Titan A : Not bad, a bit annoying at times, but not bad at all.

Really quickly shipping and happy with the product.

A extremely good dvd with an additional additional. Would have acquired extra if i could.

This is not seriously a terrible movie but is common don bluth fair and so a bit twee. The animation is great and the voices mostly perform. The audio isn’t really my scene but i suppose it fits and works for the meant viewers which is in all probability die-tricky sci-fi kinds who like anything at all in the style (not all sci-fi supporters are in this class) or a spouse and children adventure devoid of anything to stressing for mother and father to be concerned with. What is never ever genuinely fixed is why the conflict in the to start with put. (or since i was only 50 percent seeing, it is really about that degree, i may perhaps have missed it.

This is an effortless watching, 1 of people change off-ish (not wholly) movies to love, certainly delight in. I have viewed it and i consider my 3 sons will enjoy and adhere to it conveniently, they are twelve. eight and 7 and like father love their sci-fi. The weekend will be evidence of the pudding on that front,(perk of performing absent, my wife hates sci-fi. Very well animated, i was reminded of lady and the tramp satisfies 3d anime, and an appealing plenty of tale, yeah, some little clichés in the plot, but lets be reasonable about the audience its aimed at. A exciting film, well worth a appear if you have youngsters who like animation and sci-fi.

Only observed this for the initially time a few many years ago. Viewed it about 5 moments now, usually pleasant.

Titan A.E. [DVD] [2000] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC] : Let me start off by saying that titan a. Is a ‘marmite’ movie – you’ll either love it, or hate it with a passion. Released in 2000, and directed by don bluth and gary goldman, it was also the last film produced by fox animation studios before their closure. It is the year 3028 and mankind has made a powerful enemy, an advanced alien race known as the drej, who fear what we have the potential to become and are on the verge of annihilating the human race. The movie follows the story of a young boy, cale tucker (matt damon), whose father sam (ron perlman) is a scientist working on a project to build a fantastic spaceship, the titan, which has the ability to terraform an entire planet to serve as a new home should earth ever be destroyed, and is humanity’s last hope for a home, and survival, in a universe where earthlings are seen as little more than vermin. When the drej attack and destroy earth, the titan barely escapes and the few survivors are left scattered across the galaxy, finding work and refuge wherever they can. 15 years later, cale is working in a galactic scrap yard when he encounters a ship, the valkyrie, and it’s crew; korso, the ships’ captain (bill pullman), first mate preed (nathan lane), pilot akima (drew barrymore), weapons and combat expert stith (janeane garofalo), and scientist gune (john leguizamo) and together they head off to find the titan and use it to create a new home for mankind (with the drej in hot pursuit, of course). A couple of the scenes may not be suitable for really young kids, (for example in one fight sequence a character gets put into a headlock and has their neck broken) but this is kept to one or two exceptions, rather than being the rule. Visually, the film is a treat, blending traditional animation with (at the time) cutting edge cgi.

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