U2 (Actor), Stereophonics (Actor) Rated: Exempt Format: DVD Live 8 [DVD] [2005] : Is it as good as Live Aid?

A fantastic dvd of an event which was timed to show when (i think) there was a g8 summit to discuss the issue of aid to africa and other developing nations. It also referred back in its name and iconography to the original massive live concerts in wembley and philadelphia in july 1985. That was when margaret thatcher, pm at the time, had patronisingly told bob geldof that he knew nothing about the issues regarding the ethiopian famine.

See pink floyd reunion with such a sound quality is touching.

A real good mix of artists too many too mention, highlights for me;- pink floyd, stevie wonder and madonna ;-).

Ever wanted a live album with all your favourite acts?. Rock, pop, hip hop, r&b, it’s all there. Some of the classic acts include u2, coldplay, snow patrol, madonna, green day, to name a few. Highlights of the concert are pink floyd, together again after 20 years of acrimony. Possibly the best performance out of the whole concert. Madonna’s performance blows you away, she steals the show big-time. Another act who practically steals the show is robbie williams, he’s a born performer & loves every minute of it. In between acts you have brad pitt, george clooney & will smith making an appearance, which is very entertaining.

  • A real good mix of artists too many too mention
  • very good DVD. Hours of entertainment and good music
  • Coolest rock concert ever

Live 8 [DVD] [2005]

It was in really good nick i was surprise.

Excellent concert in a great edition.

Good but not as good as the original.

Is this concert as good as live aid?. As a veteran of both concerts and actually being there nostalgia and memory tell me the fantastic day in ’85 was a one off, there was a real sense of achievment and wonder on that day and the sense of optimism within wembley that day cannot be compared with anything else, however live8 was about a different reason and to create a different feeling and the feeling in hyde park that day was different, was it the ‘golden circle’ that spoiled a bit of the atmosphere-probably, was the venue poorer-yes definitely but that should not take away from a fantastic day with a host of great bands and some good performances (and some not so good). So to keep it simple on the day the highlight performances were u2, keane, razorlight, robbie williams (surprisingly), dido (also surprisingly), pink floyd, rem and the killers(whose set was disappointingly cut short) but on the flip side there were not so good performances-joss stone-boring,velvet revolver-pointless, why not green day?, snoop dogg-a bit of a bad taste with his set and mariah carey-stuck up and pointless. Now this is not to say there weren’t bad performances 20 years ago-adam ant anyone?. But you did feel that the sense of wonder had gone and that is why it got 4 stars not 5. Buy it, watch it, enjoy it but please do the same for live aid and compare a couple of great performances to see how it was.

This has to be one of the most memorable days our lifetime will ever witness for both musical and political reasons. Hundreds of thousands of people coming together to appeal to the eight most powerful men on the planet that something had to be done to “make poverty history” once and for all. I watched the entire london show on tv followed by the us gig and attended the “edinburgh 50,000-the final push” show in edinburgh. Well lets start at square 1. The london show at hyde park. All that can be said is that the greastest musical superstars from many generations appeared here: the golden oldies the who, pink floyd with the inclusion of u2 performing with the legendary paul mccartney singing sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band. The list wouldnt end there though. The killers, snow patrol, snoop dogg, maddona, elton john and a memorable performance from robbie williams also feature.

Some other reviewers regard live 8 as a just a way for artists to increase their record sales. I attended live 8 myself, but as i am 17 years old i can’t compare it to live aid as well as others can. What i can say is that the concert was one of the best days of my life, and the word unforgettable springs to mind. This was due to the mind blowing performances from artists such as robbie williams, razorlight, stereophonics, u2 etc. As someone who has never really been a big fan of madonna, i am now converted. Her performance was amazing. Bob geldof’s ‘surprise’ performance was also jolly good. Although the venue (hyde park) was probably not as good as wembley, the atmosphere was electric and was only spoilt slightly by the golden circle. As i was unable to see the live 8 coverage on tv it is interesting to see how it is shown. Despite its criticisms i can not find any fault in peole trying to make the lives of millions of people better.

Memories tryimg to look for myself in the crowd .

I find quality of the music fantastic. This shows us that we can shape the future or we might end up shaped by it. If the world had at least 25% of people with hearts of the performers the world will be different place to live in.

I’ve never seen this concert as at the time i was working away. Got this as a present for my boyfriend as he live pink floyd and it’s the last concert with all remaining members.

The best musicians at the same event.

It was a present for someone else.

This is a important piece of music history. Not only because it’s purpose, but also for the compilation of so many different bands in one worldwide concert. To me the best part is when pink floyd get together and play “comfortably numb”.

Purchased this just for the who and eventually the floyd, collectively for one last iime. In that they closed the live performance presents the emotion that ‘ what was just before was great, now observe and listen to how the best do it. Guitar actively playing at its very best, drumming as it ought to be, singing by people today who have a exclusive sound, not these 2 a penny groups now who sound just like all the other individuals??will make you proud to be over fifty allowing your friends demonstrate the youth of currently. This is songs and this is how you execute a live performance (no miming and so on).

Item arrived immediately, very great dvd. Hours of leisure and very good tunes, really very good worth for income.

I was actualy there on the working day, and i must say while it was a little bit of a squeeze it was a single of the best times i can remeber. You appear to be overlooking a small fact, pink floyd participating in on stage for the to start with time due to the fact 94, and with roger waters there with them, i assure that i will remember till my dyinig day. I cant see how you can use the point that no mics minimize out as a destructive, as a seem engineer myself i assure you thats not the goal. As for freddie mercury, i would have loved to see him there and i am absolutely sure he would have place on an amazing clearly show, if he was however alive =)i do concur with you about the gold circle at the front though, how a lot area did they have.(all over again comprehensive marks to floyd for refusing to go in the and going for walks all around the ‘real’ crowd)i cant coment on the dvd mainly because i havn’t found it however, but the working day it self was amazing and unforgetable. I know i’ll be acquiring the dvd.

The dvd assortment is of fantastic top quality. The live 8 package deal is a collectors merchandise now and appears challenging to uncover a excellent quality set.

I was there at hyde park london.

I was fortunate adequate to be at live8 in hyde park on what turned out to be a good working day with mixed performances, just like the dvd launch. I have to say that even though the dvd has some wonderful performances and is well worth having, like the day, it is a mixed bag, for illustration why had been the killers only given one track on their set but velvet revolver (no offence) given a substantially lengthier set time, on the dvd it is very like that, with great performances and the finest of u2, rem, the killers,pink floyd, robbie williams et al on the working day, but to stability that if you like the shambolic pete doherty, the diva mariah carey and her condescending frame of mind and joss stone and overlook dynamite who, despite the fact that getting great voices their set on the working day and on the disc just drags, these all drag the party and the disc down together with the stereophonics established being edited to just one music. The dvd is truly worth getting, it isn’t going to have the magic of live support and neither did the day as i was blessed to be at the two, but which is only to be expected. Verdict on the launch-technically great, some fantastic performances, some very poor but general worth obtaining for rock and planet record in the creating and certainly worth possessing if only for annie lennox’s ‘why’ effectiveness which is emotionally supercharged. As for the edinburgh gig-the gig was the very poor relation and even with the fantastic atmosphere (no golden circle) the highlights are also the lousy relation with just one track an artist far more or much less. Acquire this but really don’t anticipate the magic of twenty a long time back.

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