at the time it was first released given that many of the references in the film would not be understood by most young people of today.

I only knew the film from the elton john sequence, although i watched it through, i probably would not see it again anytime soon. Sorry if it is a classic movie to anyone, but found it a bit hard work.

Great film disk was brand new not opened fast delivery.

Fantastic version of this common. Good audio, good picture, some fascinating interviews in the extras.

Quite bonkers in spots but beautifully filmed with wonderful music, what much more could you want?. The tale indicates some thing diverse to me each time i observe it relying on what is going on in my life and i assume that this is the genius of pete townshend. Not only could he do this with his audio but he’s managed also to generate a film that has the capability to affect all people/any individual by permitting you to implement it in some way to your just about every working day. And of program the forged is just wonderful as is ken russell’s route, some of my favourite people are in that movie apart from the who, eric clapton the guitar playing preacher, tina turner as the acid queen executing a effectiveness that only tina turner could do and of course roger daltrey is just great and lovely in the role of tommy. If you are of the right age and have not observed it yet go forward and take care of yourself i’m guaranteed you will not be upset.

Did not know what to hope and need to be to youthful to respect all the fuss that was manufactured about this when it arrived out. Some excellent new music and ok tale line but.

Purchased as a present, arrived inside of dates specified, merchandise as said.

Excellent to see this on dvd after all these yrs. I very first noticed it at the shots on its to start with release, the songs and russell’s eyesight have not diminished 40 a long time later on.

Truly good to see the movie once more, the ken russell and pete townsend interviews on the reward disc are great, townsend’s depth as an artist and thinker alway requires me by surprise. Superb benefit in my viewpoint.

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