Travis Fimmel (Actor), Clive Standen (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 18 years and over Format: DVD Vikings: The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 [DVD] : but I have seen it and it’s a great show.

Shame this does not come with a herring scratch and sniff card, just about every other sense is stimulated. There is some gore in this, but most of it is totally in keeping with the subject matter. The sets are ok, but it is the political and actual fighting that grabs.

Simply the best series ever ever ever. Realistic storylines that have perfect continuity,great battles and also episodes with no battles but still grips right through. Some weaponry errors but apparantley deliberate at times for the story. Who cares as it it the best ever ever ever.

Great, i’m sure some viking historian somewhere will say how unauthentic this series is but if you want good story lines, good acting and lots of adventure and action then this is for you. I found the portrayal of viking life convincing and interesting, along with stunning scenery and great music (the opening titles are incredible).

An excellent series with very good acting, battle scenes and storylines. It is like game of thrones, in as much as you watch one episode – and then want to watch all the others. There are sex scenes – and a great deal of violence – including beheadings, human sacrifices and a scenes showing unarmed villagers being massacred by big men with axes. Definitely not for children.

  • An excellent series with very good acting
  • Note to Director: Repetitiveness leads to Predictability which reduces the Grip factor
  • Better and better each episode

Vikings: The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 [DVD]

Up there with game of thrones. A bloody violent saga that had me hooked ten minutes in to the first episode.

Enthralling from the start, a balance of bloody fighting in viking raids and a view of their home life. The characters are well cast and truly believable. The haunting opening credits set the scene for the best depiction of the vikings i have come across.

Watched the first two episodes before i decided to buy them, great series so far, looking forward to watching the rest.

Bought this set for my grandson and he loves it.

I had only seen trails for this but will go on to buy the next in the season as it was very good and i wish to know what happens in the story.

Bought for my dad (in his 70s) as an extra christmas present as a few friends had recommended the series to me. As he’d enjoyed game of thrones i thought it was worth a go. Well clearly a winner as he’d watched both seasons in a matter of days and even ordered season 3. Now i get the pleasure of watching.

Terrific series brings to life the period and heroes and antagonists.

The price is great as you get 2 series for the price of 1, with most retailers.

First episode of first series is a bit ordinary maybe, because it s all new and seemingly modest budget stuff. . But it really grows on you. Better and better each episode. Of course these guys were really essentially thugs and worse. Its not a hard sale these days to make that interesting. As an older generation tv viewer it does disturb me a lot to see a bad guy spreadeagled in true original nordic style. But that’s what they did sometimes although the version i had was a front rib cage cut then nailing to a church door. Lets hope isis doesn’t find out about it. I also appreciated the fact that most 8th century vikings really believed in their gods. No religion has a monopoly of belief.

Slow first couple of episodes and then you are hooked. Better than game of thrones.

A really great and gripping series with great characters and that look of the viking.

I bought a copy for my husband and one for a friend. True to magnus magnusson’s book based on as much historical fact as is known.

Watched it on tv but will view it yet again and again. Cant wait to look at and then buy year 2.

Totally absorbing viewing – adore it.

Exceptional collection that has you hooked from the very first episode defo truly worth getting.

So, i have to be straightforward and overtly acknowledge i watched each sequence above the system of a weekend – which could possibly have been too considerably. But very first of all i have to say i loved the soundtrack. Collection 1, as with all new sequence (with any luck ,) is captivating as we are launched to the intriguing cultural entire world of the vikings – their traditions, heritage, faith and the figures that are likely to accompany us on our journey. But midway into series two my enthusiasm begun to wane as plot details and even scenes commenced to really feel repetitive. I honestly you should not assume i need to have to see yet another viking struggle scene, or skirmish. I can nearly yell out the exact same established of guidelines myself as to defend partitions and so on. The other interesting detail about collection one particular was the inner politics/electric power wrestle vs family loyalty/ties – all properly and actually explored in collection one but started to experience very repetitive in collection two. The a person matter that saved series two was the advancement of the english arc – how the vikings started to engage in a role in the unification of england and the mirrored energy politics that came into engage in among the community kings there. The english arc presented a pleasant contrast to the what was heading on in scandinavia but if i’m sincere i would have preferred to see more of that to escape the repetitiveness of the scandi plot details.

It can be maintaining me going to sport of thrones four lands on bluray?.

A seriously good piece of escapism , well worth the payment.

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