Fumiko Orikasa (Actor), Masakazu Morita (Actor), Noriyuki Abe (Director) & 0 more Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Bleach – Complete Series 5 [DVD] : Bleach balistic!

Series continues in season five.

Already seen the episodes in japanese with english subtitles, therefore i had to buy the english version to see the difference. Always loved bleach since episode 1.

This is one of the best animes around, this box set is not out yet but i watched them on tv and must say that the designs and idears of this series are just brilliant. I class this is the second best series they have out to date. If you are struggling for a christmas presnt or birthay or what ever, i would reccomend giving this a try.

Loved the series but unfortunately the box was completely shattered up the side presenting damage to the discs, fortunately they work but my box won’t close. Seriously, i payed for quality and this is what i get.

  • I guess you either like Bleach or you don’t!
  • Filler series again where Season Four left off. Good. Watchable. But the real story is AMAZING!!! Cheap though
  • Almost done with season 5 and the story continues as

Bleach – Complete Series 5 [DVD]

Well, fillers will always be fillers, and they are rarely as good as the original story. Sadly this filler is no exception. A soul-sucking, immortal race of humans called the bounts invade the soul society, turning the seireitei upside down. It sounds interesting, but for those who have watched bleach before will notice that most characters seem not like themselves. Sharp-minded uryuu who has seen through many of the enemies’ tricks before (and after) is easily fooled while hot-headed ichigo has become hesistant and acts like a scared kid. The plot had some potential, and a few of the filler exclusive characters were very well invented, but the complete lack of character development drags it down and prevents the story from taking flight. Still, it’s something to watch while waiting for the next season to be released.

Not a bad series considering its only filler and not the main story. Good entertainment for those rainey days in. I would recommend watching it at least once.

I love bleach, i think it’s anmazing series, but what i hate with all anime series are the fillers. Series 4 was quite a good start but series 5 is where the bount arc goes down hill and plain right booring. The animasion like in series 4-and pretty much all fillers-is rubbish. The thing that makes series 5 booring is the animation, the way the story is streched out with slow battles and a few flashbacks. I would recomened that you either don’t buy series 4 or 5 and just focus on getting the rest of the series, or if you do want to watch these episodes then just watch them online.

The bleach series is fairly new to me it came highly recomended by a friend and i’ve become completely hooked. Its both serious and comical with the way they have there little temper tantrums is rather amusing.

Loving re-watching the series and actually owning it :)slightly disappointed that the discs come as its one dvd case, as opposed to the past three series which were several slim dvd cases in a cardboard sleeve. Further more the product description is incorect as this boxset is about the bount and not arrancar. I do recommend the entire set though as the main series is epic and the bount arcs are one of the better filler arcs.

Buy these box sets for my son every christmas. Tend to buy the set previous to the latest release as they are available at a greatly reduced price. So if you have someone who likes this series don’t be too hasty buying the latest series, you can save yourself a lot of money by waiting a few months.

Nice anime :), great dvd quality and good service.

Dvds very well protected, no problem with quality of picture or sound from the dvds at all, also the box is in perfect condition as well.

Brought this as a gift for someone, they tell me it’s very good so i’m very pleased with it good.

Really please with this even though it was a used item.

I know the bount arc isnt in the manga, but its really good. And, yes the change of the bpx art is sloightly irritating it doesnt take away from the fact that the anime, storyline and voice acting is great.

If so, buying the box sets will let you relive it all time and time again. Great artwork, the subtitles sometimes make for interesting viewing but it doesn’t detract from the story.

I like the bleach series and series 5 continues in the identical way as the preceding ones owning a superior storyline combined with some episodes that are minimal to do with it. It was tough to see wherever the series could go as the fundamental plot retains repeating by itself. This however is not monotonous as it is recurring in wholly distinct approaches and this, the fifth, is no unique. Not only do we master extra about the key characters but also about other individuals. The high-quality of some of the animation has fallen but that is the only thing i can say towards it. The major and expected characteristics are nicely drawn, primarily the beat.

Almost finished with season 5 and the tale proceeds as predicted. Far more monsters and much more potent enemies, nevertheless this time we see much more of the soul culture protectors battle. This time their formidable enemy is known as bounts, which can regenerate actually fast immediately after currently being sliced and diced.

Adore the series and genuinely rapid delivery so i’m very delighted.

Bleach are unable to be crushed for pure action and suspense.

Bleach gets far better and far better.

Not as superior as series one to three but definitly improved than sereis four overall the bount arc filler is avarage at most effective but series six need to be better for the reason that most of the series goes again to the manga tale line.

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