Top Cat (Actor) Rated: Universal, suitable for all Format: DVD Top Cat – Volume 1 [DVD] [1961] : There is a region 2 version!

We bought this for our children to be entertained during the holidays. They love it as do my husband and i, i think we are trying to relive our youth. Lots of episodes on one disc.

Wright and scotty thanks for your comments. Just as with two, i had been hoping that this series would be released in r2, and was very dissapointed to see that it is being done so piecemeal. What a rip offanyway, fortunately i read your comments – ‘music to my ears’ should i say?. Headed straight over to hmv and have bought the entire collection from them. Resultonce again, thanks for the tip.

Prompt delivery and just as funny as i remembered.

I echo what scarterhill “scotty” says about the disappointment in this release containing only 6 episodes. I’ve been waiting ages for this to get a region 2 release only to find out it’s being release piecemeal style. Better off checking out his master’s voice for complete region 2 or importing region 1 (which is cheaper)so 5 stars for the series, one for the release (giving a 3 out of 5 average).

  • Prompt delivery and just as funny as I remembered
  • what a piss take !
  • not complete – still a classic series though

Top Cat – Volume 1 [DVD] [1961]

Uk and you can buy the complete collection in a 5 disc boxset all region 2.

This was for my daughter so that she could watch the tv that i used to watch. She loves it and so we went to see the film version and that was truly awful.

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Top Cat - Volume 1 [DVD] [1961]
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